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Williams to reveal FW43B on March 5th

2021 F1 season

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Williams has named its new car for the 2021 F1 season the FW43B, and will reveal it on March 5th.

The car will appear for the first time one week before pre-season testing begins at Bahrain International Circuit.

The FW43B will be the first car launch by the team since its sale to new owners Dorilton last year. Williams has slumped in recent seasons: It finished last in the championship for the previous three years running, and failed to score a point last year.

George Russell and Nicholas Latifi have been retained to drive the car. The team will continue to use Mercedes power, as it has done since 2014. Roy Nissany, the team’s test driver, will drive the car on one day in Bahrain and take part in three first practice sessions for Williams.

The team recently confirmed it will begin using Mercedes transmissions in 2022, meaning the FW43B will be its last car to feature a Williams-designed gearbox.

None of Williams’ rivals have announced a later launch date for their new cars so far. However some teams are expected to uncover their new machines for the first time on the eve of testing in Bahrain.

2021 Formula 1 car launches confirmed so far

  • February 15th: McLaren M35M
  • February 19th: AlphaTauri AT02
  • February 22nd: Alfa Romeo C41
  • March 3rd: Mercedes W12
  • March 5th: Williams FW43B

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2021 F1 season

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8 comments on “Williams to reveal FW43B on March 5th”

  1. Turning Crystal Ball on for this one.

    They’ll close the gap significantly this year. Q2 type. The closer collaboration with Mercedes (or Wolff if you prefer) will shorten the path.

    1. They might close the gap a little, but I think they’ll likely make less improvements on the chassis than Ferrari customer teams will make on the PU. Won’t be surprised to see Russell make Q2 fairly often, but I’ll be very surprised if they manage more than a handful of points during the season.

  2. I’m not for calling it FW -anything anymore. That era is over

    1. Nah, it’s a nod to the heritage. I like it. By your logic, why retain the Williams name?

    2. @uneedafinn2win By that logic Alfa shouldn’t use C on their cars anymore, since it was names after Christine Sauber, wife of Peter who’s no longer associated with the team.

      1. The difference is the team (chassis) is still produced by Sauber, Alfa just buys the naming rights…for now. Williams as we knew it was sold lock stock and barrel

    3. Pedro Andrade
      5th February 2021, 15:53

      By that reasoning Ferrari shouldn’t be Ferrari as well, since they’re owned by Fiat and not the Ferrari family. Ditto for McLaren.

      1. Well, Mr. Karl Benz and Mrs. Mercedes Jellinek are long gone, so…

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