Stoll to step down after “very intense” five years as president of Renault Sport

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Jerome Stoll, who has headed Renault Sport Racing since 2016, will step down as its president at the end of the year.

During his period in charge Stoll oversaw Renault’s return to Formula 1 as a full constructor and gradual rise up the grid. The team scored the first podiums since its return this year and achieved its highest points tally so far.

His five years as president were a “very intense” time, said Stoll. “Taking up the challenge of rebuilding a Formula 1 team is tough, it takes time, commitment and unfailing determination,” he explained.

“A first step has been taken with a team and drivers that we can now see on the podium. I appreciate the privilege of being able to be part of all these changes and all our progress.”

Renault enjoyed success in other categories during Stoll’s tenure. They won back-to-back teams’ titles in Formula E and took Sebastien Buemi to the 2015-16 drivers’ championship crown.

“Motorsport, and even more so Formula 1, is above all a human adventure, encounters, bonds that are forged, joys, disappointments and invaluable rewards,” said Stoll. “The Formula E titles and seeing young drivers racing in our cars in the Eurocup or Clio Cup are an integral part of what has been a wonderful experience.

“I owe a lot to every collaborator in this company. They are committed and determined to give their best to make our brand and our values shine.”

Stoll is stepping down ahead of the F1 team’s rebranding as Alpine, Renault’s performance division, next year.

“A new chapter is now opening with Alpine and I am sure the best is yet to come,” said Stoll. “I am happy and proud to have been part of this great adventure with such great people.”

The Renault F1 team’s managing director Cyril Abiteboul praised Stoll’s “passion for competition as well as his loyalty to the women and men of the team.”

“His support as well as his strategic vision have enabled us to overcome many hurdles and advance our ideas in an increasingly complex environment,” said Abiteboul. “Today, a new adventure begins with Alpine and the F1 team will be a major asset for the development of the brand. Thank you Jerome for your trust, your advice and your loyalty.”

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  1. Damn – read that as STROLL to step down at first glance.

    1. Me too!

      1. .. and there’s me thinking, hello, he’s been a bit of a busy boy that Stroll.

    2. It’s good that this guy is leaving, because this happens to me every single time. I suppose there was enough space only for one St(r)oll (although one comes with the boy as package).

    3. He Stoll away under cover of dark

  2. Its hardly a surprise he stepping down, even Ocon kind of revealed it on his post-race team radio, in French.

    Stoll still did a good job, putting the F1 team on rails and rostrum so. Will Cyril step up, that is the question.

    1. I struggle to understand how Abiteboul still has a job in F1

      1. He’s very good in politics.

      2. Lol what?? he managed to get two podiums I think he is doing a great job

        1. Three, and he didn’t manage to get any of them. Renault’s done a good job of turning the team around, but Cyrils handling of Ric’a initial announcement of departure was horrendous, it could have immediately put a wedge between driver and team for an entire season, thanks fully it didn’t but I genuinely don’t understand how he is still in the job.

  3. I thought it said Stroll at first and I had to blink a couple of times before it all became apparent.

  4. The Stroll without the R.

  5. “Taking up the challenge of rebuilding a Formula 1 team is tough, it takes time, commitment and unfailing determination,”

    , which is why I’m jumping ship

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