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A new, officially-sanctioned documentary on the life of Michael Schumacher has been completed but its release date is yet to be confirmed.

“Schumacher”, which is being produced with the approval of his family by a company run by his former manager Sabine Kehm, was said to be in the final stages of production in May 2019. It will feature new interviews with Schumacher’s wife Corinna and their children, filmed since the seven-times world champion suffered serious brain injuries in his December 2013 skiing crash.

The German newspaper Express this week quoted the film’s director Vanessa Noecker saying that although the documentary was complete, a release date could not be confirmed due to the disruption caused by Covid-19. The widespread closure of cinemas has led to studios delaying the releases of many films.

Kehm told the newspaper the documentary “is intended to give a portrait of Michael’s incomparable career, but also the many facets of a complicated man” including “the daredevil Formula 1 driver, the ambitious sportsman, the accomplished mechanic with a unique technical instinct, and loving father.”

Schumacher’s son Mick will make his debut as a Formula 1 driver in the Bahrain Grand Prix in March.

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12 comments on “New Schumacher film complete but no release date set”

  1. Let’s hope it’s better than the disappointing Senna film

    1. Yeah, that movie made me vomit in my mouth a few times. Hopefully this one won’t be as messianic.

  2. “Schumacher’s son Mick will make his debut as a Formula 1 driver in the Bahrain Grand Prix in March.”?

    1. Australia will not open the season. It will be later in the year (hopefully, not sure if it has been re-scheduled or not)

      1. @waptraveler It has been rescheduled for November 21.

        1. Thanks! Just went to the F1 site a few minutes ago to check the schedule and saw that.

  3. Trying to figure how many people from current field who will race against Mick this year in f1 have also races against his father back in the day but too lazy to fact check. Has to be 4 at least. Anybody has the correct answer?

    1. Let’s see… Alonso and Raikkonen would be the only 2 if “back in day” means a competitive Schumacher in a Ferrari. I guess we’d add Perez, Ricciardo, Hamilton and Vettel if including his 2010-12 stint.

      1. Jonathan Parkin
        31st January 2021, 9:36

        Alonso and Raikkonen also raced against Ralf too

        1. As did Hamilton and Vettel (for half a season) in 2007

          1. Thanks both, meant including ’10-12 also. Knew Alo Rai for sure from competitive years, Hamilton and Vettel from Merc spell but wasn’t sure about the rest. Insane to think that in a competitive sport like F1 6 drivers were racing against both Michael and his son Mick (4 of them also against his brother Ralf!)

          2. Yes, I was surprised by ricciardo, I got 5 of those right but I thought he had started after schumacher had already retired.

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