Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Yas Marina, 2020

2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix championship points

2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Team Total
1 Mercedes 573
2 Red Bull 319
3 McLaren 202
4 Racing Point 195
5 Renault 181
6 Ferrari 131
7 AlphaTauri 107
8 Alfa Romeo 8
9 Haas 3
10 Williams 0

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2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Stroll should’ve been able to maximize opportunities to a great extent. On top of everything, getting past by Ocon on the last lap.

    1. Yeah, It shows when you look at the difference between the drivers at McLaren vs what we got at RP, well and at Renault too.

  2. Sainz P6 again just like securing his team qualification for the Champions League group stage.

  3. Congrats for the boys from Woking. Great season for them. Really turn its fortune after replacing Boullier with Seidl

  4. So that 15 point deduction mattered after all for Racing Point.

  5. What a great driver lineup we have in Racing Point next year!
    Vettel had two solid chances to win the championship with Ferrari, but failed. Stroll lost his team third place in the WCC. I am happy.

  6. Last race of the N2M2F1* season, in the narcoleptic Abu Dhabi Circuit. It was ruined by Checo’s mechanical failure eliciting first a VSC and then a full SC. We lost his progression from the end of the grid, and Racing Point lost the WCC bid. Furthermore, the VSC came at the opening of the pitstop window for those who started the race on soft tyres. This was unfortunate for those who started on mediums, e.g. Sainz, whose strategical advantage on his teammate Norris was lost as they both pitted under the VSC.

    From pole polition, Albon was unchallenged for the whole race and came close to a grand slam but a last minute flap for Ricciardo prevented it. Norris and Sainz came way behind him, then Ricciardo who did a huge first stint with his hard tyres. But he needed a podium position for the WDC and only came fourth. Gasly, Ocon, Stroll, Kvyat Raïkkönen and Leclerc completed the point positions, while Vettel finished just out of the points, followed by Russell, Giovinazzi, Latifi, Magnussen and Fittipaldi, while Perez was not classified.

    Perez gets the 2020 WDC but only just, with Ricciardo 1 point behind. The final classification is:

    01 Perez 206 points
    02 Ricciardo 205 points
    03 Albon 182 points
    04 Norris 178 points
    05 Sainz 165 points
    06 Leclerc 157 points
    07 Gasly 138 points
    08 Stroll 134 points
    09 Ocon 117 points
    10 Kvyat 79 points
    11 Vettel 76 points
    12 Raïkkönen 25 points
    13 Hülkenberg 20 points
    14 Giovinazzi 20 points
    15 Grosjean 11 points
    16 Latifi 8 points
    17 Russell 8 points
    18 Magnussen 4 points
    19 Aitken 0 points
    20 Fittipaldi 0 points

    The WCC goes to Red Bull Racing**, easily the fastest car this season, although Albon’s irregular performance almost lost it to Racing Point***. Albon’s quasi-stellar performance today, along with Checo’s mechanical demise and a poor effort by Stroll gave it back to RBR. The final classification is:

    1 Red Bull Racing 364 points
    2 Racing Point 360 points
    3 McLaren 343 points
    4 Renault 322 points
    5 Ferrari 233 points
    6 Alpha Tauri 217 points
    7 Alfa Romeo 45 points
    8 Williams 16 points
    9 Haas 15 points

    As a consolation prize, Albon gets the 2020 Medal Championship (Bernie’s style), as the only driver with four wins. The final Medal clasification is:

    01 Albon 4 wins
    02 Ricciardo 3 wins 3 seconds
    03 Perez 3 wins 2 seconds
    04 Leclerc 3 wins 3 thirds
    05 Stroll 2 wins
    06 Norris 1 win 3 seconds
    07 Gasly 1 win 3 fourths
    08 Sainz 2 seconds 5 thirds
    09 Ocon 2 seconds 2 fourths
    10 Vettel 2 seconds 1 fourth
    11 Kvyat 1 second
    12 Hulkenberg 1 fourth
    13 Giovinazzi 1 sixth
    14 Raïkkönen 2 seventh
    15 Grosjean 1 seventh
    16 Latifi 1 eight
    17 Russell 4 ninth
    18 Magnussen 2 ninth
    19 Aitken 1 fourteenth
    20 Fittipaldi 1 fifteenth

    And Ricciardo wins the fastest lap classification with his flap today (Albon’s flap in the Emilia Romagna GP does not count, as he was classified 13th):

    1 Ricciardo 4
    2 Norris 3
    2 Albon 3
    4 Sainz 2
    5 Perez 1
    5 Stroll 1
    5 Gasly 1
    5 Grosjean 1

    * N2M2F1: No Mercs, no Max Formula 1
    ** RBR gets Albon’s points x2 as he is their only driver this season
    *** Before you ask, no 15 point penalty for RP in N2M2F1: you cannot copy stuff from a non-existing team

  7. Good luck RP next year you will need it, also Max should of won Istanbul. Any teammate of Albon’s should be putting 30 secs into him every race he is that bad. He is a Jolyon Palmer level talent infact he is worst, look at Istanbul another RB lost win. Also the @thegianthogweed please stop defending Bottas and the Grosjean types. You seem to have found a niche on this site supporting bad drivers. Bottas won 2 races this year, i repeat just 2. Hamilton who was on cusp of missing this race and looked drained midweek was right behind. Bottas as not once stretched his legs on lewis ever, in race pace. Britain is in great hands they have Rus and Nor to takeover when lewis is gone.

    Bottas winning 2 races like Max is an absoloute joke.

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