Bottas ‘left Russell nowhere to go’ in crash – Brawn

2021 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix

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Formula 1 motorsport director Ross Brawn has sided with George Russell over his spectacular race-ending collision with Valtteri Bottas.

The pair made contact on the approach to Tamburello as Russell was trying to overtake Bottas. While the stewards ruled neither driver was to blame for the crash which put both out of the race, Brawn echoed Russell’s view that Bottas was at fault.

“Imola is quite a narrow track so there’s not much space,” said Brawn, “When you add wet grass either side from the rain, it becomes very, very tricky.

“I’m sure both drivers will analyse the incident and learn from it but it did look like Valtteri drifted across and left George nowhere to go.”

The comments of Brawn, who was Mercedes team principal until 2013, contrast sharply with those of his successor. Toto Wolff said both drivers were to blame for the collision and made it clear he took a dim view of Russell, a Mercedes junior driver, racing as hard as he did against one of the works team’s cars.

“There’s never such a situation in life where one is 100 percent to blame and the other zero,” said Wolff. “The whole situation should have never happened.

“Valtteri had a bad first 30 laps and shouldn’t have been there. But George should have never launched into this manoeuvre, considering that the track was drying up, it meant taking risks and the other car is a Mercedes in front of him. And in any driver’s development, for a young driver, you must never lose this global perspective.”

Asked about Russell’s suggestion that Bottas, whose future at Mercedes beyond this season is in doubt, would not have raced as hard against another driver, Wolff responded: “That’s bullshit.”

While Russell was strongly critical of Bottas in the immediate aftermath of the crash, he later accepted his rival was “probably not” in the wrong. Nonetheless, he stood by his view that Bottas could have done more to avoid the crash.

“The track was going left, he was going straight,” said Russell. “It’s seen much clearer on the CCTV footage that we saw.

“He’s entitled to do that but in these conditions with one dry line, it had one outcome, and that was unfortunate. His manoeuvre was within the rules and within his right but it could have been avoided and there should have been a bit more respect for the speed and the conditions in my opinion.”

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71 comments on “Bottas ‘left Russell nowhere to go’ in crash – Brawn”

  1. I’m sorry but in my view this comment from Toto is completely out of line.

    But George should have never launched into this manoeuvre, considering that the track was drying up, it meant taking risks and the other car is a Mercedes in front of him.

    Yes Russell is a Mercedes junior, but he is currently driving for another team and this is clear pressure from Toto for Russell to give preferential treatment to his cars. It just smells a bit too much like match fixing to me (I also dislike the Red Bull Alpha Tauri relationship btw, but as far as I’m aware Horner’s neve gone on recorded saying an alpha tauri driver shouldn’t race the red bull guys hard)

    1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      19th April 2021, 15:02

      @yossarian Toto overstated things – of course, there’s match fixing in F1. The ATs don’t race RB, the Alfas and Haas don’t race Ferrari, the Renault-powered cars race Renault, and the Merc-powered race Mercedes.

      This is a message to George – strike 2. This is not baseball, though, so you’re not guaranteed 3 strikes:-( One’s enough usually to destroy your career, two are too many.

      1. @freelittlebirds the ATs certainly raced Albon’s Red Bull. So hard.

        1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          19th April 2021, 15:35

          @tflb ha-ha-ha, here’s the clip.

        2. 2016, after Verstappen took Kvyats car, check that Singapore race..
          Kvyat fought hard to keep Verstappen behind

      2. Kimi was basically the only one who raced Vettel all year long last year though?

      3. AlphaTauri dont race RB because they are owned by the same company and it’s their business how they choose to score points (and ultimately earn money). Williams are not owned by Mercedes and have 100% the right to fight them in order to score points. Toto is going with 2 wheels in the grass with that statement.

        If there is a conflict of interests given that a driver for one team is also a junior for another, than the governing body should rule against such practices.

      4. What was strike 1?

    2. I think it is rather a very clumsy statement by Toto Wolff. While in private he could well have said what you think he said, of course in that public statement he meant that it was useless for Russell to overtake a faster car that would overtake him back later in the race, with a drying track and hotter tires. I am not saying that I agree with that statement either, but making it sound like Russell should defer to Mercedes cars because he is part of the Mercedes stable is quite a slip, and very un-Toto-like.

