Carlos Sainz Jnr, Ferrari, Fiorano, 2021

Sainz drives a Ferrari F1 car for the first time at Fiorano

2021 F1 season

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Carlos Sainz Jnr has made his debut behind the wheel of a Ferrari at the team’s test track in Fiorano.

Sainz hit the track in a 2018-specification Ferrari SF71H sporting his race number 55 earlier this morning. “One of the most special moments for me today was when I arrived at the circuit and I saw the Ferrari with my number 55 on it,” he said. “I was eager to jump in the car and that first installation lap was exciting.”

Ferrari has arranged four days of running at Fiorano to give testing opportunities to Sainz, F1 team mate Charles Leclerc and an assortment of its junior drivers.

Sainz has been eager to have his first run in a Ferrari during last year’s post-season test at Yas Marina. However this was thwarted as only rookies and experienced drivers who did not compete in the 2020 championship were allowed to participate.

“I am very pleased with how the day unfolded,” said Sainz after covering over 100 laps in the SF71H. “We were able to get through an extensive programme and I was able to familiarise myself with the whole setup: the engineers and mechanics, the steering wheel, the procedures which are obviously a bit different to those on the car I drove last season.”

Sainz said he “could not have wished for a better start” to his Ferrari career. Among those on hand to witness the test were Sainz’s father, two-times World Rally champion Carlos Sainz. Leclerc also observed his new team mate’s progress, and had a seat fitting for the team’s 2021 car, which will be called SF21.

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Pictures: Sainz’s first Ferrari test

Video: Sainz’s first Ferrari test

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5 comments on “Sainz drives a Ferrari F1 car for the first time at Fiorano”

  1. The only one that will have a worse car than the one he’s testing right now.

  2. That top photo looks as if Sainz is casually smoking a cheroot while steaming around in the Ferrari.

  3. Call me sad, but one of the points of intrigue for me when a driver joins a new team is their new helmet design. And I like Sainz’s yellow with red, which meets the Ferrari and Spanish side of things. Less keen on the black crown, but otherwise a decent effort.

    Also, Sainz just looks like how a Ferrari driver should.

  4. Can someone enlighten me as to whether the costs for running this 4 day test will be included in Ferrari’s budget cap for 2021?

    Seems to me that it’s a fairly expensive way to familiarize Sainz with their car.

    1. Sainz is loaded don’t worry.

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