Mazepin will face “serious consequences” if he transgresses again – Todt

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FIA president Jean Todt has warned Nikita Mazepin he will face “serious consequences” if his behaviour lapses again, following outrage over a video he posted on social media.

Mazepin shared a video of himself grabbing a woman’s breast in a car last December, shortly after he was announced as one of Haas’s drivers for the 2021 F1 season.

Asked in an interview for the Cambridge Union Society whether Mazepin should be allowed to race in Formula 1 following his actions, Todt pointed out the 22-year-old was qualified to and the governing body could not “discriminate” against him.

“To drive in Formula 1, you need to have a superlicence,” said Todt. “And it’s not easy to get a superlicence because you need to have 40 points.

“So each driver who gets 40 points can [drive] in Formula 1. And Mazepin got the points. So it would be discrimination. Why shouldn’t he drive in Formula 1? The reason why he would not drive in Formula 1 is he could not have access to a superlicence, which is not the case.”

Dmitry Mazepin, Jean Todt, Monza, 2019
Todt with Mazepin’s father Dmitry at Monza in 2019
However Todt made it clear he will not tolerate any similar behaviour by Mazepin in the future.

“To be very straightforward, I’m not happy about the situation. He has had a warning that if it will happen again, serious consequences will happen.

“Saying that, it’s something which happened in his private life. And unfortunately, he did not pay enough attention. So I simply hope that he will learn out of this lesson.”

Mazepin spoke to F1 media at length today for the first time since the incident, which he described as a “huge mistake”.

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29 comments on “Mazepin will face “serious consequences” if he transgresses again – Todt”

  1. What a cop out.

    If he did it again, he’d still have a super license so on what grounds would the FIA stop him racing?

    Those grounds surely exist today and could have been used following his first video posting. They just don’t want to cost the team the sponsorship.

    1. If he did it again, the FIA would be permitted to do what they were permitted to do the first time – suspend Nikita’s racing licence for a Article 151c breach.

    2. What a ridiculous view from Todt. Who makes the rules for superlicences? Must be the easiest thing in the world for FIA to modify the rules to include a minimum standard of civilised behaviour. We all get old.

  2. Oh… serious consequences! Is that like a stern warning?

    1. It’s like when parents warn children that they are going to “count to three” when they want them to behave.

      If Mazepin stops misbehaving before Todt gets to “trois”, he’ll be okay.

      1. Haha, good one and probably only inches from the truth. FIA knows they have to show they care (on the outside)

      2. Like the naughty step?

  3. “Saying that, it’s something which happened in his private life. And unfortunately, he did not pay enough attention. So I simply hope that he will learn out of this lesson.”

    This sounds like “it’s ok to harass people until it’s public”. Which goes pretty well with modern society hypocricy.

    1. Pretty much, yeah. So an incentive to Mazepin’s dad to make sure they put enough effort into keeping things out of the spotlight.

  4. Rick Howell
    5th March 2021, 0:49

    It goes on his permanent record.

  5. Gary Taylor
    5th March 2021, 2:13

    Personally his super license should be revoked…

    1. And probably also required to take sensitivity training and diversity training…and probably also Uralkali’s title sponsor getting cut short.

  6. This was my impression of the FIA’s amd Haas’s reaction to the video after it first came out, and it still seems accurate:

    You’ve been a bad boy, and if you don’t change your behavior we will have no other choice but to say it again!

  7. And what will be the serious consequences? Most probably selling F1 to his dad?

    1. Well, Todt only only say that “serious consequences would follow”. He didn’t specify for who (*), so selling F1 to Mazepin snr. would fit the bill.

      (*) dang, English is a very second language to me: should that have been “for whom”? :-)

  8. My view is that Mazepin made a serious mistake, but he has apologised, and the sport should move on. If he then behaves as an F1 driver should, then there is little point in harping on about the incident, as unpleasant as it was.

  9. I’m curious what Jean could actually do about a driver who does something stupid in his private time…
    It is not a sporting regulation he is breaking or something. Or during a press conference or autograph session (on duty, just not driving)

    1. baasbas, he could do the same as he could (but chose not to) last time – haul the driver up before the FIA Court of Appeal under International Sporting Code 151 c) (putting the sport into disrepute) on the grounds of threat to the FIA Statutes’ Article 1 (which among other things, prohibits the FIA from condoning discriminatory behaviour from people participating in its competitions).

      The maximum penalty possible is removal of the driver’s licence. Imposing a penalty day of promoting the FIA’s safety agenda would be more likely. Even an unofficial “Oi, this is not cool. Stop it,” from the panel would be an advance on the current situation.

  10. I think if he commits another ‘behavioural lapse’ Haas and F1 will have no choice but to boot him out.

    1. Robbie, I agree with you if the Haas team retains him, but “behavioral lapse” in the business world is starting to be widely spread to termination….something to keep in mind…

    2. The livery on his car and the title sponsor would like to disagree with you..

      1. @knightameer I disagree. They’re not bigger than Liberty and FIA who are the one’s who call the shots.

        1. haha, right. I dont think so as long as they are addicted to money

  11. Two slaps on the wrist next time, not just one.

    The FIA, on one hand, are promoting diversity and equality. On the other, they’re perpetuating the old problems by leaving Mazepin unpunished. They need a zero tolerance policy, not selective tolerance.

  12. Jean, you agreed that before, back when you affirmed that FIA Statute Article 1 was a thing and breaching it would entail serious consequences.

    Or need I remind you of Bahrain 2012?

  13. Max Mosley always used to go on about the consequences for anyone bringing the sport into ”disrepute”.
    Then he himself had a session with a bunch of prostitutes where pictures where taken and published by the tabloids. He then defended himself by stating that it was a private matter and should not be of any concern to anyone else the FIA included. So one rule for the FIA top bras and another for everyone else.

    1. +1. Young people in the kind of circles where Mazepin lives usually post videos themselves when their “friends” (male or female) slap their “lower back” and stuff like that. Not condoning Mazepin but this has been blown out of proportion.

    2. I hope that spelling is intentional

  14. We have laws. If people break the law outside of work, the justice system should deal with it. And if they haven’t broken the law, then change the law if you want it to be punished.

    This is just an attempt by an undemocratic, illiberal, authoritarian minority of aggressive bullies to get their way, against the will of a majority of the people.

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