Sergio Perez, Red Bull RB15, Silverstone, 2021

Pictures: Perez makes track debut for Red Bull at Silverstone

2021 F1 season

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Sergio Perez has got behind the wheel of a Red Bull for the first time in a filming day at Silverstone.

The team’s new driver for the 2021 F1 season drove a 2019-specification RB15 at Silverstone today. The team presented the first images of its new RB16B this morning.

“It’s been an amazing day, my first day with Red Bull Racing,” said Perez. “To look at my name on the car is something very special, something that it’s definitely a dream come true.

“I have to say that I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made in terms of feeling a bit more comfortable. Obviously, I’ve been driving in a car for seven years, in a cockpit, in a seat with certain pedals. So the position itself, it’s quite a challenge to to get on top of. We’re working working hard and we made definitely good steps in that. And I have to say that for the first day, I felt very comfortable.”

By running Perez a run in an older car Red Bull can prepare him for his first test in their 2021 machine without eating into their limited allocation of testing days.

“We’ve done a lot of preparation,” he said. “So many days in the simulator, in the factory with the controls getting on top of everything.

“I have to say that I’m very pleased with how my first day went because I was on top of all the procedures, improving and learning from them. But I think the preparation that we did up to this test day has been good. It’s been very helpful to have this first day with the team.”

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Pictures: Sergio Perez drives a Red Bull for the first time

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2021 F1 season

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20 comments on “Pictures: Perez makes track debut for Red Bull at Silverstone”

  1. The Honda text stands out the most in the top image, making it look somewhat neat.
    I also like the helmet design.

  2. I bet that RedBull is way better car than what he is normally used to driving. The things he can do with such a weapon.

    1. I seriously doubt that. Last year’s Racing Point was the third quickest car at the majority of the season. And it must have been much stable to drive than the twitchy Red Bull. Drivers like Gasly, Albon and Vettel show that many drivers struggle in a car that is unstable, even though it is faster on paper.

    2. As with @matthijs said, a car can be fast when driven to the maximum. However, if the car does not suit the characteristics to the driver handling it, it makes it difficult and tricky to contain. The Racing Point car last year may actually be better to drive than the RB16, maybe… maybe… considering that the car was based off the W10 in 2019, which was the best handling car in 2019 amongst the ones on the grid. Let’s just hope Perez can do something out of it, and not end up like Gasly or Albon. Those pedals could also be an issue for him…

  3. Exciting, it is very encouraging to see Checo riding a Red Bull, it makes one hope that Checo and Max can fight Mercedes, it would be a great season if that happened.

    The Red Bull livery is very powerful, as always, and I also like the Checo helmet a lot, it distinguishes itself quite well from the Max helmet.

    I can’t wait for this to start

  4. I wish Checo all the best.

  5. This is last years flor. Why not try new design?

  6. I cantbwaot t9 see checo do what he does. I hope he keeps up with max andd maybe even gives him a run for his money

    1. Max is da boss, but I can’t wait to see him on track against Checo

  7. Nice to see Red Bull giving Perez extra opportunities to get up to speed at his new team

  8. Sergio from Russia says – Go, Checo, go! Go!

    1. Vamos Checo! Vamo-
      ENEMY WARNING! We have a Rott-behaving person in here!

  9. With Honda bringing forward their engine development, and two experienced drivers with very different racing styles, Red Bull could well be the dark horse/bull this year. They will certainly cause a headache to the Mercedes strategists. Let’s hope so for the sake of F1.

  10. Number needs to be further down the nose. You know that big space just below where they’ve stuck it?!

    Cannae see it.

  11. The honda logo looks great, hope it’s a fast car and he can give Max a run for his money.

    Unrelated, are RB drivers forced to drink Red Bull or do they put other drinks on those cans? Because if they hidrate with Red Bull it’s gonna get real twitchy by midday…

    1. The big plastic ‘cans’ are healty drinks with RB on it. If you see drinking a normal can it’s because they know the camera is on them en those cans are handed to them.
      Only Max like the normal one while Checco seems to drink the light.

      1. Yeah, they drink the ‘real’ Red Bull only during promo events from what I’ve seen

    2. They put other drinks in the cans.

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