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Correa to return from injury in Formula 3 with ART

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Juan Manuel Correa, who suffered serious leg injuries in the 2019 crash which claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert at Spa-Francorchamps, will make his return to single-seater racing this year.

His injuries were so severe the doctors gave him the option of amputating his right leg. Having undergone multiple surgical procedures, Correa says he is now ready to return to racing.

The former Formula 2 driver will participate in Formula 3 with ART, the team has announced. “I’m extremely happy to be back after what I’ve been through,” said Correa.

“I am super thankful to ART Grand Prix. It means a lot to me that they’re believing in me and my comeback.”

He is stepping down to Formula 3 in what he describes as a “transition year”. The American driver, who raced for Charouz in 2019, said “my dream is still to reach F1 and this is the first step in my comeback.”

“My targets are a bit ahead of myself, because I still have to do a lot,” said Correa. “I have not driven a car for a year and a half and there is a big learning curve ahead.

“I’m entering this season with an open mind, I won’t put pressure on myself, I will do my best, I will do what I love and that’s already a victory.”

The Formula 3 season begins at the Circuit de Catalunya in May. Correa’s team mates at ART will be Aleksandr Smolyar and recently-announced Mercedes junior driver Frederik Vesti.

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13 comments on “Correa to return from injury in Formula 3 with ART”

  1. Isn’t it extremely irresponsible to allow his comeback to racing, knowing how badly damaged his leg was and still is? Another similar accident and it’s a guaranteed amputation at the very least. I thought safety was paramount to FIA and now they let a driver to risk his health? Just look at it –

    1. Hopefully now link to x-ray of his foot works – https://i.redd.it/nvk9hy087yq51.jpg

    2. @armchairexpert I mean, he’s racing for an experienced junior outfit and the FIA single seater commission have stringent fitness and health protocols, so I guess it’s unlikely they all missed something big. Also Billy Monger raced in F3 and other categories after his injuries, and he’s a double-amputee.

    3. @armchairexpert It’s his life, his leg and his career. It’s not up to the FIA to decide what he can and can’t do, as long as his injuries are not going to cause him to be a danger to others – which I’m sure they won’t. As for the danger to himself – he knows better than anyone how dangerous it can be, but it’s his choice. If the FIA starts telling people they can’t race due to risk of injury then that’s the beginning of the end of motorsport.

    4. That was a year and a half ago, he is off the cage now and f3 begins in May. He had the leg reconstructed, more worried about the nerve damage.
      Look at Marquez, a single break can derail if your medical care is negligent. They rushed it pinned it to recover quicker, plate broke, they re did it, got infected and now he might miss early 2021.

    5. Looking at Both of Legs they are mostly healed but could be a bit stronger (braking is hard even at F2-F3) but he has a few months to get some mussle on those legs.

  2. Good for him.
    Any new news on Alex Zanardi?

    1. @qeki
      Most recent news that had been reported in Italy is that he had been awakened from coma and was able to communicate with his family. According to some sources, he actually could speak.

      1. That is great to hear as news is scarce about him! Lets hope he will recover enough to enjoy life.

  3. You have to love a good comeback story. I can’t imagine the amount of physical and mental work it must’ve taken for Correa to get back in that car. Well done to him and everyone involved in that process.

  4. Juan Manuel, I hope you get to read this: more power to you to get back to racing!
    This is a courageous decision. I am glad you are staying true to your dreams and goals.
    Much success!

    1. Wholesome comment!

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