First pictures: Aston Martin reveals its first F1 car for over 60 years

2021 F1 season

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Aston Martin has presented the car which will return the brand to Formula 1 for the first time in more than 60 years.

The team, which finished fourth in the championship as Racing Point last year, revealed the AMR21 in an online event on Wednesday. The car will be driven by four-times world champion Sebastian Vettel, who joins the team from Ferrari, and Lance Stroll.

The team is owned by Stroll’s father Lawrence, who purchased it in 2018 and took over the luxury car manufacturer last year before combining the two brands. He has invested significantly in the team, increasing its workforce by around a quarter, though the team expects to remain within the new-for-2021 budget cap.

“I have dreamed about this day for a very long time,” said Stroll. “I have always been a car guy, since I was a child. I have always loved racing, too.

“My first dream was to own a Formula 1 team. My second dream was to acquire a significant shareholding in Aston Martin Lagonda. Today is about the merging of those two dreams.

“So, as I say, today is all about dreams, and it shows that dreams really can come true, in the shape of our new AMR21.”

As well as continuing to use Mercedes power units, Aston Martin has sourced much of the rear end of last year’s dominant, championship-winning W11, including its gearbox and rear suspension.

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Pictures: 2021 Aston Martin AMR21

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2021 F1 season

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  • 68 comments on “First pictures: Aston Martin reveals its first F1 car for over 60 years”

    1. Joe Pineapples
      3rd March 2021, 15:14

      That colour reminds me of a shampoo bottle for some reason.

      1. As it is variation of moss green and there is many herbal shampoos having similar green shade, I think it is valid association :)

      2. I wonder why this bulge in the middle of engine cover is significantly bigger, compared to other mercedes engine powered cars…

        1. Sshhh. Don’t ask ;)

        2. It looks to me to be the same as team Mercedes’ bulge, no?

          1. Looks to be a bit bigger.

            1. Interesting, I’ll check it out

      3. I’m not a fan of this shade of green. Hope it looks nicer in daylight. It looks a bit pond life. The Jaguar and Caterham shades had a bit more vibrancy to them.

        1. That’s the Aston Martin green

        2. @Euro Brun
          It’s more minty than green. They used to sell thin chocolate squares called After Eight wafers thin mints.
          British racing green is a beautiful warm darkish apple green that you still see on some country buses…

          1. They still do! Had some the other week

    2. Nice and simple, but I was hoping for a few more shades of green to be featured to make it really stand out.

    3. Reminiscent of the Jaguar team. A cool livery.

      1. My first thought aswell, but the shady renders reveal was the culprit. It’s a clearer shade of green here.

        Anyway, beautiful.

    4. although it’s decent looking its a tad boring I was hoping that we would get some graphical element, it just looks like oh we’ll paint it green that’s good enough stick some sponsors on it ..fine

      1. yeah…my first thought. “Oh, how dull”

      2. I get the thinking- like Ferrari, their car is a single colour. Then add stickers.

        I like the simplicity of that.

        1. Yeah, it’s about (re-)building the Aston Martin brand for Stroll and partners @alloythere, so indeed an appropriate comparison there. I like the dark green (always have), and the raspberry pink line there. Boring, or timeless (!).

      3. @mpt2201 that’s very in tone with the times, don’t you think? think about the modern logos from big companies, they are all dull, arial black fonts, no shades or shines… every car manufacturer has dumbed down their logos massively.

    5. A Canadian “Stroller” in British Racing Green. Good luck to AM in 2021 they deserve to do well with all the money and goodwill involved. Clever to get as many Mercedes parts that you can get away with.

    6. I love the simplicity. A lot of people are calling the side stripes pink, but they look much more red to me. I think it’ll look great in daylight.

      1. I think raspberry @inininin, but yeah, compare it to the too busy AMG branded W12, this is more like the simplicity the W11 had.

    7. I think that’s absolutely stunning. Gorgeous green, really glad they didn’t go with drab old BRG. Looks like they’ve spent a lot of time (and one assumes money) developing the aero concept as well. I’ve always wondered what the Silverstone-based team could do with a proper budget and solid backing – Perhaps we may be about to find out.

      1. @mazdachris Took the words out of my mouth. Another stunner is what I first thought, just like, for me at least, the Alpine. Really love that blue and really love this green. As you say it is gorgeous.

