Win a Fanatec direct drive steering wheel and more with your F1 predictions

RaceFans Predictions Championship

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The new RaceFans Predictions Championship for the 2021 F1 season is here, and we have a thrilling range of prizes on offer.

The top winner at the end of the year will collect over £2,500 of simracing hardware, including an ultra-realistic Fanatec Podium V2 direct drive wheel and base plus pedals. The champion will also win a 34-inch ultra-wide simracing monitor.

There are more prizes to win in every one of the 23 scheduled rounds on the 2021 F1 calendar. The top player will win a copy of the official Formula 1 game supplied by Codemasters, and the runner-up wins a pair of grand prix calendar tea towels.

The RaceFans Predictions Championship is free to enter and open to players worldwide. Enter your predictions for each race using the form below, and scroll down for more information on the prizes and the rules.

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14 comments on “Win a Fanatec direct drive steering wheel and more with your F1 predictions”

  1. Sorry for the bumb question, bu i cannot find the option to log in on the site, where should i go?

    1. At the top left, or here.

      1. Thanks for the answer Keith, and congratulations for the site, it’s an amazing job what you are doing here :)

  2. I’m predicting a Williams, Haas, and Alpine top 5, I suggest everyone else does the same ;-)

    Good luck everyone! Great prizes.

    1. Damn, I was going to vote the same.
      Shame, I’ll have to play risky and go for an outside bet like Verstappen if I’m to beat you.

  3. Thanks for restarting this. Would it be possible for you bring back the option for us to see everyone else’s predictions?

  4. Wow that wheel looks awesome. Great prizes.

  5. Yeah, would be nice. Not sure if mine have been submitted either.

  6. Wow, great prizes. Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

    p.s. no email confirmation of entry but hope it’s just delayed

    1. do you know, where I can look up the results of that game ?

  7. Cool !
    And where can we look up who were the bold wise guys who predicted this SURPRISING podium ?

  8. How can I look up my result ?

  9. can someone pls help me ?

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