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Hamilton aims to agree new contract for 2021 before Christmas

2021 F1 season

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Lewis Hamilton says he wants to agree a new deal to drive for Mercedes next year within the next 11 days.

Speaking after yesterday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix the world champion, who does not have a contract for the 2021 F1 season yet, said he wants to agree terms with his team before Christmas.

Asked when he intends to announce a new contract, Hamilton said: “Hopefully over the next couple of weeks. I would love – we would love – to get it done before Christmas, I think.”

While he has previously indicated his next deal may be for less than three years, Hamilton confirmed he intends to race for at least one more season.

“I plan to be here next year,” he said. “I want to be here next year. I think us, as a team, have more to do together and more to achieve both in the sport but even more outside the sport I think.

“So I hope we can begin, this week, discussions, and hopefully get it tied up before Christmas.”

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff is confident a new deal is “going to happen” between the two after their talks were delayed when Hamilton caught Covid-19.

“There’s no reason it shouldn’t happen,” he said yesterday. “We will have this conversation.

“We were delayed, we always said that we will do it after the title was won and then and the virus delayed us for another 10 days, two weeks. And now we just have to sit down, maybe virtually maybe life.”

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26 comments on “Hamilton aims to agree new contract for 2021 before Christmas”

  1. Before Christmas. I would think this is a deal that is far more likely to be signed within that timeframe than any Brexit deals will be (I expect further “talks progressing, giving it more time” on that one, maybe going for months)

  2. Interesting that he’s publicly put a timeframe on it, it suggests that the negotiation is done and the only thing left is literally signing it.

    1. That would make sense yeah. I mean, both sides have probably put their ideas of where the deal should be on the table sometime a year ago already. And surely they have found time to discuss developments on that during the spring etc.

      And some exchanges on where things are headed at the time the announcement to go “black” was made, then when Hamilton announced his Hamilton foundation and now Mercedes take a first step in showing they mean it with their announcement of a “diversity hiring program” as well.

      BTW, yeah, I think all of that would have been an integral part of the discussion. Money really won’t cut it for Hamilton anymore, and it is hard to commit to huge sums in the current times for Mercedes. But working on things he really feels strong about, that is something I can see him go for.

      1. I am sure the only reason they haven’t signed yet is money. you can bet that Mercedes will commit to huge sums , they have much more to lose than Hamilton

        1. I think the opposite, hamilton wouldn’t win without a mercedes (in general, maybe he could beat bottas in this red bull, but I guess mercedes would have another top driver if hamilton left), mercedes can win with russel, verstappen, leclerc, maybe norris, ricciardo!

          1. He’s won races every season he’s competed even when he didn’t have a superior car, so while the title might not be there he would likely win races still in other cars.

          2. @esploratore Mercedes also know that the only reason that car is so fast is because Hamilton helped them develop it for the last 6 to 7 years.

            Look at how little Red Bull has improved since Ricciardo left. They have actually moved further behind compared to Mercedes. While it should be easier to close a gap when regulations remain stable.

  3. ‘You can’t replace Bottas whilst I’m in the team.’

    1. They always say they have no such clauses. Everyone says ferrari has them, anyone accused of having such things deflects to ferrari or shames ferrari. When we talk about this things, denial and deflection. The media perpetuates this idea even though Irvine himself has always denied what is, for most the press a certainty. Like Irvine was not gifted a win or 2 in 1999.
      Ham does not have to deal with anything, the team gives him everything, they try to aid him to win every single thing there is to win, to make matters worse, f1 is on Ham’s side, Max is not big enough, press/tv is on Ham side, mercedes both team and sponsor are on his side. The opposition want to sign him. Can’t imagine what is snagging this.

  4. He will continue.

  5. Dave (@davewillisporter)
    14th December 2020, 14:10

    I predict 2 year deal with a 3rd year extension option and George in the seat beside him in 2022 as Valtteri will have been given a good run of 5 seasons to show his mettle by then.
    Not only will Lewis likely bring Mercedes their 8th WDC and WCC which has monumental value in marketing and media coverage, he brings star value and an ethical morality that many multinationals are now seeking, even petrochemical giants. He’s involved in the development and marketing of the Mercedes AMG Project One to boot.
    It’s not just about the driving. Daimler Benz are a business. Lewis is part of a business strategy.
    Of course the driving matters too. So as a 30% shareholder and partner of Mercedes AMG F1, its CEO and its team principle, why would Toto decide to replace the driver that has delivered every year since signing 8 seasons ago and is hands down the most consistent performer at the very top of the game in favour of an untested young gun just to save 40 million a year?
    Answer? He wouldn’t because he has a hugely successful background in investment finance and knows a good return on investment when he sees one.
    Get George in for 2022 to learn alongside the best of all time for a year or two then when Lewis retires you’ve got a young protege ready to go.
    Toto is no fool. With regard his role, I see him scaling back trackside appearances in favour of a more desk focused role at Brackley. He’s been CEO and team principle for a long time now and has said his family could do with being a higher priority. Probably retain CEO and appoint another team principle (James Allison please!) or Race Director like McLaren have with Zak and Seidl. Above all remember, Toto is a partner and shareholder not an employee as some mistakenly assume. He has a lot of latitude to change his role without needing to walk away.

