2021 F1 race data

Laps per position
Started and finished
Laps led
Position change on lap one

Laps per position

How many laps each driver spent in each position during the season.
Lewis Hamilton24652013789704958101214175020000
Valtteri Bottas79124317183571527194053173538371954700
Max Verstappen651280929410124818272832221000
Sergio Perez40672043301147859633028173616117738121
Lando Norris318014614915557998895118351343211934009
Daniel Ricciardo48924221613565671119512911095141732101300
Lance Stroll000227551481967181109837486667721890
Sebastian Vettel468121067221095154991311211239963438031180
Esteban Ocon667325163376127134151668366109717221445
Fernando Alonso21243423063159111113911328010473584933400
Charles Leclerc602313014726010686565845272416832331200
Carlos Sainz Jnr124890481213501341711035152112611611000
Pierre Gasly004142113213757093398347374022351320202
Yuki Tsunoda0001853749519477444087154146816830318
Kimi Raikkonen00001616745710513420913012279383911114
Antonio Giovinazzi000004327509291149177189181964089222
Mick Schumacher00000002111145371350157113395122158
Nikita Mazepin0000000000464171660221191386102
George Russell0112001193192638285931562281344752136
Nicholas Latifi00182121235411403836376625632813710513
Robert Kubica0000000010018915332418500

Started and finished

How many races each driver started, was classified in (covered more than 90% of race distance) and completed (covered 100% of race distance).
Lewis Hamilton222121
Valtteri Bottas221817
Max Verstappen222019
Sergio Perez222017
Lando Norris222115
Daniel Ricciardo222113
Lance Stroll221910
Sebastian Vettel22197
Esteban Ocon22199
Fernando Alonso222011
Charles Leclerc212016
Carlos Sainz Jnr222219
Pierre Gasly221913
Yuki Tsunoda22187
Kimi Raikkonen20185
Antonio Giovinazzi22214
Mick Schumacher22193
Nikita Mazepin22162
George Russell22184
Nicholas Latifi22195
Robert Kubica221

Laps led

How many laps a driver led as a percentage of all the racing laps during the season (full season laps led) and of all the racing laps covered by that driver (driver's season laps led).
DriverFull season laps ledDriver's season laps led
Lewis Hamilton246/1239 (19.85%)246/1211 (20.31%)
Valtteri Bottas79/1239 (6.38%)79/1076 (7.34%)
Max Verstappen651/1239 (52.54%)651/1153 (56.46%)
Sergio Perez40/1239 (3.23%)40/1131 (3.54%)
Lando Norris31/1239 (2.5%)31/1165 (2.66%)
Daniel Ricciardo48/1239 (3.87%)48/1210 (3.97%)
Lance Stroll0/1239 (0%)0/1113 (0%)
Sebastian Vettel4/1239 (0.32%)4/1205 (0.33%)
Esteban Ocon66/1239 (5.33%)66/1094 (6.03%)
Fernando Alonso2/1239 (0.16%)2/1199 (0.17%)
Charles Leclerc60/1239 (4.84%)60/1087 (5.52%)
Carlos Sainz Jnr12/1239 (0.97%)12/1236 (0.97%)
Pierre Gasly0/1239 (0%)0/1068 (0%)
Yuki Tsunoda0/1239 (0%)0/1020 (0%)
Kimi Raikkonen0/1239 (0%)0/1036 (0%)
Antonio Giovinazzi0/1239 (0%)0/1221 (0%)
Mick Schumacher0/1239 (0%)0/1078 (0%)
Nikita Mazepin0/1239 (0%)0/1007 (0%)
George Russell0/1239 (0%)0/1115 (0%)
Nicholas Latifi0/1239 (0%)0/1141 (0%)
Robert Kubica0/1239 (0%)0/123 (0%)

Position change on lap one

How many places a driver gained (positive) or lost (negative) on the first lap of every race, on average.
Kimi Raikkonen+2.3+46
Lance Stroll+1.24+26
Mick Schumacher+0.9+19
Sebastian Vettel+0.77+17
Nikita Mazepin+0.75+15
Charles Leclerc+0.75+15
Esteban Ocon+0.67+14
Carlos Sainz Jnr+0.5+11
Antonio Giovinazzi+0.36+8
Daniel Ricciardo+0.27+6
Yuki Tsunoda+0.3+6
George Russell+0.09+2
Lewis Hamilton+0.23+5
Max Verstappen+0.14+3
Robert Kubica+1.5+3
Fernando Alonso+0.14+3
Nicholas Latifi-0.1-2
Sergio Perez-0.33-7
Valtteri Bottas-1.14-24
Lando Norris-1.14-25
Pierre Gasly-1.41-31