Carlos Sainz Jnr, Ferrari, Fiorano, 2021

‘I’m sure Ferrari will eventually return to winning ways’ – Sainz

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In the round-up: New Ferrari signing Carlos Sainz Jnr expects the team to rebound after its poor 2020 campaign but admits it may take a while.

What they say

Ferrari scored its worst result for 40 years last season, but Sainz says their track record shows they can return to the top again:

Every single team goes through difficult moments at some point, it’s part of Formula 1.

What really matters is the ability to bounce back. History shows that teams that won in the past are capable of being competitive once again. Ferrari is the most successful team in the history of our sport and there is a reason behind that. If there is a team on the grid that can fight back to the top, it is Ferrari.

I have full confidence in the project and, even though the process might take some time, I’m sure the team will eventually return to its winning ways. What you can be sure of is that I will give my absolute best to help shorten that process as much as possible.

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Comment of the day

Have McLaren been hard done by with the postponement of the 2021 technical regulations by a year and restrictions on development for this season?

I can’t help but feel that McLaren are very unlucky this season.

Bringing onboard the Mercedes engine should’ve given them a chance to challenge Red Bull as the 2nd best team but the regulation freeze will mean almost zero development of their car over the course of the season. How is that fair?

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18 comments on “‘I’m sure Ferrari will eventually return to winning ways’ – Sainz”

  1. In regard to the COTD I think McLaren may still be able to take the fight to RB more often than not. They are definitely in the ascendancy while RB seem to have been holding station comparatively to Mercedes.

    1. @johnrkh as much as I’m hoping they can, I kinda feel the opposite.

      To manage a change of PU from Renault to Merc with limited development essentially means they get 1shot to get it right with no opportunity to redevelop anything if it’s not spot on first time.

      My fear is that they might actually be among the tail end group and be forced to accept that until 2022.

      1. You never know… the last time I recall this happening where there was a change of engine to Mercedes, and very limited upgrades throughout the season was 2009 and the Brawn.

        If McLaren do a Brawn it would make me very happy. But I’m not holding my breath!

        1. @Mr Dan Apples to oranges comparison as that happened in the V8 era and changing a manufacturer in the previous engine era was considerably easier than in the current V6 turbo hybrid era.

          1. But the apples have much more time and budget than the oranges.

            And indeed the cooling of the current PU is more complex, but I recall that the standardisation of mounting points only came afterwards. Thus not sure which way the complexity coin falls.

          2. @coldfly there was standardisation of the mounting points for the V8 engines, but the ancillary components, such as the oil pumps, were not standardised.

            In the case of Brawn, that did actually present some issues for them, as Honda’s engine had different locations for some of the ancillary components. If I recall well, the bellhousing had to be redesigned because it clashed with some of the ancillaries on the Mercedes engine, whilst they also had to fit a spacer to fit it to the back of the chassis because of differences in the position of the oil pump and ancillary oil tank (which Honda mounted at the front of the engine, making their engine a longer unit overall when compared to the Mercedes engine).

            As to the wider question of development, James Key has indicated that there have been a number of further changes – the change in engine has also resulted in a change in the gearbox casing, which in turn has resulted in the slightly modifying the rear suspension layout as well.

            That said, as you have noted, McLaren have also indicated that they did introduce some components in 2020 with the intention of homologating them for use in 2021. That, in turn, might offset some of those development issues, so it may be that McLaren ultimately ends up in not too dissimilar a position to where they are now – I do not think it that likely that they’ll close the gap to Red Bull, but although there may be some compromises, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still reasonably competitive in the midfield battle.

      2. I actually believe the delay of 2021 rules is a benefit to McLaren. They may struggle a little this year, but let’s be honest, regardless of the PU they, 3rd is the best they can hope to achieve, whereas getting a handle on the Merc PU this year will be invaluable learning they can use for ‘22 when there really is a possibility they could challenge for wins

        Besides, If you take a look at the homologation rules for 2020/21 (from page 99) many people think the ‘21 cars are carry-overs but that’s note true, especially in the case of McLaren. The rules are actually a lot less prescriptive than many people think, still allowing for plenty of scope for change & development

        Most of what teams would usually update throughout the course of a season are not restricted at all, including all external surfaces, wings, diffuser & brake ducts,

        What was restricted is the tub it’s self, crash structures, brakes and internal suspension workings & what you don’t see under the engine cover, however most of which McLaren have been allowed to alter to accommodate the Merc PU

        This includes the gear box, cooling, hydraulics, wiring looms

        Its true a complete re-design would have produced a better car, but that’s true for all teams regardless of a change of PU

        You should look at it as thought the McLaren will be a new car, just one that has been designed within a more rigid set of technical regulations

    2. @johnrkh I don’t think so. RB is too far away for Mclaren to challenge them on pure pace. The sentiment of
      @dbradock seems more realistic. Aston Martin and Alpine are the direct competitors (and Ferrari depending on their performance), not RB.

  2. Fanatec has enough problems with warranties to start selling cheepos.

  3. Lovely article about Adrian Campos.

    And yeah, I think that IF Zandvoort goes ahead, it will be at best with a “symbolic” crowd to fill the main grandstand.

  4. But Hartley made his move to F1 under the Super License points system in place from 2016 onwards, or does King mean that it changed somewhat to make his late-2017 debut harder to achieve again?

    How did someone manage to steal those two cars? They were indoors behind locked doors rather than outdoors, right?

    1. Not exactly sure about any changes in that points system @jerejj.

      As for the cars – simply drive up with a trailer, break open the garage doors, load the cars, stick them in a container and off they go before the police even start looking. Alternatively, they are hidden in those containers in a container yard or in a garage somewhere. This looks like almost certainly an organised job on order from say someone in the middle east, russia etc.

      If not, you just take off the lights, do a quick repaint. Or you could just strip all the parts, but I think these cars are more worth for a collector.

  5. I think Merhi is really bored.

  6. Jordan King + return to F1 !
    He was a test driver at Manor in 2016, he never competed in a single official second in F1. How could he make a return ?

    Plus, my handicapped aunt’s bespoke car has been stolen last week with an estimated value of €25,000, though it’s a Renault Kangoo.
    Would you please link it in the next round-up.

    1. Plus, my handicapped aunt’s bespoke car has been stolen last week with an estimated value of €25,000, though it’s a Renault Kangoo.
      Would you please link it in the next round-up.

      Sorry to hear that, I hope she will have her car back soon or a new adjusted car, @jeff1s.
      And agree with you: Renault is at least competing in F1 as apposed to BMW.

      1. Thanks. I guess she’ll never find it back, but she rented one terrible Teepee for the moment.

        Obviously @coldfly, I wouldn’t have mentioned it, if it was a Peugeot Teepee! (voice of Jeremy Clarkson to say that car name)

  7. As much as I rate Leclerc, it feels like the Alesi-Berger period again at Ferrari. Hope not.

  8. Also Ferrari should do something about that color. It rather looks more like they are in the rescuing services than in an ancient racing outfit. People liked the burgundy for the 1000th anniversary race, so somewhere in between is for sure a more fitting color IMO.

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