Daniel Ricciardo, Renault, Yas Marina, 2020

Qualifying was an “unpleasant surprise” in Ricciardo’s final race for Renault

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In the round-up: In his final weekend with the team, Daniel Ricciardo was disappointed by Renault’s performance in qualifying after the RS20s looked competitive in practice.

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Ricciardo qualified 12th, one place behind team mate Esteban Ocon, as neither made the cut for Q3:

Obviously it’s the last one with the team, 12th isn’t one to remember unfortunately. But I think even taking the sentimental value out of qualifying, it was just an unpleasant surprise.

We had really good pace this morning and we thought we would have a bit more to show and we really thought we could fight for top five in quali but we didn’t.

We just had the debrief, I’m not really sure we know the full picture yet. We’ll obviously look into it. But there’s nothing that’s strikingly obvious, we didn’t mess up, so to speak.

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Comment of the day

@BasCB assesses the three-way fight for third place in the constructors’ championship, and whether Alexander Albon can help Max Verstappen take victory:

It is quite clearly a good battle for third in the championship. The team in the lead is in the worst position (Stroll on used softs in striking distance of the Renaults, Perez starting from the back of the grid) for the race. Renault, the last in the trio is very well positioned with the new tyres and looking likely to jump quite a chunk of the cars ahead due to that (I think Norris or Albon might be just out of reach, depending on their starts, while Sainz has mediums that should help him keep ahead as well) and McLaren looks like being in the best position, but on the other hand, it remains to be seen whether they can capitalise on that strong position.

I personally rather expect Albon to lose out in the first lap. And then drop back a bit, while Mercedes will surely undercut Verstappen with Bottas, unless there is an upset that forces them to do that with Hamilton to try and get back in podium position. Will be interesting to see that stat play out. And see whether Bottas can challenge Verstappen.

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  3. I’ve said it to many people before, but there is nothing quite like a Highveld thundershower as those GT drivers found out! Growing up there I got used to them over the years, but they always amazed and scared visiting relatives! It’s amazing how much water can fall from the sky in such a short amount of time…

    Also, having been lucky enough to watch a bit of racing as a marshal’s guest at the marshal’s post at the Esses, I have to say I was disappointed how much the TV pictures disguised the gradient change through there and down the “mineshaft” behind. It really is an epic bit of track.

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