Giuliano Alesi, Ferrari, Fiorano, 2021

Pictures: Alesi and Armstrong make F1 test debuts for Ferrari

2021 F1 season

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Ferrari’s junior drivers Giuliano Alesi and Marcus Armstrong had their first opportunities to drive an F1 car today as the team began a four-day test at its Fiorano circuit.

The team is using the SF71H chassis it raced during the 2018 season for the test at its private track.

Alesi’s car sported number 28, which his father Jean Alesi raced during his first season with the team in 1991, before switching to the number 27 he used for his remaining four years as a Ferrari driver. He was joined by Armstrong, who used number nine, which will be raced this year by Nikita Mazepin.

Their fellow FDA member Robert Shwartzman, who made his F1 test debut with Ferrari at Yas Marina last month, also drove the car later in the day.

Later this week new Ferrari signing Carlos Sainz Jnr will have his first test for the team. Charles Leclerc is also due to drive, as are Mick Schumacher and Callum Ilott.

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Pictures: Ferrari test at Fiorano

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5 comments on “Pictures: Alesi and Armstrong make F1 test debuts for Ferrari”

  1. Surprised to see him there – Alesi Sr’s funding has dried up and to my knowledge he’s not in F2 next year???

    One final evaluation or token inclusion as a respectful gift to Jean??? Not sure.

    Nice to see those Alesi eyes in the scarlet cockpit though. Right in the feels!

    1. Hard to tell atm. Maybe ferrari put him in the academy when they saw his funding dry up?

      1. Several articles from early November said he was fired from the Academy. Feels like a goodwill gesture because his results are marginal.

  2. So this is what a Young Driver Test Program is supposed to look like.
    Maybe someone at the FIA should check this out.
    Kudos to Ferrari for getting it done.

  3. Will laptimes be made public?

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