        1. Yep, will miss the yellow a bit from Renault, but as someone said yesterday, it’s not like they used it to great effect over the years, so let’s go with brilliant blue and great green, and some Ferrari scarlet (as well as AR’s red/white,AT’s black/white, and Red Bull’s iconic livery).

          1. sorry, @mazdachris, @robbie – yeah, agree.

        2. @Robbie I reckon both will look great either in the bright sunshine or, perhaps especially, under floodlights. I really like the Alpine as well – I’ve been a fan of the Signatech Alpine LMP cars over the years and their F1 livery is all the best elements of those put together.

          I’m just so glad to see more colour returning to the grid after years of half the cars being silver black or white.

          1. @mazdachris Yeah for sure and as I said yesterday even though for the first time in years I’m not liking the Mercedes livery I do as well think it will at least look a little better outside. Floodlights for that one, I’m not as sure, but ya the Alpine and the AM bigtime I agree.

    8. The hot pink looks great as a feature on the green. Shame the white airbox outline from their promotional video didn’t make it to the final car, it would have been a nice nod to the classic green F1 cars.

      1. Personally I could have done without the pink. But it will no doubt be a sponsor’s demand (BWT)

    9. That’s not British Racing Green. That alone is a disappointment, much as I like the car.

      1. @hahostolze That’s not even Aston Marting green. I don’t know if I like it or hate it. Solid ferrari style color.

      2. @hahostolze what exactly is “British Racing Green” to begin with though? Really, the term “British Racing Green” was often used so liberally that the term basically just meant “a British car that’s painted some shade of green” – even now, there is still a fair bit of vagueness as to what exactly does constitute “British Racing Green”.

        When you look back at the origins of the idea of national colours, whilst I suspect that the shade of green you are thinking of is still a comparatively dark shade, some of the earliest British cars to which the term “British Racing Green” was applied to used Napier Green, which is a light olive coloured shade.

        Over the years, racing cars from Bentley, Jaguar, BRM, Aston Martin, Vanwall and BRP, to name some, all used a wide variety of shades of green that were lumped together as “British Racing Green”, even though they were all very different shades – from the Brunswick Green of Bentley to BRP’s peppermint shade that are at wildly different ends of the spectrum, with all sorts of lighter and darker shades used by others.

        If anything, even most teams that stuck to the idea of a national colour scheme would often paint their cars quite different shades to try and help them distinguish their cars apart on track – when you’ve got somebody driving past you at high speed, anything you can do to help distinguish your car apart from others helps.

        You can see it in photographs from the 1950s of Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati – whilst supposedly all being “Rosso Corsa”, they were all different shades in reality (not to mention that Ferrari itself has varied its shade of red many times over the years – at least 9 different shades, with some putting it into double figures).

        @qeki similarly, what do you define as “Aston Martin Green”? Back in the 1950s, lighter and darker variations were used over the years, so there wasn’t often a particularly common shade.

    10. that flag is butt ugly

      1. TGS is butt hurt. 🇬🇧🏆

    11. At least the shade of pink they have used ‘pops’ next to that green. It understand people calling it ‘plain’, but I too think it will look a lot better when it is out on track in the sunshine, especially with the metallic finish. I like it, and its nice to have green back on the grid

    12. Sam Crawford
      3rd March 2021, 15:28

      Wish the lime green from the GT cars was used as an accent instead of the pink, but at least the shade of pink and the amount used is unobtrusive

    13. Stephen Higgins
      3rd March 2021, 15:28

      Only complaint is I would have liked to have seen ‘Aston Martin’ on the rear wing like it was on the Red Bull, but otherwise, she’s a sexy beast indeed …

      1. Yes I agree, that looked good on the Red Bull

    14. Might just be the cheap work monitor, but it looks a bit teal-y to me – I would have preferred just a shade darker/closer to the green spectrum, personally.

      It looks fast though, i’ll give them that. I sincerely hope Seb can find some form again, if he gets beaten by Lance over a season (and even worse, finishes behind slower cars), it will really overshadow the success he had in his RBR days…

    15. JackieStewart'sHat
      3rd March 2021, 15:29

      Just copied the stripe from Mercedes this year

    16. Adam (@rocketpanda)
      3rd March 2021, 15:29

      With that pink line going through the sides it does remind me of a Mercedes livery, just green and pink instead of silver/black and blue.

    17. This new team reminds me of BAR or whatever it was called in 1998. Similar type of investors and investment. I see Vettel racing around for 12th in races and 14th next season.

