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2020 F1 driver rankings #10: Lando Norris

2020 F1 season review

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After the penultimate races of the season in Bahrain, it seemed a campaign which had begun so brightly for Lando Norris was reaching a disappointing conclusion. But just one week later he produced one of his best weekends of the year, which was more typical of the quality he’d shown since the season began.

In retrospect, his excellent start to the championship in Austria set a benchmark he was also going to struggle to replicate in a car which was, on average, the fourth-quickest at best last year. Third on the grid and third in the race – both aided by penalties for Lewis Hamilton – were the best results yet in F1 for a driver who showed abundant potential in junior categories.

Norris developed a short-lived reputation for last-lap heroics at the start of the year. A flying final lap in the season opener brought him within range of Hamilton to earn that podium, and next time out he passed the wounded Sergio Perez at the very last corner for fifth place.

Further strong results followed in the British Grand Prix (fifth) and Italian Grand Prix (fourth). On both occasions, however, Carlos Sainz Jnr was the more eye-catching of the two McLaren drivers, taking second at Monza and suffering a late tyre failure while holding fifth at Silverstone. More often McLaren’s more experienced driver led the way in races.

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Lando Norris, McLaren, Mugello, 2020
Norris was still fourth in the points at mid-season
Nonetheless as the season reached its halfway point at Mugello, Norris had only failed to score once and held a remarkable fourth place in the standings. However a trio of no-scores left him on course to finish in the lower end of the championship top 10.

The poor spell began in Russia, where he collected damage while avoiding his team mate’s first-lap crash and sunk to 15th. He was on course for sixth at the Nurburgring when a power unit failure put him out – his only technical retirement of the year.

Norris was out of luck in Portugal, too. Having lost ground at the start in a number of earlier races, notably Hungary and Spain, this time he made an excellent start at the damp and slippery Algarve, climbing from eighth to fourth. However he soon came under attack from quicker cars, and his race was ruined when Lance Stroll knocked him into a spin.

Lando Norris

Beat team mate in qualifying 9/17
Beat team mate in race 6/13
Races finished 16/17
Laps spent ahead of team mate 283/864
Qualifying margin +0.05s
Points 97

He ended his point-less run next time out, but by now McLaren were finding the midfield fight tough going, and he took only eighth places behind Sainz in Imola and Istanbul. After a strong fourth in the first of Bahrain’s two races, Norris could only manage 10th in the Sakhir Grand Prix after a power unit change left him on the back row of the grid.

He ended the year on a high, however, qualifying and finishing ‘best of the rest’ in Abu Dhabi. He also edged Sainz 9-8 in another close qualifying battle between the pair, underlining the consistent progress he has made as a driver since his debut in 2019.

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57 comments on “2020 F1 driver rankings #10: Lando Norris”

  1. Not only the only technical but the only DNF in general.
    Overall, a relatively decent season for him.

  2. Bottas ahead of Norris!!!!?????

    I’d be amazed if Norris could not beat Bottas in the same car.

    1. That’s a good point.

      Bottas’ underachievement at Mercedes last year was huge. To be so far behind a teammate using the same machinery shows a massive gulf in class.

      1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        25th January 2021, 10:04

        Remember that points in a top team get heavily amplified by wins though. With Hamilton being as good as he was, while Bottas often wasn’t that close, the wins vs 2nd place still are a huge difference. It also has to be said that the bad luck on Bottas’s side didn’t help much either.

        I still think that Hamilton’s level really makes Bottas look worse than he is. Bottas wasn’t at his 2017 and 2019 level overall this year but he was certainly better than 2018. He was 11th that year. While positions each year are not reflective of being better i would probably say I would put him around 8th this year. There have been quite a few other drivers that have had very mixed seasons that I’m not sure I would rate higher than Bottas. Leclerc had many highs, but made more costly mistakes than any other driver causing 6 retiremtns. His best moments have been better then any of Bottas’s, but more and bigger mistakes. Leclerc’s ability looks far better, but I’m being honest here, Bottas could be rated ahead of leclerc this season, though when Leclerc cuts down on his mistakes, I pretty much know I won’t in the future.

