Button joins fellow F1 champions Hamilton and Rosberg with Extreme E team

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Jenson Button has become the third Formula 1 world champion to enter a team in a new series racing electric sports utility vehicles.

The 2009 world champion will join Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in fielding a team in the new Extreme E series. However unlike his fellow title winners, Button will both drive for and own his JBXE squad.

“I caught the off-road bug a few years back which led to me entering my own team in a few races including the Mint 400 and even the Baja 1000 and I absolutely loved it,” explained Button. “It was around the same time I first heard about the plans for Extreme E which I’ve followed with great interest and what Alejandro Agag, Ali Russell and the team have managed to create is nothing short of incredible, and thanks to them and our partners Apater Capital and Pipt we get to be a part of it.”

The series intends to raise awareness of climate change by racing in locations experiencing the consequences of humankind’s effect on the planet. Button says Extreme E will “offer first class racing and entertainment to the fans, but also serve to highlight the impact of climate change.”

“Whilst we will of course compete to win on track, as a collective we will also work to maximise awareness whilst racing in places that have been damaged or affected by climate change over the years,” he said. “Alongside the awareness piece, Extreme E themselves are committing legacy initiatives at each destination which help protect already damaged ecosystems impacted by climate change.”

Button’s team is the 10th entrant to be confirmed for the series. His team mate is yet to be announced: Under Extreme E’s ‘mixed doubles’ rule, each car must be raced by one male and one female driver.

Hamilton’s X44 team features nine-times World Rally champion Sebastien Loeb and Cristina Gutierrez. Rosberg Xtreme will field three-times World Rallycross champion Johan Kristofferson alongside Molly Taylor.

The series will begin with the Desert Xprix in Saudi Arabia in April.

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26 comments on “Button joins fellow F1 champions Hamilton and Rosberg with Extreme E team”

  1. Those Brawn colours though, hnng.

    1. I like it! I’m surprised he hasn’t got Virgin involved

  2. Why is everyone pouring money into this? I don’t expect much of an audience

    1. Well, I guess it fits the fun they like? And it fits their ideas of where the future of racing might take us.

    2. I doubt it is much money. Cars are spec.

    3. Let’s follow Hamilton everywhere and share the limelight. We can not make it on our own without his star status billing hahahaaha

  3. Awesome, the more the merrier. I’m looking forward to checking it out. I just hope it’s not as cringey to watch as it possibly could be.

  4. So far we have Sainz, JBXE, Rosberg and X44. I wonder who’s next.

    1. It seems that this will be the playground of former F1 and racing drivers. Alesi? Sato? Maldonado? Anyone?

  5. They’ve got some great names involved, but this still sounds like a dull series. I’m here for the racing. I’ll check Extreme E out but my expectations are very low.

  6. I cant believe they say and do it with a straight face. We are setting up a series to tear around places to shine on a light on climate change!! IS this for real. I know when Lewis got involved you had to be real careful what you said but now Jenson is too we can just talk about it normally. The only thing this is shining a light on is the complete lack of self awareness f1 drivers have.

    It reminds me of DJ Smashie & Nicey who were raising £50 for ‘charidee’ by racing their helicopters round London all day.

    1. I know when Lewis got involved you had to be real careful what you said but now Jenson is too we can just talk about it normally

      Your comment is terrible but this casual racism is the worst of it. Get a grip.

      It’s a much better cause than any other racing series is working towards.

      1. Why is it casual racism? Back up your claim or shut up. The point I was making is that if you criticise it when Lewis says it then brainfades like you call you a racist. SO I didn’t. Seems you get called one anyway so you cant win. Its a stoopid series and its a stoopid reason to do it. You thinking otherwise kind of backs up what I think. That mask should cover your mouth more often

        1. Expecting me to reply to such an obviously combative comment is ridiculous, you are incable of civilised discourse.

    2. I don’t get it either. I think Extreme E is nothing but a greenwashing exercise. Let’s take off road vehicles to remote(for the most part undisturbed locations) and tear up the terrain. This is nothing but a marketing exercise, and I sure won’t be watching.

      1. Exactly, the WRC probably emits a lot less CO2 than this Extreme E will emit

      2. @Forrest, I hope—and have assumed—that the places they are actually racing wont actually be “undisturbed locations.” Their messaging certainly has been a bit confusing and encourages those sorts of thoughts, but simply based on the amount of infrastructure they’ll need to hold a race I don’t expect they’re going into the most remote and untouched areas of the world.

        I expect it will be more like the sorts of locations we are used to seeing Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond touring through on their more extreme grand tours—where there is some form of infrastructure but the location also offers dramatic and picturesque cinematography when “framed” properly. Lac Rose (also named Lake Retba), the second race location, is a 1 hr 15 minute drive from downtown Dakar.

  7. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    25th January 2021, 10:13

    I will watch this with an open mind as it has potential. However please don’t just preach and preach and tell me over and over that my active engagement with the planet is killing it. It’s anti human and I’m not a fan of telling people from a young age that there mere existence is destroying the planet. Everyone’s struggling right now, we don’t need to feel guilty for being alive as well.

    1. As Frankie Boyle said the answer isn’t becoming vegetarians, we should become cannibals. If you eat 1 person you reduce the worlds carbon footprint by 100% of that person. You want to do more, eat a pilot

      1. That’s good.

  8. With really big names driving the cars like Jenson button, Sebastian Loeb and Kristofferson. I worry that the female drivers will end up looking quite bad in comparison.

    I have nothing against women drivers, but they are relatively unknown compared to the guys who are champions from the top flights of Motorsport.

    Just doesn’t seem fair.

    1. Extreme E – W series?

    2. I mean, the whole problem of this series is that it REQUIRES one female driver. By definition these female drivers won’t be there on merit.

  9. It’s the sun.

  10. Look for Lewis Hamilton to race in this series after he fails to sign a new contract with Mercedes.

  11. I’m looking forward to checking it out, the racing, the mixed teams and to see what solutions they come up with to minimise their footprint – perhaps elements might be transferable to F1.

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