Correa returns to action in F3 test, 19 months on from horror crash at Spa

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Juan Manuel Correa has returned to action in official testing for the new Formula 3 season, 19 months on from his horrific Formula 2 crash at Spa, which also claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert.

Correa suffered serious injuries in the crash and has undergone multiple surgeries on both his legs. His right leg, which sustained the most extensive damage, was almost amputated at one stage, and Correa spent nearly three weeks in an induced coma.

Following a long recovery at his home in Miami, Correa joined the Formula 1 paddock at Spa during last year’s Belgian Grand Prix and visited the scene of his crash at Raidillon.

Correa tested an F3 car in private earlier this year at Paul Ricard and in February plans to race in F3 with ART this year. He previously said his return has come “a year sooner than expected”.

The helmet Correa is using for his return, starting with this weekend’s two-day test at the Red Bull Ring, incorporates Hubert’s logo in two places. “Obviously this helmet is very special for me because it’s the helmet I’m going to do my comeback with,” said Correa. “To commemorate Anthoine’s memory, he will always be racing with me.”

F3 testing was originally due to begin in late February at the Jerez circuit in Spain, but was delayed due to the pandemic. A further test will be held at the Circuit de Catalunya ahead of the championship’s season-opening round supporting the Spanish Grand Prix in May.

Image: F3 via Twitter

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11 comments on “Correa returns to action in F3 test, 19 months on from horror crash at Spa”

  1. This IS great news. His injuries remind me a bit of Kubica’s horror Rally car injuries. If both were normal civilians with normal insurances, both would have had amputations done after they sustained their injuries in any field of life/work, both would likely have not survived if it was a horror public road car crash and suffered the same injuries. I hope Correa is also doing some psychological work, Kubica could’ve come back to F1 earlier, but he suffered (as you would expect) long term psychological damage, as you would expect also after 20 operations. Correa also has to live with another driver dieing in the crash. I hope he can make it back to F2, that would be a miracle motorsport comeback.

    1. Yeah, the psychological impact (even though he did nothing wrong) can’t be underestimated, and all the surgeries, and medical decisions, the family and loved ones. Regardless of what happens for him next, it’s a great story that he’s back doing what he loves, and obviously wish him all the best.

  2. Welcome back on track!

  3. Great news!

  4. I love he’s regardless of how he’ll do. Same as with Kubica and Zanardi how he did after 2001. I have personally been through quite some agony (including losing part of the brain) but got out of it all. These guys have a soft spot for me, taking part in the sport they love and not letting the odds of it going wrong ruin their passion. Some of us thrive despite the bad luck instead of being consumed by its consequences.

  5. Sergey Martyn
    3rd April 2021, 18:48

    Glad to see Juan Manuel back in action!
    Strive for impossible because the possible happens by itself.

  6. Just found out that Logan Sargeant was there to test out 1 of the Charouz cars. He is not scheduled to race in Formula 3. But with the way he ran in the afternoon, might as well sign him. He out ran the other 2 Charouz cars.

    It is great to see Manny on the track. 19 months was the longest that he had to endure.

    Jak Crawford has stretched the eye balls of team principals. And Kaylen Frederick is getting adjusted with a major F3 car.

  7. Brilliant news and great to see this young man back in a racing car, I hope he does well.

  8. This is great news.

    1. Great to see he’s returning to racing

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