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New Ferrari power unit an improvement over 2020 – Raikkonen

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Kimi Raikkonen says Ferrari’s new power unit for 2021 already feels “better” than last year’s after the first two days of testing for Alfa Romeo.

Ferrari have produced a new power unit for this season after their 2020 campaign was heavily compromised by poor straight-line speed. Their customers Alfa Romeo and Haas also suffered poor campaigns as a result – Raikkonen scored just four points last year, the lowest total of his career.

Having completed over a race distance of running with the 2021-spec Ferrari power unit in his Alfa Romeo C41, Raikkonen says that the new engine is already an improvement, but that it was too soon to judge how it compares to the team’s rivals.

“I’m sure they’ve made progress,” he said. “It’s better, but then you would expect that the other manufacturers have also improved.

“But comparing what we had last year it’s in a better position. We’ll have to wait and see where it is once the racing starts.”

Raikkonen logged 63 laps – more than a full race distance – in the morning of the opening day of the three-day test. Team mate Antonio Giovinazzi recorded a combined 194 laps over the afternoon session on Friday and a whole day’s running on Saturday.

“It’s early days, obviously,” says Raikkonen. “We had no issues yesterday the whole day and I think this morning was the same. So on that side, everything is good.

“The car felt slightly different than last year, but it feels very good in some places. The wind made it very difficult yesterday and in other places off the track. But I think it’s a good starting point.”

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6 comments on “New Ferrari power unit an improvement over 2020 – Raikkonen”

  1. Hopefully Will have a competitive PU to have a better fight for 3 (maybe 2).

  2. Wonder if it’s legal this year?

    1. I kinda hope it isnt, it was fun when they were challenging mercs 😂

  3. Doesn’t sound like a significant improvement..

    1. For sure. It is said to be ”only” 20HP more powerful than last year’s PU. Still, if I got it right, last year’s issue with their PU wasn’t that it was bad (once the tricked removed), but that FIA imposed more limitations on their PU than to the other engine suppliers (= to use less fuel in a race than other engines) as punishment for 2019. So, if no more extra limitations for the Ferrari PU… they should be very close in the PU department.

  4. 2020 was a real dog of a car, so improving is certainly possible, or maybe even easy.
    Have an exciting productive year, Kimi, not forgetting ‘enjoyable’.

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