        Sainz is another one. While I think Sainz has been solid, it is clear he’s been extremelly close to Norris both seasons. While he was rated very high last season, if Norris is this low down, I think he will be too. Plus Sainz made big mistakes in Russia and Tuscany. I think many rate Sainz a bit too high considering he got matched by a rookie and still looks pretty much even with Norris now. I don’t think it proves hat Sainz is very good and to me he looked better last year. Bottas is against the best driver on the grid and people see to be against him because he isn’t always there, but occasionally can beat and sometimes is very close.

        I would say Bottas did lose 2 wins down to misfortune. You could even possibly add that one race where he was ahead of Hamilton on merit, it was unlucky for him that mercedes had turned the engine down, possibly preventing a win. The more obvious two being Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

        There were 3 restarts the first Bottas handled fine and the 2nd he actually got a better launch than Hamilton but Hamilton used the slipstream and got ahead. The final restart Bottas lost a place but then got it back and was closing the gap to hamilton, or at least maintaining it. Without so many restarts, I think bottas could have had this.

        Emilia Romagna was probably even more likely than this. Bottas had damage to his car. many thought Hamilton’s damage in Australia 2019 must have been pretty substantial for him to finish 20 seconds behind Bottas. it was apparently worth 0.2 seconds a lap for him, but Bottas had got the job done there anyway. But people seemed almost convinced the damage was responsible for the gap being that large. Mercedes confirmed that Vettel’s front wing plate cost Bottas 0.8 seconds a lap. Now I don’t believe that so even if we half it, that is still almost certain to have cost Bottas a place to Hamilton given the amount of time Hamilton lost being stuck behind Verstappen. This was a very unfortunate outcome for Bottas that many seem to forget.

        I hope people don’t take this as being generous to bottas. He hasn’t had what i would call a great season at all. Just not bad given who he’s up against. He’s been more like average. Though I do think being a few places into the top 10 is fair as there are several drivers that I’ve explained my reasons as to why I could rate them behind. And none of them have the same level team mate. Hamilton and Verstappen are the top 2 and by quite some margin IMO, so that means a big gap to 3rd. I would probably follow these two by Ricciardo, who I also think was quite a big step ahead of the rest. So if say Bottas was 7th, that to me still means he is a huge distance away from hamilton, which i think was realistic. I just don’t agree with others insisting he was so bad that he should be well outside the top 10. Many just seem to base it on the numbers.

        1. I agree with much of this. It seems from lots of the other comments that Bottas might become the new Magnussen in terms of people expecting him to come the next day. However, although I rated Bottas tenth, I think it is reasonable for him to be as high as seventh. I agree that Hamilton and Verstappen were a long way ahead of the rest, and then I had Perez, Ricciardo, Gasly and Leclerc as the next group, and then Sainz, Norris, Russell, Bottas.

          1. As mentioned before, I like your season reviews in other posts, @f1frog.
            I wouldn’t rate Perez as best of the rest though. Perez wasn’t that special during the first half (plus a bit) of the season. I saw more consistent solid performance in Ricciardo, and even Gasly was driving higher up than I expected him in more races than Perez.
            Leclerc is a difficult one; a few clear lows and some very strong races (especially compared to Vettel).
            PS the order of the rest seems pretty much in line with my ratings.

        2. My point is this:

          Bottas is nowhere near good enough!

          Consider Rosberg’s stats during the 3 years he was Lewis’ teammate at Mercedes:

          22 victories, 50 podium finishes and qualified ahead of Hamilton 36 times.

          Rosberg also won the title once.

          By comparison, during the last 3 years, Bottas has performed as follows:

          6 victories, 34 podium finishes (I don’t have the head-to-head qualifying stats).

          Bottas is not good enough to drive the Mercedes. He seems unable to overtake if he doesn’t find himself at the front of the grid and suffers far too many unforced errors.

          1. BTW – When Bottas was at Williams I genuinely thought he would emerge as a title contender later in his career.

            I even had the pleasure of meeting him during that period and he was a lovely, balanced but highly focused guy.

            Sadly, I was wrong and I don’t think Valtteri will ever be anything other than an average (occasionally good) F1 driver.

            Without the Toto Wolff connection I don’t think he’d be anywhere near a Mercedes seat.

          2. @sonnycrockett – or my style hero Don Johnson :)

            Consider Rosberg’s stats during the 3 years he was Lewis’ teammate at Mercedes:

            Rosberg and Hamilton were teammates for 4 consecutive seasons in F1.

