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Schumacher “ready to go racing tomorrow” despite limited F1 testing

2021 F1 season

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Mick Schumacher says he is ready to make his Formula 1 debut despite the limited pre-season testing mileage he has covered.

The Formula 2 champion covered fewer laps in testing than either of his fellow rookies – team mate Nikita Mazepin and AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda – after technical problems struck his car last Friday.

But the Haas driver feels well-prepared to make his grand prix debut. “I would go racing tomorrow if it would be up to me,” he said last week.

“In general I think obviously three days testing are not a lot. But I have to say I feel comfortable already now.

“If it was by my liking, I would love to drive every day. I would be thrilled to be able to do as many kilometres and drive every single day, because that’s my passion, that’s my love.”

Schumacher has had several other opportunities to test Formula 1 machinery. He was part of the Ferrari Driver Academy test at Fiorano earlier this year, drove for Haas in the rookie test at the end of last season and had other F1 runs previously

He was pleased with his first experience of the VF-21, which is closely based on last year’s Haas.

“I have to say it feels even better driving this car than I expected,” he said. “Obviously you drive a car, but this is really fun and it’s something I won’t get as quickly bored of.”

“The race weekend can’t come quickly enough, if that makes sense,” he added. “I’m really looking forward to this season.

“As I said, I would love to drive every day. I could put another eight days to it and just go straight into the race weekend.”

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2021 F1 season

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  • 5 comments on “Schumacher “ready to go racing tomorrow” despite limited F1 testing”

    1. Sadly I think he’ll get a shock come the first race, going round on his own at the back of the race (though in front of Mazepin).

      1. I mean, sure, he won’t have any chance of anything but the bottom part of the grid, but I honestly think that’s the absolute best place Mick Schumacher can be right now. There’s the huge amount of pressure from Germany alone on him just because of who his father is and what status that man has, being at the back by default allows him some respite from “bad” performances. Given how historically we’ve seen he needs a while to adjust, a nice spot at the back of the grid, with no expectation of being further ahead, might just be what the lad needs to get a proper start in F1.

        He’s not in any danger of losing his F1 seat, he’s not in danger of “underperforming” and getting levelled by the likes of BILD, he’s just there to learn in as much peace and quiet one can expect in F1.

        1. Yes I agree, in the same way that Russell has no doubt benefited from being at the back of the grid with a Williams.

          In an ideal world, all drivers would benefit from a few years at the back, before stepping up to larger teams.

    2. I think its crucial that Mick can consistently beat Mazepin at the back of the grid both in quali and during the race. That should give him the confidence in F1 he needs to handle future challenges after the 2021 season.

    3. No pressue, but still … almost everyone expct for Mick o beat Mazepin in quali and race. Me too.

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