Leclerc drops below Vettel in final F1 2020 driver rankings


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Codemasters have issued their final driver rankings update for the official Formula 1 game F1 2020.

Having factored in the drivers’ performances over the final six races since the previous update, the definitive driver rankings for the season have been set. These determine the performance of their drivers in the game, though players can choose not to implement the update.

Lewis Hamilton retains his place on top of the rankings compared to the start of the season, though his overall score has dropped by one. Second-placed Max Verstappen has gained two points over the year.

Behind Valtteri Bottas in third place, Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel are tied in fourth place. Following updates in August and October, Charles Leclerc was previously ranked alongside them, but has been moved below his team mate in the final positions. This is despite Leclerc out-scoring Vettel by 98 to 33 in the real championship, and taking the largest share of his team’s points of any driver.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Yas Marina, 2020
Hamilton’s score fell but he keeps the top spot
Newcomer Nicholas Latifi saw the largest increase to his score over the season, gaining six points. Lando Norris and Pierre Gasly picked up five points each. Alexander Albon dropped the most, slipping four points, and falling four places to 18th in the overall ranking.

As well as their overall score, drivers are also given individual ratings for experience, race craft, awareness and pace. All are scored out of 100, and while no one driver has the maximum, Verstappen was given 99 for pace, Bottas 99 for awareness and Kimi Raikkonen 99 for experience.

The lowest individual scores are Latifi’s 51 for experience and 71 for pace, George Russell’s 69 for race craft and Albon’s 66 for awareness.

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F1 2020 Final Driver Ratings

Driver Original score Original rank August score October score Final score Final rank
Lewis Hamilton 94 1 94 93 93 1
Max Verstappen 90 =2 91 92 92 2
Valtteri Bottas 90 =2 90 90 90 3
Sebastian Vettel 89 4 88 88 88 =4
Daniel Ricciardo 87 =5 88 88 88 =4
Charles Leclerc 86 7 87 88 87 6
Sergio Perez 85 8 84 85 85 =7
Pierre Gasly 80 =10 82 84 85 =7
Kimi Raikkonen 87 =5 86 84 84 =9
Carlos Sainz 82 9 82 83 84 =9
Lando Norris 79 =14 81 82 84 =9
Esteban Ocon 80 =10 80 80 81 12
Romain Grosjean 80 =10 80 81 80 13
Daniil Kvyat 80 =10 79 79 79 =14
George Russell 75 18 76 78 79 =14
Lance Stroll 78 =16 79 79 78 =16
Kevin Magnussen 78 =16 78 78 78 =16
Alexander Albon 79 =14 77 75 75 18
Antonio Giovinazzi 73 19 72 72 71 19
Nicholas Latifi 64 20 62 69 70 20

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    13 comments on “Leclerc drops below Vettel in final F1 2020 driver rankings”

    1. All about marketing.

      1. That is a valid point. How true? I don’t know. Many car makers don’t want their cars to brake down in games and I think Ferrari will mind at least a bit that if their cars are finishing races in 13th and 15th in the official game.

    2. They still need to make the Ferrari slower. I just finished season 1 of my career mode, and Ferrari came second in the constructors’ championship, with Vettel 4th and Leclerc 5th, even including the car speed updates.

      1. @f1frog Ferrari indeed has been unrealistically competitive in the game compared to RL. Even Alfa Romeo on occasions, and I’ve got an example of this: Before last year’s Monza race, I did 100% on the same track as Giovinazzi and finished 4th. Re Ferrari, I’ve done a max distance race as VET and LEC and finished 1st and 3rd, respectively. I’ve also won as Albon, though.

      2. @f1frog I was doing a race last night at Interlagos, Leclerc was P2… Not even joking I thought for a moment I launched F1 2019 by accident.

    3. So what? Even this site ranked Leclerc lower than Sainz for 2019, even if he had stormed to poles and wins in his new team, while Carlos was struggling with a rookie.

      People just can’t help showing their favorites even if they shouldn’t.

      1. A bit like you then I suppose…

    4. Romain Grosjean above George Russel…after last six races…lol

    5. Those driver scores are complete nonsense IMO

    6. This doesn’t matter anymore.

    7. Very realistic, like the game itself. I suspect their whole balance is off (related to car vs driver performance), so they need to keep Bottas up in order to keep both Mercedes on top etc. Game industry is huge, much bigger than F1 itself, yet they can’t get serious with their extremely shallow designs. Who knows, maybe nobody from that crew is ever watching races, so they base everything on final standings; I wouldn’t be surprised…

    8. Sergey Martyn
      29th January 2021, 18:37

      Votes cast in the names of deceased people sent by mail – long live rating US style!

    9. Lol, yet another part of F1 game that is somewhat not based on reality.

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