          3. Whilst comparing previous team mates and seasons is all well and good, it doesn’t reflect on the improvement a driver has made in the following seasons. I feel Hamilton learned much from his time against Nico and is certainly a far better and more complete driver now than he was in their time together. I think this also reflects well n Nico forcing Hamilton to improve and the lessons learnt from Hamilton’s loss in 2016.

          4. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
            25th January 2021, 14:10

            Too few people factor in that when Rosberg was first against Hamilton, he was more experienced in F1 and the team compared to Bottas.

            Hamilton came to Mercedes when rosberg had been there many seasons before him. Bottas comes in against hamilton in a similar setting to Hamilton joining rosberg – hamilton had a huge advantage.

            rosberg was clearly better, but the two situations are not really comparable. Mercedes 2017 – 2019 wasn’t close to 2014 – 2016 dominance IMO and even last year wasn’t quite there i think.

            I will admit Bottas is only a decent driver, but people should stop saying he isn’t good enough for Mercedes when they frequently keep him on and the last 2 seasons he’s got a higher position in the standings than his first 2.

          5. Don’t think the points about respective experience levels really hold up – Bottas was an F1 driver for 4 seasons before moving to Mercedes, he wasn’t exactly a rookie. And as for experience as a Mercedes driver, that gives him a pass for the first few races, maybe half a season? He’s now had 4 seasons as a Mercedes driver, and not only has he not gotten any closer to Hamilton, he’s actually further away it seems.

          6. petebaldwin (@)
            25th January 2021, 15:46

            @thegianthogweed – I agree with your point however if Rosberg was more competitive in part due to having more experience in the team, how do we explain Bottas being out-performed by Russell who had a couple of days to acclimatise to the team? Is Russell an absolutely incredible driver or is Bottas poor? One of them has to be true….

          7. @sonnycrockett isn’t it slightly misleading though to just present those figures without any consideration of the relative pace of Mercedes’s competitors in those same seasons?

          8. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
            25th January 2021, 19:56


            there is such a thing as between the 2. You seem to expect 1 race to provide 100% confirmation of one or the other, which it just doesn’t. Maldonado could win a race, that showed he would be able to win many more. Did he? No.

            Bottas this particular weekend didn’t look very good. He wasn’t happy with his lap in qualifying and explained the areas he could have done better. In the race, he notably had a poor start but was quicker than Russell later on until the strategy mess up, however, is still wasn’t good for him.

            But this just isn’t a very representative reflection on either drivers performance overall. Bottas can sometimes get the better of Hamilton, and reasonably often come pretty close, so a bad weekend against Russell really doesn’t reliably prove that much between Bottas and Russell in the long term.

            However, Russell did show he could adapt very quick and did show potential. It was a very impressive one off performance rather than proof he always is an “absolutely incredible” driver. If anything, it should be noted that one mistake he made this year was bigger than anything Bottas did and many other drivers for that matter. I personally think that to begin with if they were team mates, Bottas overall would be the better driver, but in time I think that may switch over. I just think too many are basing everything on one result.

        3. @thegianthogweed to expand on that point, it is worth noting that Sonny Crockett is complaining that Bottas underperformed, but on the other hand his relative points score was still quite a bit better than most drivers on the grid.

          At the end of the season, Bottas scored roughly about 64% of the points that Hamilton did – by comparison, Stroll’s score was 60% that of Perez, Albon scored 49% of what Verstappen did, Ocon 52%, Kvyat 43% and Vettel 34%. Similarly, in terms of qualifying performance, there are quite a few drivers whose average performance in qualifying was worse than that of Bottas – figures like Ocon or Kvyat were proportionally worse, and in terms of average time deficit, there are a number of other drivers who were also slower on average than Bottas was relative to Hamilton.

          Now, am I saying that Bottas had a brilliant season? No – there were definitely flaws in his performances. However, I do agree that there were other drivers this season who did also have flawed performances that are not being given as much criticism as Bottas is.

          With regards to Norris, what is noticeable within this thread is that there don’t actually seem to be many here posting an explanation for why they think that Norris is being rated too lowly and then offering examples of his race craft to explain why he could have been rated higher. For all that they believe that Norris should be ranked higher up, it’s if Norris’s performances in 2020 largely made no impression on their minds.