    3. Dave (@davewillisporter)
      19th April 2021, 20:29

      @yossarian Toto has learned the game of F1 and plays it very well. Matthew Carter CEO of Lotus in 2013 / 14 learned this very quickly. On switching to Mercedes power units and being very new to the sport, Carter had voted a certain way in an FIA meeting and Toto approached him and stated “Mercedes teams are voting this way” meaning vote the way I want. That is the game of F1 as played the same way for decades. You can’t blame Toto for playing the rules he was taught. As is, in a tight battle with Redbull for the constructors championship, Toto’s junior driver took out Toto’s second car and cost him points. It’s the same rule that applies to the Mercedes drivers. Don’t take each other out. George needs to play by those rules. I’m sure Williams would have appreciated finishing tenth instead of an expensive wreckage DNF. Toto is just saying the same.

    4. Toto is just saying like it is. not an intelligent thing to do. One time Irvine said Brawn was not the brightest or smartest but good enough for the Ferrari success and I now understand why, these past few years of Brawn have opened my eyes.

  2. Something Anthony Davidson pointed out during his Skypad analysis was that Bottas didn’t actually move to the right to block or defend. He just stuck to the dry racing line & that as soon as he spotted George Russell was closing on him & about to get alongside he actually made a move to the left to give him a bit more space.

    Sky have put that analysis clip on Youtube.

    I still think they just both got caught out by how massive the closing rate was with the DRS. Bottas likely looked in the mirror, Saw that George was still a few car lengths back & felt it was safe to take the normal racing line but the closing rate was such that in that split second George had gained those car lengths & was about to pull alongside.

    It’s easy to look at slow motion replays & frame by frame analysis to pick out the misjudgements I think they both made. But when your doing those speeds with those closing rates & it’s all happening in the blink of an eye you don’t have the time to think that you do after the fact.

  3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    19th April 2021, 14:58

    This overtake was never going to happen considering the way Bottas was racing and the fact that he was lapped. It was definitely not going to happen by Russell in a Williams.

    The drivers are not to blame except for the behavior post incident.

    Toto overstated things in his interview which is unusual and I think the message here is for Russell that he’s creating problems making it even harder for him to put him into the Mercedes car.

    Sakhir was unfortunately a disaster for Russell but more importantly it was a disaster for Mercedes causing the team to make all kinds of crazy mistakes that we’ve never seen them make before. Toto was probably at a loss at what was happening as was Lewis I’m sure watching the race unfold.

    I’ve a feeling that if Toto trusted Russell, he would have been in the seat already but this is a record-defying works team and Russell already has 2 strikes against him.

    I feel for Russell – he’s in F1 but he’s not really in it. He has the talent to be in Norris’ and Leclerc’ position but he’s not.

    1. The drivers are not to blame except for the behavior post incident.

      Oh NOES! People with actual emotions! BURN THEM!!

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        19th April 2021, 19:18

        @mrboerns Good point – most people get as upset if the car in front takes a few seconds to go when the light turns green… These guys actually have good reason to be upset :-)

        1. @freelittlebirds Lol two strikes against him. I’d say he has no strikes against him and is a shoe-in for VB’s seat next year.

          1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            20th April 2021, 22:53

            @robbie just like Ocon and Wehrlein, right? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

          2. @freelittlebirds Lol point taken. Somehow feels different to me but you’re right, we’ll have to just see.

    2. What was the first strike?

      Sorry, I reported your comment by mistake :(

  4. I don’t quite agree with Brawn. If you look at Hamilton’s pass on Norris, there was barely any room.
    Had the circuit been dry, there would not have been an accident.
    Bottas had every reason to be on the dry racing line as any attempt to go on the wet part of track with slick tyres would have been him looking for another disaster.
    The real question is what did Russel do when he hit the damp track and wet grass. Was he still hard on the throttle?

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      19th April 2021, 15:15

      This is what I noticed, I think Norris left hamilton even less room, but it was still easily enough. Russell just over reacted to bottas taking the normal racing line and seeming to forget that there is a slight kink to the left which naturally forces to car further to the right anyway.

