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Russell and Fowle become GPDA directors as Grosjean steps back

2021 F1 season

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George Russell has taken Romain Grosjean’s place as a director of the Grand Prix Drivers Association.

He is one of two new directors confirmed by the GPDA, along with its legal and strategic advisor Anastasia Fowle, who is the first non-driver to take up the role.

The pair join existing director Sebastian Vettel and chairman Alexander Wurz. Grosjean, who has left Formula 1 and will race in IndyCar this year, will continue as an advisor to the GPDA.

“It is an honour and privilege to be nominated director of the GPDA,” said Russell. “I appreciate the support of my fellow drivers in entrusting this role to me and recognise the responsibility it entails.”

The GPDA was founded in the sixties to lobby for better safety standards in Formula 1, and reformed in 1994 following the deaths of Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger.

“In its six decades of existence, the GPDA has been an integral part of supporting and shaping F1 safety, for the sport and our fans,” Russell continued. “I am looking forward to tackling the new challenges and opportunities alongside Anastasia, Sebastian and Alex.”

Long-time GPDA advisor Fowle said “after several years working alongside Alex, Sebastian and Romain, I am proud they and their fellow drivers have nominated me for the first non-F1 driver board position.

“I am passionate about the sport and the industry and am honoured to be able to support the GPDA in its endeavours.”

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11 comments on “Russell and Fowle become GPDA directors as Grosjean steps back”

  1. In related news: The number of excessive powerpoint presentations in GPDA meetings are about to increase by 100%.

  2. Weird. I would’ve assumed Seb as the replacement or some other more experienced driver.

    1. Would Seb be replacing Seb?

    2. Don’t worry they’re all directors, which in fact diminishes the director’s position.

      1. Not really, because what I assume you want “director” to be is in this context the chairman, which is still Alexander Wurz.

        1. The others are just stand-in members.

          1. Frank Walkowiak
            24th March 2021, 14:46

            Makes sense to me for the Drivers to have a lawyer on the board. Her specific skillset is exactly what the GPDA is focused on. Instead of the drivers just “b*tching”, they have someone to help them make a compelling legal argument.

  3. Congrats, I guess? Other drivers probably don’t want the job

    1. If that’s the case, good for George in stepping up to take the role. The GPDA is more-or-less a driver’s union and it is vital for the sportsman’s union to have representatives that are competing with/against their cohorts. I’m curious whether anyone else wanted the job.

  4. I am surprised to see such a young and inexperienced driver taking over, as I would have thought he would struggle to have much control over the more experienced drivers. But he is one of the cleanest out there, and that is something that should be considered. Congratulations, George.

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