One comment on “Turn 10, Circuit de Catalunya, 2021”

  1. Was this done to improve the rhythm of the corner?
    I have wondered about the benefit of the chicane just before returning to the main-straight. That oddness to this circuit is this awful attempt too slow cars by having to utilize such a left right design to suppress speed.
    So why not resolve both issues? Build something that reflects the value of this place. Year after year new circuits are offered up like hot cakes. Yet this oldsville race track that is 80% great already, still returns race after race with only a couple of needed improvement ideas.
    So is there any news of “fixing” the rest of the Catalunya circuit?? What is known by race fans about the rest of the work needed to replace that final chicane?
    Often on this site many of the contributors have better access than by themselves. So who knows what else is going on at the big C????

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