Ferrari give Leclerc the car he used to score his first two F1 victories

2021 F1 season

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Ferrari has presented Charles Leclerc with the very chassis he used to score the first, and so far only, grand prix victories of his career.

Leclerc revealed today he had received a Ferrari SF90 from the team. While Ferrari prefers not to disclose details of its chassis numbers, a spokesperson confirmed to RaceFans the model Leclerc received is the same he raced at Monza and Spa two years ago.

Leclerc won both races from pole position. The two wins came during his second season in Formula 1 and his first year as a Ferrari driver.

Both victories, which occured within a week of each other, were emotional events: His Belgian Grand Prix triumph came the day after Anthoine Hubert was killed in a crash at Spa, and his victory at Monza was Ferrari’s first on home ground for nine years. Three months later the team signed Leclerc to a new, long-term deal.

The car Leclerc received includes its Ferrari 064 V6 hybrid power unit and it ready to run, though a group of the team’s engineers are required to operate it.

In addition to his two wins Leclerc scored a total of seven pole positions at the wheel of an SF90, the most of any driver during the 2019 season.

Leclerc shared images of his Ferrari SF90 on social media
Leclerc shared images of his Ferrari SF90 on social media

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33 comments on “Ferrari give Leclerc the car he used to score his first two F1 victories”

  1. Amazing gift for Leclerc!

  2. It’s got that special 2019 engine.

  3. Crikey. Imagine having that on display somewhere in your mansion. And a fully working model, not just an empty shell. Amazing gift. To have won at such classic tracks, especially Monza in your first year at Ferrari, then getting the actual car.. Ooft.

    1. His mansion is an appartment in monaco :)

  4. Lovely gift, really happy for him.

  5. I went to take my copy of the 2019 edition Autocourse annual to check pages reserved for the chassis logbook, but the boxes for Leclerc and Vettel only read SF90/, while the rest have the monocoque copy number after the car name. The 2015 and ’16 equivalent books have the identification figure for Ferrari also, as does 2018, but not 2017 and ’19.
    Nevertheless, he probably used the same monocoque copy in other events as well.
    I’ve never understood the point in having a full F1 car because they aren’t really usable anywhere. Nothing wrong in getting one itself, but the need for additional people to run machinery as complicated as an F1 car, hybrid era, or pre-hybrid era one means that 99% of the time, they end up standing in a garage or somewhere without getting used for their intended purpose. In this regard, the teams would be better off storing them in their factories.

    1. I forgot one thing: Those images aren’t on his Twitter or Instagram account, so I wonder where they’re from?

      1. ColdFly (@)
        9th April 2021, 18:45

        They are on Ferrari’s IG account, @jerejj.
        And Charles put them up as a ‘story’ on IG, with the caption above.

        1. @coldfly I checked, and yes, they’re on Ferrari’s IG account.

  6. Does he get the illegal engine?

  7. Clear intention from Ferrari that Leclerc is their horse for the future.

    It will be difficult for Leclerc to drop them when the call comes from Red Bull.

    1. Only Facts!
      9th April 2021, 20:43

      Oh Boy, that’s what I call a chess play… Verstappen to Mercedes, Leclerc to RedBull? Then it is Ricciardo to Ferrari and ???? to McLaren!
      Hamilton to Aston replacing Vettel?
      It’s Friday then…🎵🎵🎵

      1. Hah, the only way I can see Hamilton-to-Aston is replacing Stroll – senior.

  8. Gifts of cars are fine but what he really wants for Christmas is a respectable pu and good aero.

    1. Thats what they gave him, just isnt allowed to be raced anymore :p

  9. cars are so big these days it can barely fit into the garage.

  10. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    10th April 2021, 0:59

    That’s funny, Vettel sold all his Ferraris and probably didn’t get a steering wheel from Ferrari but Leclerc got a F1 car.

    I’m not sure of what I would make of that if I were Sainz. I guess if Sainz wins a race, he should just drive the car to the side, wrap it up and send it home :-) I guess Binotto won’t be able to say anything…

  11. Sounds like Leclerc falling out of love with Ferrari, and Ferrari are desperate to get him to love them again. Lol

    1. Leclerc is not that big of a deal at the moment in comparison with Ferrari, he needs to win WDC first. It’s not that he was a multiple WDC before he joined ferrrari like Vettel or Alonso.

      But it’s probably a nice gesture from Ferrari to keep him motivated. He cannot get out of his contract anytime soon. I cannot imagine him having performance clausel like Verstappen does, it will be an insult to Ferrari to have such thing with a rookie.

  12. RebelAngelFloyd (@)
    10th April 2021, 6:58

    The car with the extra ‘boost’ for maximum speed on the straights and extra fuel consumption.
    A constant reminder for Charles L. that he didn’t win those GPs fair and square.

    Does this version also have the extra FIA sensor?

    1. LOL. For me he stil has to win hos first F1 GP

      1. Disagree, if you go down that route you can put asterisks almost everywhere, example on the 2006 alonso title, mass damper, illegal device. IMO both wins from leclerc were well deserved, he had to withstand pressure from hamilton with a car that was dominant across the season and competitive even in those races, in both cases, not to mention the dominant win that he should’ve had in bahrain before having a technical problem.

        1. RebelAngelFloyd (@)
          12th April 2021, 15:55

          That there were other instances with illegal actions or techniques:
          – doesn’t justify Ferrari to put an illegal car on the track
          – certainly does not make the ‘victories’ of Charles L. well deserved

          The rationale of ‘other did cheat so it’s OK for Ferrari to cheat as well’ is a strange and unfair rationale

  13. Read & re read.
    Chassis. No mention whatsoever of any other parts that make a complete car.
    Well used F1 chassis. Oh very handy a bare chassis then?

    1. RebelAngelFloyd (@)
      10th April 2021, 13:26

      “ The car Leclerc received includes its Ferrari 064 V6 hybrid power unit and it ready to run, though a group of the team’s engineers are required to operate it and activate the illegal parts”

      As stated in the article, with a Ferrari like twist at the end

      1. Correct the car with everything except a group of engineers……

        I wonder if he has room for that car…

    2. Did you even read it?

      1. RebelAngelFloyd (@)
        10th April 2021, 19:52

        Read it yourself.
        The car came with an engine.
        No mention of illegal parts or an extra FIA sensor though.

  14. RebelAngelFloyd (@)
    10th April 2021, 9:22

    Ferrari certainly made sure that there are no illegal parts or constructions on this vehicle anymore.

    And a constant reminder for Charles L. That he wouldn’t have won the 2 GPs with this ‘Fred Flintstone’ version

    1. @rebelangelfloyd
      And Hamilton wouldn’t have won the first four races of his career if McLaren didn’t cheat on 2007. McLaren was actually disqualified from the WCC that year but for some inexplicable reason, Hamilton and Alonso were allowed to keep their wins.

      1. @Kingshark
        That will open up old wounds that haven’t healed, Mr Shark. But, as it happens, most of the Hamilton brigade are much too young to remember Lewis’s shady beginnings :))

      2. Don’t you ever get tired of denigrating Lewis all the time even where it is either absolutely irrelevant or where your criticism is pure myth?

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