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Portuguese Grand Prix expected to complete 2021 F1 calendar – FIA

2021 F1 calendar

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The 2021 F1 calendar is to be completed by the addition of the Portuguese Grand Prix in its previously vacant May 2nd slot, the FIA has indicated.

Formula 1 is pursuing a return to the Autodromo do Algarve for the third round of the championship, the venue of which was previously listed as “to be confirmed”.

The championship is yet to agree terms with the promoter. The venue near Portimao was built in 2008 and held its first Formula 1 grand prix last year.

Formula 1 intends to hold a record 23 races during its 2021 season, despite the global pandemic continuing to cause disruption. It has already postponed the Australian Grand Prix, which was due to open the new season, to November, and China’s round has been removed from the calendar for the second year in a row.

The FIA said the series’ record last season, when it held a reduced schedule of 17 races, showed the plan is feasible.

“Robust Covid-19 protocols enabled Formula 1 to run 17 events in 2020 and will enable us to run a world championship again in 2021,” it said. “While changing circumstances may require flexibility, the FIA and Formula 1 are working at all levels from government to local organisation to ensure that the calendar goes ahead as planned.”

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2021 F1 season

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6 comments on “Portuguese Grand Prix expected to complete 2021 F1 calendar – FIA”

  1. Interesting but rather risky call considering Portugal is one of few Europeans countries to be on the UK red travel ban list….It says a lot when UK bans a country. 2nd May in grand scheme of things really isn’t that far off. Is this really a possibility gven the ressurangce of COVID in Portugal & particularly that of the more worrisome mutation from Brazil/South Africa/UK? With the slow roll out of the vaccine in the EU it doesn’t look very promising on that front either, Although I imagine the Portuguese like the Spanish who are heavily reliant on tourism will be willing to drop all standards to allow F1 to roll through. I like Portugal & hope it goes ahead, but whats the plan if it can’t? Bahrain outer again cause that would look silly having already left the track in March.

    1. @isthatglock21 More likely another race in Montmelo as a possible 11th-hour replacement. For sure, not two races in Bahrain if the Portuguese GP were to face cancellation at some point in April.

  2. What do you mean ‘its’? May 2 hasn’t been any track’s thus far but marked as TBC since the previous race schedule updates about a month ago. Yes, it’ll become Algarve’s with a 99% probability, but not just yet official.
    I’m perfectly okay with the Algarve circuit getting another chance like Imola. The country’s recently worsened situation made me somewhat skeptical about the viability of holding the event before the eventual outcome became more apparent.

    1. And that’s the reason why it hasn’t been confirmed. For it to go ahead the promoter need to sell tickets or to have founding from the government

      Considering the delay my guess is that the government (who spoke quite badly about the organisation las year) doesn’t want to spend money. And so they are waiting to see how the sotuation develops in order to sell tickets. Which lets face it, is a bit nonsense considering the situation

  3. You guys were ticked yesterday too right? Your source was a Portuguese newspaper?

    Yeah, I know the feeling.

    This is yet to ve confirmed, and the most important par is still missing, the agreement with the promoter

  4. Oh dear, truth hurts hmmm? 🤔

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