          For what it is worth, in some ways 10th might not be a too unfair reflection of Norris’s performances. He did score fairly decently in the first half of the season, but it could be said he was slightly flattered by some of the other rival midfield drivers hitting problems and that he did seem to flag a bit in the latter half of the season, where he was a bit more anonymous.

          It was a generally consistent performance, but the way that some here are talking about other drivers than Norris perhaps also hints at another point – he didn’t hit the same low points as some other drivers, but perhaps didn’t hit the same high points either.

    2. Haha – was also expecting Bottas as no. 10

    3. I couldn’t believe it either. Usually, I find the rankings on this site pretty spot on, with the exception of one or two drivers who are at a debatable rank, but these 2020 rankings seem way off the mark.
      Magnussen in #11?!?
      Bottas in the top 10 !!!
      Norris was arguably the strongest midfield driver at the mid point of the season, and it’s not like he was much poorer in the second half. Honestly, I’d rate Norris as highly as Russell and Gasly this season.. and significantly ahead of Bottas.

    4. He hasn’t beaten Bottas in the same car so its all conjecture. These standings are based on what they did not what they could do

      1. @tonymansell that’s a very good point. There is a lot of supposition in many of these comments. What bottas did was pretty solid, just noticeably unspectacular. Bottas suffers from being paired with Hamilton but he is undoubtedly a competent number 2. In the coming season, if perez performs as well as bottas did in 2020, he will be rightly lauded as a solid backup for verstappen (precisely what red bull have been missing).

        1. @frood19 Yeh agreed. I was looking at the best pairings article and was a bit surprised Max and Perez are considered the strongest but then again I wasn’t. He seems to be the ‘housewives favourite’ whilst Bottas is regularly criticised for only finishing 2nd and winning 2 or 3 races a year against the winningest driver in f1 history.

          You could say its kind of a proxy criticism of Lewis. Your team mate is rubbish ergo what you are doing in the best car isn’t that great. I cant say if thats true or not as i’m not one of them.

          I was watching ‘The Silver War’ on YouTube and you forget how spiky Nico and Lewis were together AND how much fun it was. I guess thats a criticism of Bottas also, its a bit dull. A bit too nicey nicey. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t a strong No 2 because he is.

  3. Solid season, but not the constant improvement I hoped to see.
    He was pretty close to Sainz overall, but I’m still not sure what that means if comparing it to the rest of the field. We’ll learn next year, as Ricciardo is well known quantity.

    PS I did rate his season above Bottas’s though.

  4. I think K-Mag was too high and I think Norris is at least one spot too low here. His second half wasn’t as strong as the first, but the guy was still a critical factor in helping McLaren be the best of the rest behind Red Bull. While we always need to factor the car into ratings, like those saying Bottas should be behind Norris, we also need to factor in raw results. That’s something George Russell doesn’t have, regardless of the how big of a dog the Williams was. It’s something he didn’t get in his lone race with the Mercedes, even if that debacle was their screw up. Russell bashed his car up under a safety car period on what was a potential points run at Imola. He was in the points at Mugello until a horrible restart ended that bid. Worse results, more retirements, and more mistakes. Russell should be slotted at 10th or 11th, a fitting place for his near points finishes in the Williams

    1. Yeah, @jeffheinick, the gap between Grosjean and Magnussen was too big. The gap between Norris and K-Mag clearly far too small.

      While Magnussen might have had a bad car to deal with, he did not do much that stunned the world with it. Norris off course had a very decent car. But we got several stunning performances from him, many very decent runs and no real mess ups from his side, unlike Magnussen.

      I think Norris should be ahead of Russel. And probably ahead of Gasly as well. I am not even sure I would place Ricciardo above him, since Daniel had a somewhat lacklustre first half of the year (yes, the car did not help either, but still, Norris+Sainz got more out of their cars than the other midfielders).

    2. This is like one of those parody posts where everything is one out. Sigh

      1. Meanwhile your post in this article is based on “what ifs” and “could have beens”. These are rankings for 2020 right, or am I missing something? Whoa is me for ranking a driver lower than Norris with again, I’ll say it again for you:

        Less mistakes
        Worse results
        More retirements

        Seems like I’m not the only one with this opinion, and strange enough I’m one of the few to actually analyze and point out the facts behind the reasoning. So what’s your reasoning behind a blatant troll response?