      1. They arent a new team. Its still racing point/force india now they just have some new investment and a owner willing to spend big.

    18. No Rich Energy thank goodness.

    19. I watched the unveiling live. Overall impression: awkward. I’m a fan of Gemma Arterton as an actress, but there were some moments- such as interviewing to OS her right whilst reading autocue questions dead ahead- that were toe-curling. And Lawrence Stroll doesn’t exactly have the easiest of manners.

    20. I think the Aston Martin looks great.

      The green is lovely. Maybe close to Brunswick green, hunter green, moss green or forest green. Similar, but different painters, tech artists or companies say what is exactly what (British Racing) green is. This green is quite fine. The car is looking nice, especially not pink any more. See what this car looks outside in the sun, not just in a tech, photo studio with lighting.

      Hope the racing is good in this car with the drivers they have. Best of luck with the darker green, it is better.

    21. Ben (@scuderia29)
      3rd March 2021, 16:35

      They’ve even stole the 2019 Mercedes livery now but switched up the colours so the teacher wouldn’t notice

      1. Kind of impossible to hide the fact it is a 2019 mercedes.

    22. Not bad really, I’m not sure if I really like the green colour choice, but hey maybe I’ll get used to it. The red/pink line just sort of ruins it for me though, if that was not there I’d like it more.

    23. Ben (@scuderia29)
      3rd March 2021, 16:38

      Wouldn’t the cars look better with those straight out of the mould “gloss” tyres rather than these one lap old looking ones

    24. What a stupid headline. The two entities being referred to only share one thing and that is a name. This is branding and has nothing to do with a car revealed 60 years ago.

    25. Just as I expected

    26. Did not live up to its hype, less so to its potential. Generally dull, plus an unnecessary pink. A single dot behind BWT would suffice.

    27. It looks great. The only problem is my little girl will be asking where her favorite pink car went.

    28. Jockey Ewing
      3rd March 2021, 17:46

      Strangely I like it. Strangely, because I find the color too Petronas-green, or too neony. But the overall impression is very nice especially with these red curves, so I find it one of the best liveries for this season yet. Strangely, because I like the racing green, but imo it’s not that. But I’m not an expert of it, so I can’t decide.

      I find the Stroll Sr. too corporate, could not he be more direct? The rich people I have met, or friended were much more nice, much more Hamilton like :) So I like the color, but the team is a bit too corporate and a bit negatively neutral for me. Seb, who I find nice off track (most often, apart from some cucumbers for example) is the most positive “thing” of the whole team for me. So it would be nice to have one more competitive team of course, but until the factory presence remains this strong, and trends of last the two decades are being contioued, I think championship is only a dream for supplied teams at 95% of the seasons. So I would not bet a dime on Aston Martin having a better season then the previous one in the last few years.

      I hope Seb can bounce back, but I would not bet a dime on it as well. For a worst case scenario, I can expect that he will be seriously challenged by Stroll (with a relatively low likelihood, but still, the hard years after his almost immediate and unprecedented success as a youngster, might have had broken him, without it becoming obvious for most, and such things can really hurt for a whole life). For a best case scenario with a high likelihood, imo we can see him competing for podiums sometimes, if Aston made a car which is not really worse than the previous one. Looks like I learnt to like this guy as well in these hard times.

      1. Jockey Ewing
        3rd March 2021, 17:47

        … I find Stroll Sr. too corporate … (-the :))

    29. petebaldwin (@)
      3rd March 2021, 17:50

      To be honest, I preferred it in black.

    30. Green Mercedes?

    31. Any idea what Gemma Arterton was doing? Is she there new reserve driver.

      Never been so underwhelmed by a car launch.

    32. I normally don’t go for green, but I find this car very mean-looking

    33. It’s a shame the Aston Martin logo is not more prominent.

      Also, the green looks a bit washed out, but hopefully it is just the pictures.

    34. A nice one, but spice it up.

    35. RocketTankski
      3rd March 2021, 21:27

      Ah this must be Canadian Racing Green?

    36. This is gonna be a colorful season! Ferrari – red, Alpine – blue, AM – green, McLaren – orange.

    37. That green doesn’t really work.

      A traditional racing green with gloss finish would have looked much more memorable.

      If not traditional racing green, then how about something outside the box like a dark neon green with black lettering. That would really have everything taking notice.

    38. I was worried at first but that looks like it’s going to be a nice shiny green under sunlight.

    Comments are closed.