      1. @thegianthogweed I think the difference when Lewis was coming through the field later on is that the track was a lot drier & he was also on tyres that were fully upto temperature.

        Don’t forget that at the point of the Bottas/Russel accident they had only just started making the switch to dry tyres & it was still very damp/wet off the racing line which is also what led to Lewis running off at Tosa when trying to lap George off the racing line.

    2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      19th April 2021, 15:18


      The real question is what did Russel do when he hit the damp track and wet grass. Was he still hard on the throttle?

      Why does it matter if he was not on the throttle once he lost control of the car? By then, he was just a passenger, right?

      Like I said, that overtake was never going to happen especially in this race and post Sakhir. It doesn’t matter if the track was 1,000 feet wide :-)

    3. Bottas had every reason to be on the dry racing line as any attempt to go on the wet part of track with slick tyres would have been him looking for another disaster.

      Fair point, @OOliver. But the lap before he was considerably more to the left, and that was straight after Verstappen (and Stroll) overtook him on that same left site.
      The path of the Mercedes (both form Bottas’s nose camera and Russell’s onboard) was moving a bit further to the right (within the dry lane) just when Russell arrived.

      I rate the driving skills, and defending instincts, of F1 racers too highly to think this was a random variance.

      1. @coldfly

        I rate the driving skills, and defending instincts, of F1 racers too highly to think this was a random variance.

        Exactly. I also wouldn’t take Wolff’s comments as what he actually thinks. His job this season is managing the expectations of three drivers for two places. Which he somewhat clumsily revealed by assuming that a Williams driver should be giving preferential treatment to a Mercedes. Brawn sussed what Bottas was doing. Like you said, it’s a driver instinct to defend, rather than recklessness, on Valtteri’s part. But that drift right was intended to spook Russell and the outcome was huge for both.

        1. @david-br Yeah I think that is well summed up. I do lean a tad more towards GR’s side of this given his massive speed difference to VB, and that VB wasn’t really doing the right thing imho to veer right and ‘spook’ Russell as you say. Not when he was ultimately a sitting duck such is the nature of DRS passes often. I think VB had a bit more responsibility to stay left, again, uniquely because of the massive momentum GR had on him. Left him room? Sure, but in that split second how could GR know for sure VB was seeing him given his movement to the right that for all GR knew was going to continue closing on him? But ok they’re both taking some responsibility and I’m good with that.

          As to TW’s ‘global picture’ remark…ok I get the cringeworthy politics of that…but again, what was GR to do with all that extra pace and momentum then? He also has a responsibly to Williams, and to himself as a racer, not only to do his best at all times, but indeed to usurp VB from that Mercedes seat that he is wasting. Had they not collided, would TW really be ruing GR’s lack of ‘global perspective?’ Or would he be admiring GR as VB’s replacement, which he should be anyway, and which I don’t think this incident will change that reality.

          1. @robbie I’m not condoning Wolff’s remark at all and hope Russell ignores it, though easy said than done. Just trying to see it in context. He has to keep Bottas committed to this season (because HAM will clearly need the kind of help Perez should give VER) and convince Russell he has a place at Mercedes. Personally I think there’s a time limit on that and it will expire (or explode) in the next few months. Russell knows he has to show his worth and show that he’s not going to stay at Williams another year or until Hamilton leaves. In a way, that was precisely what he was doing.

          2. @david-br For sure and if I sounded like I thought you were condoning TW’s remarks it was unintentional. You make a great point about how carefully TW had to choose his wording. Lol he probably knew the tightrope he was going to have to walk as soon as the incident happened. Or at least as soon as he heard the opposing opinions of each driver. If one of them had been contrite and taken the blame straight away his job would have been easier. I’m convinced GR will be replacing VB next year no matter what happens this year. They need an heir apparent to LH as a senior driver on the team and VB hasn’t earned it. If I’m TW I’m getting GR in there next year to start learning from LH while he’s there, and especially get him in on year one of the wholly new and different cars so they can shape and mould GR their way from day one of the new chapter. I simply do not see the value in hanging on to VB one more year and leaving GR at Williams.

