F1 to keep 23-race schedule in 2022 after addition of Miami

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The addition of the Miami Grand Prix to the 2022 Formula 1 calendar will not expand the schedule beyond its current record 23 races, the championship’s CEO Stefano Domenicali has said.

F1 announced today it will add a new round of the championship in Miami Gardens next year. Domenicali confirmed the race will take place in the second quarter of 2022, indicating it is likely to be held around the same time as the Canadian Grand Prix.

However Domenicali’s comment that the series is “figuring out 23” rounds for next year’s season indicates one of the races on the 2021 F1 calendar will not be held next year.

F1’s other American round at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas is among those races which is yet to agree a new deal for next year. However Domenicali said it intends Miami’s race to be one of two visits to the USA.

“We always said that the US is a very important area on which we need to develop our business,” he explained. “There is a lot of opportunity.

“Having two races in the US means that we have taken the right direction for our strategy for the future. We will keep them separate in order to give the right space for both, and this is really crucial.”

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He admitted the addition of another race in America could come at the expense of a round in Europe. “I think it is a possibility because we need to be realistic, we cannot have 52 weekends in Formula 1,” said Domenicali in response to a question from RaceFans.

“But the good thing is that we have a lot of interest that will enable us to create unique events with the right value. And we’re going to mix the strategic need for Formula 1 to develop in certain countries with historical places where we know that Formula 1 should stay. So that’s the beauty of having these many opportunities in front of us.”

Miami Gardens grand prix circuit
Miami Gardens F1 circuit
The long-awaited confirmation of F1’s new, 10-year deal to race in Miami was greeted warmly by teams, Domenicali added.

“We are proud – it’s not [just] me – we are proud as Formula 1 because in this moment, above all after 2020 [which was] so difficult, the challenge in 2021, we are looking ahead, we are putting the foundation for an incredible future of Formula 1. And this is a milestone that we all wanted.

“Just last night, when we shared the information with all the teams, everyone was really ‘wow, that’s the right way to go, this is really where we should be’. And this is really the direction I’m going to take for a great future for our Formula 1.”

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez was among those who welcomed the addition of the race. “Racing in the US is always great fun and I enjoy a city circuit, it’s a good challenge.

“I think Miami is a great location for Formula 1, it’s a very fun city and there’s lots of energy in that place. The Latino community is pretty big there so I’m definitely looking forward going there soon.”

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28 comments on “F1 to keep 23-race schedule in 2022 after addition of Miami”

  1. Schedule is 100% overkill.

  2. Big money races like Saudi, Russia and China will be on the calendar for a long time. We have to accept that.

    Considering that, F1 becoming more global and the quality of venues I’ve created an ideal 20 race calendar.

    1. Australia
    2. Malaysia
    3. Saudi Arabia*
    4. South Africa
    5. Spain
    6. Monaco
    7. Miami*
    8. Canada
    9. Austria
    10. Britain
    11. Netherlands
    12. Russia (Igora Drive)
    13. Belgium
    14. Italy
    15. India
    16. China
    17. Japan
    18. Los Angeles*
    19. Mexico
    20. Brazil

    * Night Race
    Make Monaco more special with 1 lap qualifying
    Id have double points for the last 3 races to keep the championship alive till the last race. 1 race seems unfair but last would achieve the purpose

    Pre Season Testing at Portimao, Paul Ricard and Sakhir to ensure teams aren’t over familiar with venues

    1. Saudi for long time? Nuh-uh, it’s gone sooner or in 4 years!

    2. If F1 raced in the Los Angeles area they would have to return to Long Beach. Roger Penske, who owns Fontana could bring it up to F1 standards, Riverside doesn’t exist anymore and Willow Springs would need to be extensively rebuilt and modified.

      1. What about a street race on Hollywood boulevard??

    3. @fish123 A floodlit race in Miami or LA would be unideal for European viewers.

      1. Yes it would be unideal for sure. But for hard-core fans it wouldn’t be an obstacle!

        So maybe Miami at night and LA in the day.. Its worth the novelty even if it means loosing a few viewers

  3. So we will probably lose a race at a good track for a race in a car park….. Great.

  4. Just like other aspects of the sport now it’s simply Quantity over quality.

    The Miami circuit add’s nothing of any value to the season, It looks like a typical & awful modern street circuit just like Valencia & Sochi. There is nothing unique or interesting about it because its yet another awful modern style carpark street venue.

    And hearing Domenicali talk on Sky about wanting race weekends to be like a big festival is reminding me of the mistake of Champcar who over the last couple years of its existence ran at mainly street circuit with there ‘feativals of speed’ concept & it was a complete failure that did nothing but speed up the decline in popularity of the series as fans hated those venues. They drew big crowds but most of the people there weren’t necessarily there for the race & didn’t come back the following years.

  5. The people in Miami didn’t want a street race so they are creating a flat track in a parking lot. Nothing exciting about that nor do I want to go to Miami. With or without a race there there the city has zero appeal to me. I’d rather go to a real race track like Cota/Austin where the city is more inviting.

    1. Florida is as flat as the Netherlands. The highest point there is 312 ft (96 m). Do you ever see elevation changes at Daytona or Sebring even on TV? Because there are none.

      Miami is actually a lot of fun- it’s one of the best cities in the United States. Austin is great too- one of my favorites and is definitely smaller and more intimate than Miami.

