Mazepin controversy “none of my concern” – Schumacher

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Mick Schumacher says the controversy surrounding his future F1 team mate Nikita Mazepin is a concern for Haas and not him.

The Formula 2 pair were announced earlier this month as Haas’s new drivers for the 2021 F1 season. However little more than a week after his grand prix debut was confirmed, Mazepin was seen grabbing a woman’s breast in a video posted on his Instagram profile.

Haas issued a statement condemning the video as “abhorrent”. The video was deleted, and Mazepin issued an apology. The team is considering what if any further action it may take.

Speaking in today’s FIA champions press conference, Schumacher said he hasn’t been closely involved with Mazepin since the pair drove for the same karting team six years ago.

Mazepin and Schumacher have been team mates before
“We’ve been team mates in Tony Kart in 2013 and 2014 so I got to know him there and he was very nice,” said Schumacher when asked by RaceFans about his history with Mazepin and the recent controversy. “There was a decent amount of respect between each other as team mates.

“After that, I don’t further know him that well. It’s going to be interesting to get to know him next year and obviously we’ve all grown, since.

“I’m sure the rest is all dealt [with] by the team and it’s none of my concern. Either way, I focus on myself and try and do my best results and try to work as close as I can with the team.”

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Schumacher clinched the Formula 2 title in the final race of the season at the Sakhir Grand Prix two weeks ago. Since the the Ferrari Driver Academy member has driven for Haas in practice for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and completed a day of testing in preparation for his F1 race debut.

Mick Schumacher, Haas, Yas Marina, 2020
Schumacher did a test day in Abu Dhabi last week
“It’s been great,” he said. “The last few weeks has been a kind of period where I’m trying to realise what actually happened this year and how far we’ve gotten and where it came from.

“Definitely it was great to be with the Haas F1 team in Abu Dhabi, seeing how they work, how the structure is. Seeing also their views on certain things, on race management and all of that. It was really eye-opening to me and very helpful for me also going into the young driver test having had that weekend with them.”

Schumacher said his day of running in the VF-20 on Tuesday was very productive. “I really was able to say, ‘OK, those are my kind of views and what I want to learn’. Then mixing that up with the team’s recommendations and what the team also needs on data and stuff, I feel like both parties were very satisfied about how that test went.

“I learnt a massive amount of how to drive the F1 car and how it is to do the long runs. I really have to say, it’s so much fun. It’s so quick, those long runs and it’s completely different to F2. I’m just very much looking forward to to the first race now and I can’t wait to jump in the car again.”

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15 comments on “Mazepin controversy “none of my concern” – Schumacher”

  1. Yeah, I will be looking forward to see Mick develop in F1 too.

  2. Albon to Haas to replace a fired Mazepin… Calling it here first.

    1. The only reason Mazapin is there and not ilott is $.

      Seeing as Albon doesn’t have backing he will certainly not replace him, neither does ilott so neither will he

      Unless Haas suddenly find someone who does Mazapin will not be going anywhere

      1. Considering Ilott’s a talentless choke artist, I wouldn’t be so sure.

      2. @the-edge if that second seat at Haas was going to someone else than Mazepin, and if you taking just talent into account surely Ilott wouldn’t be there either

        especially with Hulk on the market, or if you want another Russian there’s Schwartzman

    2. Unless Red Bull are suddenly angling for Ferrari engines and want to get Albon track time, I can’t see any deal there due to lack of dollar

    3. Kvyat would be a better bet for 2022 regs considering his greater experience and maybe now he has improved his ability to find a good setup.

  3. Pretty disgusting comment. You essentially equated being a real man with one who sexually assaults someone.

    I agree the world might have softened up too much, but at what point did it become ok to sexually assault someone? And yes, I understand that she said she was ok with it.

    1. you obviously did not looked at the social media posting. If you did you could see there was no “sexually assault” but just a puberty action at his girlfriend. She reacted appropriate in it.
      But he.. repeating the narrative is always better without any knowledge in social media.
      It was a stupid action to place it on social media.. that’s the real problem here.

      1. It was nothing more than a silly juvenile prank, certainly NOT sexual assault.

        Another example of fake news. Yes it was stupid to put on social media, and only those involved will ever know why it was done, and who did it. There is every chance that she did it as claimed despite others saying she obviously lied for him. There is no evidence either way and people should know better than to say speculation is fact

        I still live in a world where you are innocent until PROVEN guilty, the media should remember this

        Personally I’m not WOKE & never will be, people need to have a snickers IMO, but then others are free to do as they choose in my book too so god luck to them

        I’m not going to go around and say anybody’s simple honest opinion is disgusting for such a petty matter. People who do need a reality check. Just because your opinion differs doesn’t make you right

        After all… nobody has claimed to be harmed in the making of this video.. quite the opposite in fact

  4. Don’t worry Mick, you’ll be carrying the whole team next year with points.

    Until Mazepin is out!

    1. Guess I’m going to DMG Mori for my $1m CNC machine now…

  6. Driving for Haas seems very lame. Like Russell driving for Williams. In the past Sauber was a stepping stone but Haas?

  7. these questions…

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