        2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
          19th April 2021, 16:26

          @coldfly @david-br @robbie Yes but assume that George Russell was driving a Mercedes and Lewis was driving Bottas’ car. Lewis does a tiny move to defend and then Russell takes out both Mercedes cars and goes and slaps Lewis…

          Does that help illustrate Toto’s point? If George is driving a Mercedes, it’s bound to be a valid scenario.

          Food for thought – it’s probably not going to happen anyway since George is unfortunately moving away from the Mercedes seat as opposed to towards the seat.

          1. @freelittlebirds No, describing a fantasy scenario doesn’t illustrate TW’s point. If GR is already at Mercedes in your assumption, then the need for ‘global perspective’ is already gone, and GR should be free to race LH ala LH/NR. Ala LH/VB theoretically except that VB can’t muster up the challenge in reality. If they’re both at Mercedes and the same accident happens, it is up to TW to manage that rivalry like he did for LH/NR. And I think the opposite of you and that GR is destined for VB’s seat. VB is not worthy and they need a new successor to LH to learn from him while he is still in F1. If that isn’t GR, who then? Stay with VB? That would be disappointing imho. And then for sure GR should start looking away from Mercedes, unless of course he has reassurances from TW for 2023.

          2. @freelittlebirds It’s possible Hamilton would have veered the same, with a similar outcome, but I doubt George would have slapped him. That’s the Bottas-Russell dynamic Mercedes themselves have effectively created.

          3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            19th April 2021, 16:50


            And I think the opposite of you and that GR is destined for VB’s seat. VB is not worthy and they need a new successor to LH to learn from him while he is still in F1.

            Who’s talking about fantasy scenarios now? You mean like Russell showed he could learn from Bottas at Sakhir.

          4. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            19th April 2021, 16:53

            @david-br physical slap or no physical slap, the collision is the real slap to the team. George doesn’t seem to understand that Mercedes is a team that will always avoid another Rosberg situation. I like him but I also liked Hulkenberg and I’m beginning to see a trend that’s very similar to Hulk’s with Russell.

          5. @freelittlebirds It depends on how Mercedes really interpret the incident. I saw a talented driver, willing to take risks, overtaking a car and driver who should have been much further up the road, and the latter driver ‘reacting’ to the fact with an almost instinctive gesture of displeasure/defiance that cost the teams. Or you can see it as the Mercedes driver doing nothing wrong and the other driver not ‘respecting’ his desired future employees and being too aggressive. But either way, I’d say Mercedes precisely don’t need an overcautious (or too dutiful) driver for their future. I don’t think you can have the teams closer and not have a rivalry between your two drivers – that’s a luxury Mercedes have had only over recent years and (hopefully) it’s gone already.

          6. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            19th April 2021, 18:11

            @david-br I agree – interpretations are more important than the actual incident.

            Russell is incredibly talented and deserves a better seat than a Williams especially in this era where Verstappen is the same age and has had a Red Bull seat for 4.8 seasons, Norris is 20 years old and has had a McLaren seat for 2 seasons, and Leclerc is the same age and has had a Ferrari seat for 2 seasons with a lifetime contract.

            Obviously, Russell is wondering where he went wrong in his career.

            But Mercedes is such a complicated beast – if Mercedes win the WDC and WCC, I don’t see him getting the seat. If they lose the WDC, he stands a decent chance of getting the seat. The odds increase if Mercedes lose both championships.

          7. @freelittlebirds It’s hardly a fantasy to envision GR at Mercedes. Most are expecting it since he is under TW’s wing, and for some reason you think GR is going away from that. I don’t see why, as being under TW’s wing, GR should be expecting as well as salivating at the prospect of taking VB’s place. It’s highly likely.

          8. @freelittlebirds The drivers are going to count more than usual this season for all teams. For Mercedes and Red Bull (and who knows if Ferrari can get closer) that means their two main drivers performing well, pretty much guaranteed, but certainly not error-free, and, more importantly, Perez and Bottas providing support and securing constructors points. I don’t think there’s anywhere for VB to hide this season. Mediocre performance are not going to be rewarded with second or third place. More likely seventh or eighth. And that would or will hurt Mercedes a lot.

