Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri AT02 livery launch, 2021

Gasly expects more “great things” from AlphaTauri in 2021 after breakthrough win

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Pierre Gasly says AlphaTauri can build on its successful 2020 campaign, which included a shock win at Monza, with their latest F1 car which was revealed today.

The new AT02 is an evolution of last year’s car which Gasly took to victory in the Italian Grand Prix. Gasly, who returned to the team from Red Bull in the middle of 2019, said he benefited from the continuity of remaining at the same outfit last year.

“I put my good results last year down to being more experienced, as it was my third season in F1 and also the first time I had stayed for a second full season with the same team,” he said.

“I’d say it was mainly the continuity from 2019 that paid off, working with the same engineers, having a better understanding of what we are doing. As a team we all succeeded in exploiting the experiences from the previous two years.

“I’m always hungry for more so I’m sure we can achieve great things also in 2021.”

AlphaTauri AT02 and AT01
Interactive: Compare the new AlphaTauri AT02 with last year’s car
Despite contracting Covid-19 last month, which he recovered from quickly, Gasly said he is in good shape for the new season.

“After spending some time with my family, especially for Christmas, I went with my coach to Dubai. I did the same last year and it worked really well, I felt really fit, so I adopted the same plan this time. In Dubai there are amazing training facilities and the weather is ideal for some outdoor exercise and I could push myself quite hard.

“Unfortunately, I tested positive for Covid at the end of January but luckily, I felt good, so I could continue training in my apartment. A slight cough for a couple of days did not stop me, I wasn’t tired at all, so I could go on with my training programme. I didn’t miss anything and I’m ready for the new season.”

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6 comments on “Gasly expects more “great things” from AlphaTauri in 2021 after breakthrough win”

  1. Perpective, Gas. It was a fluke.

    1. From my perspective, it looks like you didn’t even read the article and/or don’t understand editorialized headlines.

    2. Try changing my mind about the atrocious Red Bull/AlphaTauri toxic environment, punk.

  2. I hope for another decent season for him and that he’d get to move forward in his F1 career to a bigger team, be it a repromotion to Red Bull Racing or another one. He’s too good for Alpha Tauri (like Russell is for Williams), so eventually, he needs to move on so that he’d have a chance to achieve even greater things.
    On a more secondary side note, Dubai isn’t the only place with ideal weather in the Northern Hemisphere winter. (The entirety of the Arabian Peninsula. Places closer to Europe like Egypt too). On a funnier note in Jeremy Clarkson’s words: ”What’s the matter with somewhere like Egypt?”
    I understand the preference the three (Gasly, Leclerc, and Norris) might have for warmer and consistent climatic conditions, but still voluntary non-essential back-and-forth travel to some extent for people who already do a lot of air travelling. Also to the Gulf region for the annual F1 events in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Jeddah from this year. Around the middle of last month was when the positive test became public, although he stayed there past the isolation phase. I wasn’t aware of him being there last year, though. I knew Leclerc and Norris had been there in last year’s January too, but not about him.

  3. Well, the last time TR won in 2008 with Vettel, it didn’t push them to greater strides. They have remained in the same position for 12 years, a semi competitive rearmidfield team.

    And it shouldn’t be more since the team is there to train and familiarize youngsters with F1.

  4. I expect him to get out of AlphaTauri for another team. He would feel better.

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