  6. Well we always knew this was on the cards and I guess, Europe is the obvious place to loose a race. I hope they drop either Spain or France then if it has to be a European race. Assuming Imola and Poritmao are one-offs for 2021 only.

    Personally I would rather they dropped Saudi Arabia, Russia or Abu Dhabi but I cannot see the accountants agreeing to that.

  7. Well I guess if we have to lose a race, I’d nominate Paul Ricard. As much as I think there should definitely be a Grand Prix in France, that track is simply awful.

    1. I would love them to somehow do LeSarthe. Nordschleife is very unrealistic but LeSarthe possible but highly unlikely. In the USA why not the Daytona 24 hour track? To give it the best chance it has to be in a motorsport centric area, maybe a return to Indy?

    2. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
      18th April 2021, 16:15

      Considering how everything went, Imola is probably going to be bumped off first

      1. A huge shame but honestly its fair. Other than the US no country can justify more than 1 race

  8. They should ask if Miami could run the race in November this year.
    Brazil is still pretty iffy.

    1. They would have to coordinate with the NFL. If the Dolphins have a conflicting home game, then forget it.

  9. ryanoceros666
    18th April 2021, 19:17

    This is bad for the sport.

    It’s amusing that this news was released on the morning of an epic race at a classic track that is only on the calendar out of convenience and necessity in the wake of the pandemic.

  10. Great. Another flat race track. Just what we need.

    Why not San Fransisco or some city with elevation change?

  11. They should have Miami as the first race, but I think Australia has contractural rights to stage the first race?

    If so, the schedule should look like this (although Singapore and Japan should be in April, and Canada should be held in September)

    1. Miami (March 13)
    2. Australia (March 27)
    3. Bahrain (April 3)
    4. China (April 17)
    5. Azerbaijan (May 1)
    6. Spain (May 15)
    7. Monaco (May 29)
    8. Canada (June 12)
    9. France (June 26)
    10. Holland (July 3)
    11. Britain (July 17)
    12. Austria (August 1)
    13. Hungary (August 8)
    14. Belgium (September 5)
    15. Italy (September 12)
    16. Russia (September 26)
    17. Singapore (October 10)
    18. Japan (October 17)
    19. Mexico (October 31)
    20. USA (Austin) (November 7)
    21. Brazil (November 21)
    22. Saudi Arabia (December 5)
    23. Abu Dhabi (December 12)

    1. Also holding the Miami GP close to the Canadian GP is stupid, even though it would cut down on travel and emissions. It gets very, very hot in Florida in early June- which is also the wettest time of the year. Although Miami has a slightly different climate to the rest of FL (Miami has a more tropical monsoon-Caribbean climate, whilst the rest of FL is intensely sub-tropical), it still gets very hot there. And putting the Miami GP later in the year would be difficult because the NFL season is in full swing.

      1. @mfreire Miami’s temps are pretty stable all year-round. Therefore, the current Azerbaijan GP weekend would work.
        Miami isn’t like Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, LV, Phoenix, or Austin, but more like Singapore and Malaysia.
        Alternatively, it could be at the end of May with Canada in the first quarter of June if Spain and Monaco took place a weekend earlier.

      2. Based on what argument, should Canada be in September, when June is perfectly okay and ideal for the temps?
        What about Singapore and Japan? Why precisely in April?
        For Suzuka, October is better as it’s warmer.
        Singapore is stable temp-wise but less wet in September-October.

        1. Miami’s temps are comparatively stable compared to other places- but you’ve probably never been to Miami in summer-
          and I have. Compared with winter, it sucks. The higher summer humidity and increased precipitation there makes summers there oppressive and borderline unpleasant. It’s like being stuck in a sauna. It rains an average of 9 inches (22.5 cm) in June compared with about 2.5 in (6.25 cm) in February and March. Running the event at that time of year would likely hurt the event, because people don’t have to escape the cold of winter up north to the warmth of Florida at that time of year. This was proven with Vegas (which sucked anyway) in 1982, Dallas in 1984 and Phoenix in 1989.

          I say Canada should be in September so it can be better paired with the other Americas rounds, and that would of course eliminate room for Singapore and Japan- because November is too late for Japan.

          1. Miami (February 20)
          2. Australia (March 6)
          3. Singapore (March 13)
          4. Bahrain (March 27)
          5. China (April 10)
          6. Japan (April 17)
          7. Azerbaijan (May 1)
          8. Spain (May 15)
          9. Monaco (May 29)
          10. Russia (June 12)
          11. France (June 26)
          12. Holland (July 3)
          13. Britain (July 17)
          14. Austria (July 31)
          15. Hungary (August 7)
          16. Belgium (September 4)
          17. Italy (September 11)
          18. Canada (September 25)
          19. Brazil (October 9)
          20. Mexico (October 23)
          21. USA (Austin) (October 30)
          22. Saudi Arabia (November 13)
          23. Abu Dhabi (November 20)

          1. Miami is cooler in winter- the average temp there is about 75-80F (24-27C) with about 45-60 percent humidity while in summer it’s about 88-94F (31-34C) with 85-100 percent humidity.

          2. while Malaysia and Singapore have the same conditions year round due to their equatorial locations (Malaysia’s monsoon seasons are in April and November)

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