          9. @freelittlebirds I disagree with your supposition that Mercedes wants to avoid another Rosberg situation. I’ll remind you that they had wanted two more years of it after Nico won the WDC in 2016, and Nico would have been there at least through 2018 had he not retired. And then there’s the fact that LH and NR had a personal relationship that preceded their tenure together at Mercedes that would not be the same with LH and GR. So GR to me would likely be a respectful student while at the same time being a better challenger to LH than VB, as he becomes the heir apparent to being the senior driver on the team post-LH.

            And I doubt GR is wondering what went wrong in his career, for he knows that there are only so many seats, and that the other drivers you cite had their cards dealt the way they did, and that’s them, and at the same time he has everything to be grateful for to just be in F1 at all, let alone under TW’s/Mercedes’ wing. GR’s day will come and I’m sure he is confident about that.

          10. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            19th April 2021, 18:47

            @robbie you seem to not have much understanding of human psychology – in fact, Russell has just apologized for his human and flawed behavior yesterday.

            As for Nico staying there until 2018, I’m not sure in what capacity that would have been in but it certainly didn’t involve a steering wheel :-)

          11. @freelittlebirds Your remark about my understanding of human psychology is misplaced and makes no sense. I have now seen the apology of which you speak and I note that he is apologizing for his actions afterwards but not for the collision. He has not apologized for that even after earlier admitting VB was not to blame. He called it hard racing but there was little he could do with the pace he had and I agree.

            Your remark about Nico also makes no sense as indeed during 2016 he re-signed with Mercedes to drive through 2018 for them beside LH.

          12. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
            19th April 2021, 19:16

            @robbie well, I think we agree on one thing – either I make no sense or you make no sense :-)

          13. Michael, that rosberg signed for mercedes till 2018 is undisputable, you can easily find it on google, he was gonna race until he won a title, if that ever happened, and wolff didn’t seem to mind.

    4. I agree, and I also think that Brawn needs to stop commenting in driving and incidents – he’s not a team principal any more – and anything he says could be seen as “official” views of Liberty/F1.

      He’s completely missed the fact that all Bottas did was stay on the racing line, which was something pretty much every driver would do given the distance that Russell was initially behind him on that lap (if he could even see him at all).

      Glad that Russell has finally seen that his reaction was pretty poor but disappointed it took him that long to realise it. He needs to maybe think before opening his mouth in future.

      1. Agree, Browns comments show that TW was and is a better team principal who puts his team on first place and win no matter what.

      2. @dbradock I enjoy hearing Brawn’s take on things, and as well VB certainly was moving to the right slightly which is what caused GR to react as he did. I would suggest Brawn doesn’t miss a thing.

  5. I don’t agree with Brawn. Russell’s car has a thing called a break pedel. He should have pulled out of the move.

    1. he didn’t even need a break pedal, he just needed to lift off the gas pedal.

  6. This overgrown child had everywhere to go with the amount of space he was given by Bottas to complete his risky move. Instead he decided to accelerate on the grass and veer into the unsuspecting defending driver. From that moment onward Bottas is promptly given the blame. Failing to convince even the Anglo press, he now blames the race director. Meanwhile this so-called ‘major talent’ is yet to score a single point for Williams. Dropping the ball when he’s about to score points seems to be a pattern for him.

    1. Lots of space but risky move, ok then which is it? Calling Russell a child after the rest of your pointless comment is a bit pot/kettle. He made an error in a split second but if Bottas hadn’t veered left when Russell was alongside perhaps they would have touched. If Bottas had stayed on line, Russell had stayed within limits and they’d touched who’s fault would that have been?

      1. The move was risky because of the conditions, not because of the space. So it is both. Bottas did not veer left, in fact Russells central claim was that Bottas moved right, not left. And they did touch as there was a collision. Seems to me you are not in touch with reality. Your last question doesn’t even make sense. How would they have touched if Russell hadn’t lost control? That is an unanswerable hypothetical.

        1. Not risky enough to disable DRS apparently. No, Bottas held the racing line which was moving slowly over to the right (Russell is incorrect to say he jinked right). When Bottas sees Russell alongside he’s surprised and clearly jinks left out of the way leaving space but this is too late for Russell to react to and he’s already on the grass. If Russell hadn’t been spooked by what he saw as a decreasing gap they may have touched, especially without Bottas’ move out of the way – that’s not exactly a giant leap of imagination. How is Russell to know that Bottas has seen him and will act accordingly?

