No discussions over Honda returning to F1 after exit – Horner

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In the round-up: Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says there has been no discussions about Honda reversing its decision to leave Formula 1.

What they say

Horner was asked whether the new Red Bull Powertrains division, which will absorb some of Honda’s F1 operation in Milton Keynes, could be used by the manufacturer as a stepping stone to return to the sport:

I think Honda have obviously made their commitment that they’re withdrawing from Formula 1 to concentrate on fully sustainable technology by 2050 and so their company will be very much focussed on that. So there’s been no discussion or talk of a Honda return.

We’re just very grateful that they’ve accommodated this agreement and allowed us to continue with what I’m sure will be a competitive engine.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

Vergne loses Saudi podium

Antonio Felix da Costa was promoted to third place in the second Formula E race at Diriyah yesterday after his team mate Jean-Eric Vergne was given a 24-second time penalty for failing to use his mandatory second Attack Mode activation. Vergne stood on the podium after the race but fell to 12th in the final classification. The race was cut short because of a crash which occured after 34 of the 45 minutes.

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Comment of the day

F1’s quiet Fridays have an appeal of their own, says this reader:

I go to the Fridays because they are chilled, because there is a lot of track time. You can actually see the drivers learn their cars, you can analyse their skills. You have the chance to appreciate the cars and to enjoy some other race classes.

Another joy is the fact it isn’t so horribly busy, meaning people that don’t or can’t enjoy busy spaces (people with mental health issues, autism etc…) actually have the chance to enjoy F1 without the hardship of having to endure 100,000 people.

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26 comments on “No discussions over Honda returning to F1 after exit – Horner”

  1. Yeah, Keith – F1 shouldn’t test any concept with a trial. They should go full on and introduce it on a permanent basis from the outset….
    Good idea.

    1. Intallectally bancrupt huh? Seems a snobbish and shallow attitude to be broadcasting.

      1. Yup, all them edicated peeple is so snobbish and shallow.

    2. What Keith is saying, correctly, is that some things are so obviously a bad idea you don’t need to try them.

      While sprint races are not as acutely idiotic as drinking bleach they are similar; there is no hope they can cure the problems F1 hopes to address.

  2. COTD is spot on. Friday practice in Melb (first track day of the new season) is my favourite day to visit by far. The circuit is quieter, cars are on track for a good 180mins and there is a great support race schedule.

    1. I agree.
      I always go to Spa on fridays, been a tradition, I love it.
      It’s not overly crowded and a chilled atmosphere and a good amount of tracktime.
      I would be gutted if they changed it.
      But what I understand is the plan to maybe cut it for a few races, less popular far away races.
      That could make sense since nobody comes anyway

      1. Yep, agree, it’s a day too to see how and where the cars move what way, and how well you can see it happen for me too (esp. with a track I’m new to).

  3. Well…Ferucci starts 0-for-1 in NASCAR. He was struggling out there. I’m surprised they didn’t have him race last week at the Daytona road course. Given his background you’d think a half-oval, half-road course would been a nice way to ease him into a very different type of car.

    1. If he hadn’t hammered the wall and gone down 2 laps I think he woulda been going for a top 15 maybe a top 10. He is aggressive and Homestead has 10 different lanes so that was a perfect track for him but the Daytona road course shoulda been his first start. You can tell he’s talented just by the way he moved to the top a few laps in.

  4. Comparing a sprint race test with drinking bleach is just plain stupid.

    But then again, more important people proposed to drink bleach to solve COVID—19.

    1. @coldfly Oh I made an immediate assumption that the reference was to the one who formerly occupied the White House.

      As to the comparison itself, I was actually shocked and highly disappointed at such nonsense. Really surprised. Someone here must really really really hate the idea of this experiment, but then I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since there was even an article here about how this idea could only possibly be for one reason, that being revenues, like if true that is evil. The nerve of a company trying to grow itself and explore ways to improve and make it’s product more enthralling, and keep itself profitable while employing people. The horror. Next thing you know they’ll be asking for 3000 new supporters or something.

      Never mind that this same “intellectually bankrupt” entity chose not to insist on a trial, or a “real-world test,” nor did they use “cop-out reasoning” when they brought the teams together to make F1 sustainable, and thus all off-shoot entities that earn a living off of it, by rallying the teams towards cars that can actually race closely together, with budget caps finally in place, with better money distribution for the lesser teams, able to even sustain seasons under a pandemic.

      My goodness you’d think all the massive good they have done would overshadow some minutiae. But not. This smacks to me of “Mom and Dad, how dare you tell me you’re buying me a brand new car for my Birthday but then ask me to suffer the indignity of going down to the dealership to pick out the colour.”

      1. @Robbie well said.

    2. @coldfly Also, some fraudsters use this justification to persuade people to buy/use bleach as an alleged cure for autism despite it never having made anyone neurotypical in the 25 years it has been used. The effects are as you’d expect – which is to say, not at all, likely to make the autistic person sick, and possibly make them dead. Doesn’t stop the fraudsters trying.

  5. Sorry, but Horner cant possibly know what Honda doesnt even know right now. If he means in the next 3 years, maybe he’s got a point. Beyond that is speculation

    1. Maybe that’s why he starts his sentence with “I think”.

      And he didn’t even voluntarily share his ‘thinking’ giving the “Horner was asked” at the start of the comment. Seemed more like an opportunity to create a clickable headline.

      I oftentimes wonder if really so little happens in the world of motorsports that these comments and social media posts need to fill up a round-up.

      1. Mayrton additionally to @coldfly how much more clear could Horner have made it than to say there has been no discussions about Honda returning? But what he does know for a fact is that they are leaving and why. It is ridiculous to say “but Horner can’t possibly know” when he is in fact spelling out exactly what he does know and nothing more. So, by not speculating but instead by going by the facts as he knows them right now, he deserves a shot for not speculating on what might happen in three years?

        So the only answer that would have been acceptable to you would be something like, “Well I don’t know, and Honda doesn’t either, and they haven’t said anything to me, so I’ll say yes it is a distinct possibility that because we have put together our Powertrain unit, Honda will be back.”

        1. Alas, headline surfing becomes a habit to some.

        2. @Robbie voice of reason this weekend!

        3. Exactly

  6. Re Mercedes livery: At least it’s different, but come on, can’t we have a glowing turquoise and red?

    1. I think Austin Martin have stolen their thunder… well to be honest, since I didn’t watch the initial reveal (of either) at first glance I thought the merc pics had been posted with Austin Martin headlines… oops

  7. Totally agree on the Friday comments. I’ve enjoyed superb Friday action in a mellow atmosphere, few queues and the opportunity to choose ones spot to watch.
    The very first time I walked into an F1 event was at Silverstone, damp Abbey chicane on a Friday. First practice had just begun, a Minardi came through slowly but the hairs on my neck were up from the noise – seconds later Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari screamed through, pushing on the wettish surface and right in front of me, spins 360 degrees and drops it on the grass before Bridge! I nearly wept.
    He then sat with a marshal for the remainder of the session, giving him his gloves as a souvenir, just so he could supervise his car being placed on the truck. Incredible.

    1. Lol cool story man, I remember hearing the V8s in Montreal in 2012 for the first time and wondering how it was even possible to engineer a sound like that.

  8. Best way to see a race is on television. Best way to get the excitement and atmosphere is: go to the circuit.

  9. totally agree with COTD, Friday is always my favorite day to attend, for the same reasons.

  10. COTD, I completely disa… oh euhm, wait!?

    Thanks for COTD, Keith.

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