George Russell, Williams FW43B shakedown, Silverstone, 2021

Williams shakes down new FW43B at Silverstone

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Williams’s new car for the 2021 F1 season has run for the first time.

The team shared footage on social media of its new car running at Silverstone, one day after McLaren’s new car had its first run at the track.

The video showed Nicholas Latifi watching a dark-liveried car lapping the circuit in the rain. He and team mate George Russell were shown at the wheel of the car in pictures issued by the team.

Williams is seeking an upturn in form after after finishing last in the championship for the past three seasons in a row. The team was sold by the founding Williams family to new owners Dorilton last season. It is due to reveal the FW43B on March 5th.

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Pictures: Williams FW43B shakedown at Silverstone

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11 comments on “Williams shakes down new FW43B at Silverstone”

  1. At least now their car is running before testing

    1. Now let’s hope that is it is not because they just didn’t develop last year’s dog of a car.

  2. No single pic of a car?

    1. Yeah they certainly were teasing. Closest was that blurry rainy shot of the car coming onto the straight. I’d guess livery is/was back to Williams dark blue with white accents, but that’s it.

      1. Shot: frames of video they posted online I mean

      2. Perhaps just a testing livery like they used to run back in 2007-2011?

    2. You can find a short snippet on their Twitter – there’s a shot of Latifi watching the track from the pitwall, the car breezes past. It’s really blurred and nothing can be really seen, but it seems it’s got a dark blue livery. Since the teams never shoot their cars on filming days in interim livery, I would say it would be permanent. A welcome change, if you ask me, because last year’s had been absolutely stunning until Rokit left. The white and blue combination which made the whole season was really bland and unimaginative.

  3. Shame that a driver of Russell’s ability is in a Williams and not a Merc.

    Makes a mockery of this season knowing that Hamilton is up against a driver that is slower than the substitute driver.

  4. on twitter they pointed onto a new sponsor, circa 1hour ago …

  5. Not that it is a bad thing, just a disappointing.
    Clearly they are either trying to hide something specific or just not ready to reveal the car for some reason.
    Could be sponsor related or technical. The latter would be really interesting.
    Hopefully the Photo Op day went well and they got something worth while out of it.
    Good to see (Heh … that’s a stretch) that they have the new car running. In itself, really good news.

  6. Williams still lacking confidence. Meanwhile, McLaren are back! Their car looks like it’s on rails.

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