Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri, Istanbul Park, 2020

Gasly self-isolating after testing positive for Covid-19

2021 F1 season

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Pierre Gasly is self-isolating after testing positive for Covid-19.

The AlphaTauri driver, who has been training in Dubai, is the sixth Formula 1 racer to contract the coronavirus.

“I wanted to let you know that I tested positive for Covid-19,” he confirmed on social media. “I have told everyone I’ve been in contact with during these last days.

“I’m current self-isolating and following the protocol set by the local health authorities. I’m feeling okay, and will continue to follow my training plan from home while I remain in isolation.

Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll missed races last season after catching Covid-19. Gasly is the third driver to contract it during the off-season, following Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc.

Notable positive Covid-19 cases in F1

18/03/2020One team memberMcLaren
30/07/2020Sergio PerezRacing PointMissed British and 70th Anniversary grands prix
08/10/2020Six team membersMercedes
13/10/2020Two team membersRenault
21/10/2020Lawrence StrollRacing Point
21/10/2020Lance StrollRacing PointMissed Eifel Grand Prix
30/10/2020Four team membersRacing Point
11/11/2020Simon RobertsWilliams
16/11/2020Mario IsolaPirelli
26/11/2020Jonathan WheatleyRed Bull
1/12/2020Lewis HamiltonMercedesMissed Sakhir Grand Prix
5/1/2021Lando NorrisMcLaren
13/1/2021Charles LeclercFerrari
25/1/2021Toto WolffMercedes
31/1/2021Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri

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18 comments on “Gasly self-isolating after testing positive for Covid-19”

  1. Why if it isn’t the consequences of my actions

  2. Who will be the next one? I’m thinking Verstappen or Schumacher jr.

    1. Surprised Max alreadly hasn’t it tbh, Been jetting off to high covid infected Brazil & constantly partying with his new GF (Kyvatt’s ex) & her mates on yatchs etc.

  3. This is wrong. It’s like they followed Marko’s suggestion to get infected during hiatus. I prefer they get it during season and create great drama.

    1. I prefer they get it during season and create great drama.

      This is wrong

  4. How is this still a news in 2021? Call me when somebody has to be taken to hospital, like Fausto Gresini from MotoGP paddock. Otherwise it’s just a flu, so who cares?

    1. Are you insane this is not a flu, take you hero Lewis it it was just a flu why was he so beat after the race if he had only flu symptones he would be 100% but he wasn’t Covid destroy your body! even the most healthy ones.

    2. Otherwise it’s just a flu, so who cares?

      Amazing that there are still ‘Armchair Illeterates’ thinking “it’s just a flu”.
      Just a quick chat with a person who works in a hospital in an affected area can quickly reduce your lack of expertise.

      1. @macleod I see him training at over 3000 metres altitude, so covid DESTROYED HIS BODY indeed.

        @coldfly We are on motorsports website, so I’m not talking about non-motorsports people and their fate, as that’s a completely different story altogether. Let’s have a quick chat then about Lawrence Stroll, Simon Roberts, Mario Isola, Jonathan Wheatley, Toto Wolff, Alejandro Agag or Dilbagh Gill. See, I made it harder for myself not picking drivers, who are in supreme shape and fitness, but older individuals. Answer me, what happened to people I mentioned, were they hospitalised? Are they dead? Or is it just a flu and they were back to work after few weeks? Gasly testing positive is not worth a story at all, just like Perez, Stroll, Leclerc, Norris and Hamilton before.

        1. It is news worthy. This is a motorsport website and covid is the most covered story in news currently. If Gasly suddenly became unwell and was hospitalised and the sports press hadn’t reported his case we’d all be saying “why didn’t we know”?

        2. Or is it just a flu and they were back to work after few weeks?

          Only the stubborn and ignorant still claim “is it just a flu”, @armchairexpert.
          Indeed healthy younger people have a significant smaller chance to die or having long lasting health consequences (but we need a lot more research in that area).
          But those same people ar just as infectious (and probably more socially mingling) causing the current pandemic to stay strong and deadly.

          Think of of it like this: Statistically (based on the current spread – R number – and mortality rates) the few people you listed are causing on average an additional COVID-19 death every 2 months.
          And people who need hospitalisation and/or have a lasting health impact is a multiple of that.

        3. Wy do you think Lewis is training in the high mountains is to restore his health back to top.
          When he is at sealevel he will have more air and more energy.

          But it seems you don’t know anyone in your circle how got the disease otherwise you would talk difference.

          1. Yeah Lewis had it worse but I think he was fine other than general muscle/weight loss. Many young people had lung issues for months so he’s lucky. He’s always trained in high mountains in Colorado where he mainly lives in the off season since 2010/2011 tbh so he always does that.

  5. How surprising. The irony is that I fully predicted this because he’d been to Dubai. He didn’t get the memo and instead fell into the same trap as Leclerc and Norris, i.e., did ‘non-essential’ travel under the circumstances. Leclerc’s and Norris’ cases should’ve been a warning sign to him to avoid going where he did, but he still was foolish enough to fall into the same trap as them. Yes, the UAE (or Gulf Region in general) is warmer than Europe (even Southern) at this time of year. Training is possible also indoors, and Southern Europe is decent enough anyway for outdoor activities. Not all drivers travel there in off-seasons, so the training thing is a somewhat poor excuse.

    1. I just got out of hospital with covid-19. It is not just a flu. It destroy your whole body. Pierre should not train at all. If you have a opinion on covid-19 you should only give it once you survive it.

      1. I ‘survived’ it so presumably my experience is also valid? Mild symptoms for 2-3 days, able to resume full training within 7 days.

        To be clear, I do NOT think this is “just a flu”, and I am glad you have recovered, but please don’t assume your experience applies to everyone. Both sides of this debate have spent the last year whipping up unnecessary hysteria and panic, and it doesn’t help anyone.

  6. He should use his “Get Out Of Jail” card.

  7. Get well soon Gasly, were cheering for you!

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