Mick Schumacher grateful for tips from Raikkonen ahead of F1 debut

2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Mick Schumacher said he’s picked up some useful tips from Formula 1’s most experienced driver ahead of his grand prix debut this weekend.

The Ferrari Driver Academy member has conferred with Kimi Raikkonen, who is beginning his record-equalling 19th season in F1 this year. Raikkonen, 41, finished runner-up in the 2003 championship to Schumacher’s father Michael, and replaced him at Ferrari in 2007.

He is one of several drivers on the grid who will have raced both Michael and Mick Schumacher.

“I guess it’s kind of funny to think about it, that they’ve raced two generations,” said Schumacher. “It shows they’ve been in the sport for a while and they’ve been obviously successful, therefore they’re here. It’s going to be nice to see how things turn out on-track.

“I haven’t driven with many of them in the test because I was mostly with some other the guys. But I was driving with Kimi and I know Kimi quite well from the track, obviously. It’s always very nice talking to him and getting obviously some info and tips in there.”

Mick Schumacher, Haas, Bahrain International Circuit, 2021
Schumacher hasn’t brought his family to watch his debut
Schumacher was confirmed as one of Haas’s two new drivers for the 2021 F1 season last December. He’s “really excited” for his debut and said “it’s been a long wait since last year.”

“Obviously we had the test session last week so it’s like you get a bit of it and now you want more. I’m happy that we’re here, happy that we start tomorrow and then we’ll go on from there.”

Michael Schumacher has not been seen in public since he suffered serious head injuries in a skiing accident in 2013. Mick’s mother Corinna has accompanied him to some races in the past, but his family are not joining him in Bahrain this weekend.

“I’m here alone,” he said. “I’ve got my group around me, I’ve got my people around me, and I’m sure we’ll take on that task of going into my first F1 race.”

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2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

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15 comments on “Mick Schumacher grateful for tips from Raikkonen ahead of F1 debut”

  1. I would guess Mick’s management would have preferred him to be paired alongside a driver with pedigree rather than another rookie. His learning will be a lot slower without the setup ala Stroll/Vettel. He looks he’s got himself into a very good mental state and that he will be able to handle the media circus pretty well. I’m surprised, to be honest, but pleasantly. His management and trainers/consultants must have worked very hard on making sure he could withstand the pressures he’s going to experience. Haas is going to be a good starting point, I guess. Nobody will expect anything from him or the car this season, so he can calmly rack up experience.

    1. As racing drivers go, Mazepin is not too bad though @shimks. He clearly is fast. Hard to tell how good he is with things like feedback though.

      I do agree that having an experienced racer next to him would have been of great value though

      1. Hi @bascb. Yes, I didn’t mean anything against Mazepin’s driving skills. People seem very quick to put him down, perhaps because of his penalty points and behaviour outside the cockpit. I’ve watched him for 2 seasons in F2 and I think he’s an exciting racer and I expect him to pull his weight alongside Mick.

        1. Yeah, as a driver, I do think that he needs to find the right balance between agressive driving and what is allowed @shimks. But he already (rightly) mentioned that it’s quite a difference when the podium / win is on the line compared to driving somewhere in the back of the field, if he does adapt, he’ll be fine on track.

          The biggest issue is neither of the Haas drivers have a good benchmark, as you mentioned above.

  2. I see Mick’s picked up his father’s tendency to use the word “obviously” as many times as possible in media interviews.

    1. It’s probably because he is German. I’m German myself and use it quite often when speaking English.

      Maybe its because it is easy / it somehow feels good to pronounce as a German native speaker…

  3. When it comes to clean racing I really hope for Mick he is taking Kimi’s advice instead of his father’s.

  4. He sounds a really nice guy.
    And Mick Schumacher too.

    1. Yes l agree he does sound nice, and he is carrying a huge weight on his shoulders l hope he does well.

  5. Shame they weren’t paired up this year

    1. true !?! now that you mention !
      would have made a lot of sense, storytelling-wise !

    2. … also because Michael once was a Sauber-driver, too

    3. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      26th March 2021, 11:45

      I don’t get why he went to Haas at all @balue
      A stable environment under Fred Vasseur, learning from Raikkonen, seemed like just the ticket.
      I mean it can’t have been money, the lad stands to inherit close to a billion dollars, and Deutsche Vermögensberatung are also paying him, so how the hell did Steiner get him driving a bucket painted like a Russian flag? It’s a weird swerve he didn’t need to take

      1. He needs time in a seat to learn, there were no other Ferrari seats available. So take the best seat possible and let him learn and figure out next steps at the end of the season.

  6. It’s nice to see he is so kind and so on. We are also excited for his debut but after a couple of races well feel sorry for him fighting only against his teamate :(

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