2021 F1 race data

Laps per position
Started and finished
Laps led
Position change on lap one

Laps per position

How many laps each driver spent in each position during the season.
Lewis Hamilton13034796693432558414175020000
Valtteri Bottas27105257150181025293745911110000
Max Verstappen4691266640001614262410000000
Sergio Perez263463229716942542227163316117738121
Lando Norris1671441251353619488535125342301000
Daniel Ricciardo481151361255938858187547971120000
Lance Stroll00011742123153443574486357341512330
Sebastian Vettel46812106619461323386592976643397211170
Esteban Ocon65500055810180122355644783475210
Fernando Alonso214261646135906664101566750471211000
Charles Leclerc5121856514873732821292262822331200
Carlos Sainz Jnr04776341011968111367353162010400000
Pierre Gasly001748212435366832584223299331119201
Yuki Tsunoda00018537493044622427561111095440870
Kimi Raikkonen00001513304349122150766843415610
Antonio Giovinazzi0000000338822393109144152623557130
Mick Schumacher0000000211114536737133863337365
Nikita Mazepin0000000000001311381799628032
George Russell0100001931785369783696116104183283
Nicholas Latifi00182121235411401327334817019072623
Robert Kubica0000000010018915332418500

Started and finished

How many races each driver started, was classified in (covered more than 90% of race distance) and completed (covered 100% of race distance).
Lewis Hamilton141313
Valtteri Bottas141111
Max Verstappen141211
Sergio Perez141311
Lando Norris141310
Daniel Ricciardo141410
Lance Stroll14126
Sebastian Vettel14126
Esteban Ocon14126
Fernando Alonso14138
Charles Leclerc13129
Carlos Sainz Jnr141412
Pierre Gasly14129
Yuki Tsunoda14116
Kimi Raikkonen12114
Antonio Giovinazzi14143
Mick Schumacher14143
Nikita Mazepin14102
George Russell14123
Nicholas Latifi14134
Robert Kubica221

Laps led

How many laps a driver led as a percentage of all the racing laps during the season (full season laps led) and of all the racing laps covered by that driver (driver's season laps led).
DriverFull season laps ledDriver's season laps led
Lewis Hamilton130/823 (15.8%)130/795 (16.35%)
Valtteri Bottas27/823 (3.28%)27/671 (4.02%)
Max Verstappen469/823 (56.99%)469/737 (63.64%)
Sergio Perez26/823 (3.16%)26/751 (3.46%)
Lando Norris1/823 (0.12%)1/752 (0.13%)
Daniel Ricciardo48/823 (5.83%)48/819 (5.86%)
Lance Stroll0/823 (0%)0/724 (0%)
Sebastian Vettel4/823 (0.49%)4/801 (0.5%)
Esteban Ocon65/823 (7.9%)65/698 (9.31%)
Fernando Alonso2/823 (0.24%)2/794 (0.25%)
Charles Leclerc51/823 (6.2%)51/672 (7.59%)
Carlos Sainz Jnr0/823 (0%)0/821 (0%)
Pierre Gasly0/823 (0%)0/697 (0%)
Yuki Tsunoda0/823 (0%)0/681 (0%)
Kimi Raikkonen0/823 (0%)0/626 (0%)
Antonio Giovinazzi0/823 (0%)0/811 (0%)
Mick Schumacher0/823 (0%)0/803 (0%)
Nikita Mazepin0/823 (0%)0/640 (0%)
George Russell0/823 (0%)0/742 (0%)
Nicholas Latifi0/823 (0%)0/743 (0%)
Robert Kubica0/823 (0%)0/123 (0%)

Position change on lap one

How many places a driver gained (positive) or lost (negative) on the first lap of every race, on average.
Kimi Raikkonen+2.67+32
Lance Stroll+1.46+19
Mick Schumacher+1.36+19
Sebastian Vettel+1.21+17
Yuki Tsunoda+1+13
Nicholas Latifi+1+13
Carlos Sainz Jnr+0.79+11
Nikita Mazepin+0.77+10
Daniel Ricciardo+0.71+10
Fernando Alonso+0.5+7
Esteban Ocon+0.54+7
Robert Kubica+1.5+3
Charles Leclerc+0.17+2
Valtteri Bottas+0.08+1
Lewis Hamilton00
Max Verstappen-0.31-4
Antonio Giovinazzi-0.36-5
George Russell-0.36-5
Lando Norris-0.79-11
Sergio Perez-1.15-15
Pierre Gasly-1.57-22