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Red Bull join project to develop hydrogen-powered car for Le Mans 2024

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In the round-up: Red Bull will use its Formula 1 know-how to help develop hydrogen-powered cars which will race at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

What they say

Will Power, Penske, IndyCar Aeroscreen test, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 2019
Red Bull developed IndyCar’s Aeroscreen
Red Bull Advanced Technologies, its research division which previously worked on the Aeroscreen introduced to IndyCar racing last year, is turning its attention to a new cutting-edge project for the Le Mans 24 Hours. The race will feature a new category for hydrogen-powered racers from 2024.

The Automobile Club de l’Ouest selected Red Bull to collaborate on the chassis concept for the cars with ORECA and hydrogen fuel tank supplier Plastic Omnium.

“Red Bull Advanced Technologies are well equipped to take on the challenge set by the ACO having access to many of the tools used to design and develop the Red Bull Racing F1 car, along with significant experience on other cutting edge vehicle programs,” said Red Bull team principal Christian Horner. “The Hydrogen class at Le Mans offers an exciting glimpse into the future of sustainable motorsport and promises both to advance the use of hydrogen in transportation, and also deliver exciting racing.”

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Comment of the day

Who will partner Sauber’s young hot-shot Theo Pourchaire at ART in Formula 2?

I hope to heck that his teammate isn’t Lundgaard. ART have shown a complete inability to run two drivers in F2 in recent years, leading to some lopsided margins between teammates (Aitken in 2018 against Russell, Mazepin in 2019 against De Vries and Armstrong last year against Lundgaard).

Pourchaire probably represents F1’s best chance of beating Verstappen’s youngest race winner record for a while, though he’ll need to earn an F1 seat for next year that’ll be good enough to give him a win by April. More realistically, he’s probably going to get a Sauber seat once the Hinwil team are free of their Ferrari/Alfa Romeo links.

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18 comments on “Red Bull join project to develop hydrogen-powered car for Le Mans 2024”

  1. Sounds like Red Bull want to have a gas at Le Mans.

    Seems more likely that Monaco will have half as many fans attend as they did last year.

    Can’t help but feel the De Niro Netflix movie will Haas a particular backstory.

  2. Some clarity needed here…Hydrogen for burning in an ICE or Hydrogen as the catalyst for electrification?

    1. The quotes from all three parties involved – the ACO, Red Bull Technologies and ORECA – give no indication how they intend to use the hydrogen to power the vehicle (I don’t mean to be harsh, but all three give quotes are very long on marketing buzzwords and utterly devoid of any technical detail).

      However, if the other hydrogen powered proposals that have been put forward for Le Mans are an indication of what to expect, then it will probably be based around a hydrogen fuel cell.

  3. F1 driver turned gateway driver? That’s so American it hurts…

    Can’t be worse than Driven, tho.

    1. @fer-no65 the whole “former race driver turned getaway driver” is certainly a very worn out trope in heist movies…

      1. And I bet you he’ll get romantically involved with the boss’ wife.

        1. I bet the cops catch him when he stops to change to mediums.

    2. The trope is a bit, “ahm, right, ok, not sure what to make of that” but somehow i feel kind of excited when they do this after having been able to follow teams a bit closer, and with Boyega being the star @fer-no65, @anon

      1. I wonder how much they will base it on reality, especially with a black actor in the lead. Will the main character be called Pewis Pamilton?

        1. Nah, off course not @aapje. He would be Hamil Lewison ;-)

          Or maybe they go with some variance on Bernie and the guys from the great train robbery @fer-no65. And yeah, I kind of expect it to be all the bad of many tries before. But then, we might end up with somethign genuinly watchable like the Lauda movie.

      2. @bascb good actors don’t make a good movie tho. Scripts do. Not only the idea seems old fashioned, it’s a completely alien environment for F1… Seems more lined to NASCAR’s origins…

        I expect it to flop.

        1. @fer-no65 late to the party, but not only an alien environment—but an utterly absurd plot. F1 drivers are pretty selfish (not in a bad way, mostly) and I just can’t imagine one giving up their seat.

  4. It’d be a shame if Boyega kept Robert De Niro waiting. And if De Niro was playing, say, a Ferrari boss, he might be talking Italian…

  5. I immediately recognized John Boyega from the more recent SW films.

  6. Stephen Higgins
    26th January 2021, 9:45

    Hugely significant if Hydrogen power can compete with, or possibly even beat, electric / hybrid power at Le Man.

    Battery-powered electric vehicles may very well become a thing of the past.

    1. Even with a fuel cell they will still need batteries on board

  7. The Indycar series should better service a platform itself so access can be available worldwide, like WEC – and unlike F1TV at the moment due to broadcasting contracts. This Peacock premium service will only satisfy a handful of audience in the US, in my opinion.

    Small typo, Pierre-Louis in Chovet in F3.

  8. This is high time to use electric vehicles. Day by day increase the popularity of electric cars. Electric cars help to reduce carbon emissions. It is increasing the ability of sustainability.

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