    1. Yeah I agree, having Hamilton in the team is so much more than just F1.

      1. Dave (@davewillisporter)
        14th December 2020, 20:00

        @f-duct Yeah, next time you get the response WhY aRe thEY PAyInG HiM! post a pic of any Mercedes car dealership with the seven F1 constructors title wreaths plastered down the side of the pillars!

    2. Jose Lopes da Silva
      14th December 2020, 16:04

      Basically, this. Next season will be interesting (for Hamilton fans and sport-in-general fans) to see if the Driver Title record can be surpassed, rather than equalled.

  6. 24 hours later and he hasn’t done a Rosberg yet.
    Hamilton clearly wants to race still and Mercedes are never, ever not going to sign him again. The fallout for the team would be horrendous. Bad publicity, no guarantee that a replacement could match his level, loss of marketing, and a deeply annoyed Hamilton signing for a rival and making it his job to beat Mercedes with some relish. Much as that might be more interesting to watch, it’s not going to happen.

    1. Dave (@davewillisporter)
      14th December 2020, 15:09

      @david-br Lol! Yes, Still waiting for all the soothsayers to come out of the woodwork on this.
      Russell will replace Bottas in 2021: Toto confirms Valtteri staying for 2021.
      Lewis will retire: Lewis wants contract signed by Christmas
      Toto will retire: Toto confirms he remains in place for 2021
      Merc won’t pay Lewis megabucks: Oh really? Watch this space.
      Why spend 40m when George can win in that car?: Because Merc know what they’re doing!
      Toto is just an employee, he’ll do what he’s told: He owns nearly a third of the team and is CEO and team principal.
      My personal favourite – Lewis will sign a one year deal then leave to join Ferrari: FACE PALM!
      Any others I’ve forgotten?

      1. @davewillisporter No tinfoil list would be complete without a secret Max-to-Mercedes deal! But I don’t want to provoke anyone…

        1. Dave (@davewillisporter)
          14th December 2020, 19:54

          @deanfranklin care to way in with your tin hat stuff? It’s becoming comedy gold!

          1. Dave (@davewillisporter)
            14th December 2020, 19:57

            Weigh in! What’s wrong with me!

  7. Those that say Hamilton’s stock has dropped since Russel jumped in the car and demonstrated he is capable of winning are only looking at the racing side of things. Sure, stick a competent driver in the Mercedes and they will compete at the front. However Hamilton brings in so much more than any other driver can in his brand and image, and how well known he is in key markets such as America. This you can’t replace.

    1. @f-duct I would add that Mercedes management do realize that the reason that car is so fast is largely due to Hamilton helping develop and fine tune it for the last few years. Just look at Red Bull and see how they have actually lost more ground to Mercedes since Ricciardo left.

  8. I predict a three year deal worth even more money than he was making, unless he takes a little less because he has said he’d like to travel less (presumably meaning for sponsorship duties and to make a smaller environmental footprint as obviously he has to travel to the races, lol).

    And not anything to do with his contract but I predict VB’s last year with them next year and then they really need to put GR in that seat so he can learn from LH over 2022 and 2023 while LH is still there and so they will have a strong prime driver in GR for when LH retires. That is unless LH decides to go even longer. For sure I am hoping that the new gen cars will be so fun to race that he will want to. After all, I’m sure it is why FA has decided to return. He’s likely intrigued and excited by the unprecedented non-clean air dependent cars coming for 2022. That’s why I can’t see LH just racing one more season. He’s a true racer and will want to try the new cars out and try to keep up his domination in spite of drastically different cars.

    1. @robbie Great points, especially about the (hopefully) more racer-friendly and evenly matched cars.

  9. I think people are starting to clutch at straws when they think Hamilton should be paid $50 million per year just because of his marketability. I don’t think he’s more marketable than Verstappen for instance. Verstappen attracts hordes of fans. Hamilton has never brought them through the gate like Max does.

    F1 ratings hit a peak in 2008 and have been on the decline ever since. That was a championship between the second year driver Hamilton and Felipe Massa. That makes me think marketability is more about close racing than anything else.

    The reality is the guy on $1.2 million was as good as Hamilton within 48 hours. What would he do with a presseaon at Merc under his belt?

    If anything the Russell story is more marketable.

    The Sakhir race probably had the biggest social media buzz of any race this season. This website was down for long periods such was the buzz created.

    If marketing is so important you get Russell and Hamilton in that team for next season.

  10. Of course it’s a done deal. Only remains to see how Hamilton still feels about all those people laid off now that it comes down to wanting Mercedes to fork out a fortune, or if it was only the timing and attention he was concerned about before, but then we all know the answer to that. https://www.racefans.net/2020/08/06/hamilton-not-comfortable-signing-new-contract-amid-mass-job-losses/

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