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Reports F1 will delay new rules again to 2023 are “wrong”

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In the round-up: Claims Formula 1 will delay new technical regulations by another year to 2023 are “wrong”, a spokesperson has said.

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What they say

Last year Formula 1 postponed its new technical regulations by one year to 2022 as a cost-saving measure. A spokesperson for the championship rejected reports elsewhere that a further year’s delay is now being considered:

Any suggestion the 2022 regulations will be delayed is wrong and has not been discussed.

The new regulations are designed to improve competition on track and give our fans closer racing. This combined with the new financial regulations will improve Formula 1 and create a healthier and stronger business model for the whole sport.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

After Lawrence Stroll defended his son’s place in F1 on merit, Robbie says Lance’s perceived anger at his results sometimes is a mark of how much he cares about his own performance:

I will not criticise him over his first two years in F1 in the Williams cars that he had. It had to be extremely difficult and frustrating for him to be there so handcuffed to show anything, unable to even get the tires to working temp much of the time.

Something that has struck me about Stroll in the last few years is how, when he has had a good day, a good result, he still comes off in his post-race interviews as frustrated that he didn’t do better. I would have thought he’d have been over the moon, and stoked and pumped at finally showing something, which perhaps internally he was, but rather he sounds like nothing short of wins, or improving where he thinks/knows he can or needs to, will suffice.

This guy is not just coasting around because he thinks he has job security. He is in it to win it, and talent and car aside, which remain to be seen as time and experience go along, this is not just a hobby for him because the family has money to burn. If he never amounts to much, to me he sure sounds like it won’t be for lack of effort nor caring.

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22 comments on “Reports F1 will delay new rules again to 2023 are “wrong””

  1. Zanardi has started to communicate with his family again. According to the neurosurgeon nobody thought such would be possible.

  2. The headline should have been about Zanardi. That’s great news…

  3. Baby steps, and not getting carried away etc, but the Zanardi news is lovely to wake up to.

  4. Fake news indeed. Delaying any further would be pointless. One delay was justifiable, but a second wouldn’t.

    1. @jerejj Can’t delay now, teams will have started aero work on the cars and a delay will simply play into hands of leading teams as can’t unlearn stuff to start again. They deliberately delayed aero work to start in 2021 to help make it more competitive.

      However if there was a delay, part of me would pay good money to see the look on Alonso’s face (I don’t dislike him unlike others, but I think it would be funny!). He has basically written 2021 off and told the team to go full beans for 2022 with the hope of being more competitive.

  5. Well, you don’t see the Greenland flag on many Motorsport calendars.

  6. Disappointed to see a Sun article shared on here, they wouldn’t know what actual journalism is

    1. I came here to escape the trollop making the rounds on Facebook during the off-season (lots of tabloid links).

      An article is still an atricle I guess. Here’s hoping the fact checkers haven’t taken a holiday.

    2. @djarvis Although I don’t normally read The Sun (or any Murdoch-owned papers) as a news source, Ben makes very valid points in the piece on Mazepin – and it’s particularly interesting to see them made in a “laddish” paper.

      1. Those “evil” Murdoch papers..if only they were as free as the ones produced by your friends in Saudi Arabia . Or better still the curated results you get from Google.

        1. You can actually think several things are bad, for different reasons.

          1. You can actually think several things are bad, for different reasons.

            Well said.

        2. Fred, Murdoch is considered enough of a malign influence in Australia that there is now an ongoing Senate commission into his control over the media sector and the malicious tactics that his organisations have employed (such as questions over some of his publications attempting to hack those who have raise questions over his control of the Australian media market, abuse of monopolistic power and so forth).

          Last year alone, The Sun had to pay nearly £27 million in compensation and legal fees in the UK to individuals whose phones it illegally hacked, and over the past decade they have seen several individuals charged for bribing members of the police not to investigate them for illegal wire tapping, phone and computer hacking and perjury.

      2. @hazelsouthwell

        Hi Hazel, thank you for taking the time to reply (big fan of your articles)

        I agree, it is strange to see a some what educated piece within a laddish paper and if there’s a change in the Murdoch media approach then that can only be a positive thing. Its just the thought of clicking on the article and the advertisement money going to Murdoch

    3. @djarvis This will run for months here no matter what. Seems to one of the biggest things to happen in F1 for a long while.

  7. I’d like to see some more hilarity ensue as the Rich Energy back to F1 claim plays out! Funny how Storey has overlooked the company is in liquidation …


    1. Thanks for the link, he really does live in his own universe. I wonder what he sees when he looks in the mirror?

    2. I didn’t realise Rich Energy was a T-Minus relaunch…

  8. I tend to agree that Lance has established his worth to be in F1. He is not consistent, but his various podiums and pole show he is at least worthy of being in F1. In some ways he is an interesting enigma

  9. A delay of the new rules is not in the interest of F1.
    I assume few fans are looking forward to another season completely dominated by MB.

  10. Wonderful news about Zanardi, what an absolute fighter!

    1. That’s for sure.

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