        1. *More mistakes

  5. It won’t be easy with Daniel, or will it be close?

    1. I expect it to be quite close to being with while Daniel finds his feet and his setup with the new car. It took him a little while to start performing at his best when he switched to Renault, so I expect that might happen again at McLaren. But once he is comfortable with the setup I expect him to have a decent margin over Lando, unless Lando can make some fairly big steps forward himself, particularly in his lap 1 performance.

  6. I pointed this out earlier, but the effective quali head to head between Norris and Sainz was 8-all. Sainz had the brake issue in Bahrain which prevented him from setting a time in Q2.

  7. Like others, I’m wondering how exactly Valterri Bottas has been ranked so highly.

    Can someone tell me how exactly he’s been more impressive than Norris, or Raikkonen for example? The only reason I can think of is that he drove a quicker car, which shouldn’t be a factor here at all.

    1. He’s competing against the most successful driver in history, he’s always going to look average. I think Bottas has shown impressive mental strength to maintain such a high standard when he gets beaten consistently, whereas drivers like Vettel and Albon have fallen to pieces when faced with the same challenge.

      1. The standard hasn’t been that high though, especially in 2020. I also don’t believe Hamilton is in his prime anymore, maybe 2 years ago he peaked.

        1. He’s consistently within a tenth in qualifying and finishes 2nd more often than not. It’s hard to say if Hamilton is in his prime or not. In my view he is driving at a higher standard now than when he was alongside Rosberg, far fewer unforced errors and less clumsy racecraft. It’s also important to consider that Bottas joined Mercedes at the same time the regulations made the cars worse at following each other. In this era you need to be significantly faster than the car in front to have a chance, now let’s be honest would
          any driver be significantly faster than Lewis Hamilton in the same car?

          1. petebaldwin (@)
            25th January 2021, 15:49

            Does he have less clumsy racecraft though? He’s not had to use it very much this year but on the occasions where he has, he’s not exactly been incident-free.

            Similarly, when you’re under pressure, you make mistakes. This year, he’s easily driven off into the distance and been under no pressure during most races. I wouldn’t expect a top-tier F1 driver to make mistakes when they aren’t having to push the car or themselves to 100%.

          2. @petebaldwin

            I also think that Lewis has been flattered a lot by being in no-mans-land a lot of the time. Especially as Bottas seems to give him a ton of space, which in turn also makes Lewis’ overtakes seem more impressive.

            Not that Lewis drove poorly, but a lot of people seem to overrate his performance this season, crediting him too much for Mercedes power.

      2. I don’t think he’s set a high standard against Lewis at all – the only two races he won this year were ones where Lewis had penalties, and the only reason he beat Max in the championship was due to the Red Bull Honda’s unreliability – he nearly finished third in a two-horse race. If another team was closer to Mercedes it’s feasible that Bottas could cost them the constructors championship.

        1. Red Bull weren’t that far off Mercedes, Albon was psychologically finished so his pace wasn’t reflective of the car, Verstappen demonstrated what the car was capable of.

          I admit Bottas needs to work on race pace, it seems his driving style doesn’t get the tyres in the right window. But again we need to remember he’s up against Hamilton so these small issues are magnified. Norris is an excellent driver, but being slightly edged by Sainz over a season doesn’t make me think he could get any closer to Hamilton than Bottas did.

  8. How on earth is Norris lower rated than Bottas?!

  9. I think the first half of the year he was close to top 5, second half of the year more like outside top 10 so he’s not far off where he should be in the list imo. I think 8th would have been a fairer reflection given his experience as at the end of the day, him and his teammate clearly outperformed their machinery several times this year. Will be interesting to see how he stacks up against Ricciardo next year as he looks like he just needs a little more race pace to get to the highest level.

  10. Definitely deserves to be ranked higher than Bottas! I think Norris had a pretty good year and believe he will have the upper hand over Ricciardo.

  11. Below Bottas?! I think Lando should feel insulted here.. big insult

    1. Lewis




      1. Albon overrated, russel probably a little overrated, his williams race performances weren’t that impressive, though I believe he belongs to that group.

        If it were up to me I’d say:

        A tier: hamilton, verstappen, leclerc, russel (potentially, needs to drive a top or at least a decent car more)
        B tier: ricciardo, perez (potentially, needs to drive a top car)
        C tier: all others not mentioned on my post
        D tier: vettel, albon, giovinazzi, grosjean (I tend to put latifi in C tier cause he wasn’t that terrible vs russel in races, so either russel is worse than we give him credit for or latifi isn’t just a pay driver)

        This isn’t necessarily a season ranking, just how I see their levels, which I think was what you meant as well.