          How is it unanswerable? Say Russell doesn’t react and keeps it off the grass, Bottas continues to move over to the right and they hit left front to right rear or even interlocked considering how fast Russell was coming by. Pretty simple scenario. Russell clearly expected Bottas to have seen him coming and defended the inside earlier rather than continue on his course. Racing incident.

          1. You can keep moving the goalposts but at no point did Bottas leave the racing line. The racing line provided more than enough space as you can easily see for yourself on the footage. Your hypothetical doesn’t make any sense. Russell lacked the talent to keep it off the grass, that is the only variable that matters.

  7. Brawn clearly has worked with Slice and Dice Schumacher too long and it has warped his preception of right and wrong actions on the track. George needs to just admit what did happen, namely, he was startled by Bottas following the dry racing line in that corner, thought Bottas was coming right across and overreacted and put himself on the grass despite having track room and lost control. Should have walked away afterward, searching out Bottas to slap his helmet was worse than the original mistake.

    Not sure what has happened to Bottas’s confidence. Bottas needs to hook up with Vettel and the two of them go see a witch/palm reader to have themselves purged of what evil spirit haunts them. Anything is worth a try right now :-)

  8. Sam Crawford
    19th April 2021, 16:42

    British man defending British driver, shock!

  9. What I saw from the on boards is Bottas being to the left of the pit exit line, then crossing it when he realized that Russell was going for it. Since the pit exit does not get wider at the end, it means Bottas moved to give Russell less space.

    Russell overreacted to that move and it all happened. Toto sided with Bottas because it’s his driver. He can easily get things right with Russell if necessary, by giving him Bottas seat next year.

    I really don’t like this sanitization of racing drivers. Verstappen did what he had to do in the first corner. Bottas did what he had to do in that Russell attempt. Quoting Kvyat, “that’s racing!”. As long as it’s not intended to take somebody out, or to gain unfair advantage, they should be able to live with their mistakes.

    1. Only Facts! I can go along with what you’re saying here, but would just say though that GR did have an awful head of steam on VB for VB to be ‘crossing it when he realized that Russell was going for it.’ To me VB was a sitting duck and a move right, including giving him less space, was never going to stop GR such was his huge pace advantage.

      1. both of you are wrong.

        1. Bottas or any credible racing driver never give up the racing and dry line. Morever, he left more space than Norris left for Hamilton, go compare both cases.
        2. Bottas was still warming his tyres, it’s not that he was slower than GR.
        3. It makes completely sense to defend his position as much as possible against GR, because he is the potential successor, so why let him pass? Would you let GR pass if you were in Bottass shoes, never, you guys just prefer because he is a fresh british blood.

        1. TurboBT I think you are not taking into account the huge speed advantage GR had over VB.

  10. Ross Brawn the man who defended Schumacher at Monaco when he deliberately crashed to stop anyone getting a better time. Your opinion and values ar well recorded Ross but carry no weight. Ferrari boy running motorsport with Todt

  11. It’s like there’s bad blood between Bottas and Russell since the Sakhir partnership. Bottas squeezed Russell more than I believe he would others, and Russell was more than eager to put Bottas in his place.

    1. It’s a real feud. For real!

  12. If not for this incident, Bottas would have been as anonymous as Giovinazzi, running in 10th for most of the race. I liked the short bursts of Bottas 2.0 last year, but this weekend he was back to Bottas beta.

    1. Was Giovinazzi at Imola?

  13. I side with Racing Incident by 100%.

    1. You could try to be at least a bit impartial.

      1. You can’t change my opinion.

  14. I think Ross just likes to stir Toto’s pot from time to time, throw a cat among pigeons, just for the craic

  15. @ivaylo i cant agree with you more. Ruasel could have driven on Bottas right sideways he had soo much space. (exaggeration for effect) russels mest it up. Thats why he apologized this topic should be closed now. And i agree with Toto. The future merc driver taking out a merc doesnt look good in merc eyes.

  16. That’s what happens when you say that you want to go alone on the ramp, but then someone comes with you and you lose the round…

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