        1. How can you rate Russell so high, just for the good race in the best car? He din’t scored in the Williams even when he got the chance. He has incredible talen, but c’mon. He is not there yet, not even close.

          1. Fair point. My intuition over screemed here

  12. Jose Lopes da Silva
    25th January 2021, 12:46

    There were 45 ‘bottas’ keywords when I got here.

  13. Lando had a good start and good end, mid-table definitely appropriate.
    However there is no conceivable logic to having Bottas in the top ten imho. I look forward to reading it!

  14. It’s not even logical to say a podium on merit in Austria straight out of the block was not as eye-catching as Sainz’ podium in a lottery race later in the season.

    Totally expected though. The only question is really whether Sainz will be put ahead of Leclerc again this year.

    1. To be fair, Sainz was on to finish second in Italy regardless of the ensuing chaos.

    2. @balue as others have pointed out, before the race stoppage, Sainz had been running in a consistent 2nd place – he actually spent as many laps in 2nd before the race stoppage as he did after the race stoppage.

      Sainz stuck his car 3rd on the grid in the Italian GP and was running in 2nd place for 38 of the 53 laps of that race. The timing information also confirms he was genuinely the fastest midfield runner, as he was gradually pulling away from the rest of the pack before the red flag: Norris, by contrast, only spent 2 laps in the top 3 in Austria.

      If anything, I would say that Norris’s podium in Austria was a bigger fluke than Sainz’s podium in Italy was. Sainz was genuinely quick enough to be fighting for a podium on merit in Italy and spent most of that race competing for a podium, whereas Norris wasn’t actually fast enough to be in a position to run in the top 3 on merit for most of the Austrian GP.

    3. The argument was about being spectacular. McLaren coming from the doldrums, setting fastest lap on the last lap (when he really had to) to get a podium on the first race of the season is practically hollywood stuff.

      Ending up on a podium in a lottery race like Monza was not more spectacular, regardless of the position before the mayhem. Sainz was even in position to win the race but failed.

      The rating here is bound to have Sainz among the top 3 or 4 as the site’s previous ratings have shown it has a soft spot him (even putting him ahead of Leclerc), and this is just weak justification.

  15. 10th is harsh but in comparison to Magnusson’s ranking not completely out of order IMHO.

    I struggled to rank Russell, Bottas and Norris (and Sainz for that matter, as they had almost identical results).

    Bottas is hard to judge, he had a lot of bad luck but at some point you have to accept that he failed to make his own luck. He got properly annihilated by his (admittedly not so shabby) teammate.
    Whenever he’s in traffic he’s painful to watch too but still he managed to win a couple of races, his qualifying pace is as impressive as ever and he is a safe pair of hands.

    Russell is hard to judge as well, because his car is as uncompetitive as his teammate and luck didn’t go his way either. Potential to spare undoubtedly but yet the results don’t show. A lot of great qualy laps and one utterly impressive weekend in the Merc for me was just not enough to justify him being ahead of Norris.

    7th Sainz,
    8th, Norris
    9th Russell
    10th Bottas (or Raikkonen)

    But it’s close and I can see why people would switch the order.

  16. 10th is a fair representation. He did a good season but overrated by many of his fans.

    He lost out to his Teammate in the championship despite Sainz suffering multiple bad luck. Slow pit stops in Styria, Silverstone and Bahrain. A tyre blowout in Silverstone and the first lap in Mugello.

    But overall i was very impressed by Norris this season even though I’m not a fan of his by any means. He exceeded expectations massively and some very high moments like Austria and the finale

  17. To this day he still can’t score a penalty against Racing Point and will probably still miss a crucial penalty kick against Aston Martin and then lose 2-1.

  18. Another good synopsis but need point out:

    “on course for sixth at the Nurburgring “
    He was running in / on course for third (even with a degrading power unit)

  19. McLaren-Racing Point: Norris insults Stroll, resulting in a big fist fight. Both get sent off. Ends in a draw.
    Racing Point-McLaren: Perez scores the winning goal in the 90th minute and then celebrates in front of Norris as an act of revenge.
    Vettel’s waiting for you.

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