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London and USA return to Formula E calendar as Mexico round moves to Puebla

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Formula E has announced an update to its 2021 calendar, putting key races in New York and London back on the schedule.

The all-electric championship has also announced a new venue for its Mexican round.

The 2021 season was originally due to begin in Santiago, Chile in January. That raced was postponed, making the double-header Diriyah EPrix in Saudi Arabia the first event.

The season continued with two further races in Rome earlier this month and will hold another double-header in Valencia this weekend. Until today the only other confirmed event for its seventh season was the Monaco EPrix on May 8th.

As expected, races theoretically planned for Marrakech and Santiago this year do not appear on the final calendar. It will feature visits to Mexico, New York and London before a double-header finale in Berlin. The Templehof airport venue also closed last year’s heavily disrupted season, playing host to six races in nine days.

The Mexico round has moved about 150 kilometres, from the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City to Autodromo Miguel E. Abed in Puebla. This will be the first time country’s round has been held outside its capital, as the Mexico City circuit is currently being used as a temporary hospital.

The New York and London rounds will take place in Red Hook and the ExCel, respectively. Both venues had become Covid-19 hospitals during the pandemic, but have wound down operations and are committed to hosting races in July.

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2021 Formula E calendar

Round Venue Country Date
1 Diriyah Saudi Arabia 26/2/2021
2 Diriyah Saudi Arabia 27/2/2021
3 Rome Italy 10/4/2021
4 Rome Italy 11/4/2021
5 Valencia Spain 24/4/2021
6 Valencia Spain 25/4/2021
7 Monaco Monaco 8/5/2021
8 Puebla Mexico 19/6/2021
9 Puebla Mexico 20/6/2021
10 New York USA 10/7/2021
11 New York USA 11/7/2021
12 London Great Britain 24/7/2021
13 London Great Britain 25/7/2021
14 Berlin Germany 14/8/2021
15 Berlin Germany 15/8/2021

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10 comments on “London and USA return to Formula E calendar as Mexico round moves to Puebla”

  1. Every round is a double header except Monaco. It reminds me of the old GP2 calendars!

  2. Presumably FE will not be using the Oval layout in Mexico, on the grounds of that being weird as anything. The WTCC layout looks reasonable though – I assume FE will have no issue racing on that because they ought to be similar speed/slightly faster to the WTCC cars.

  3. Any news whether the London races will host spectators?

    1. That will depend on Motorsport UK and the UK government, more than anything. Currently, it’d get an exemption to have spectators by that stage, as an elite, international event but it will depend how things go until then.

      1. Thank you, Hazel. I wonder how it will be for people traveling from outside the UK. I have a “corona pass” (by danish law) lasting for 12 weeks, due to being tested positive last week. I used to live 5 minutes from the ExCel, so would love to go the event.

        1. Me too (living nearby, not the testing positive, thankfully. Stay well)!

          Living next door to it on Western Gateway was always surreal during the G20 or the arms fairs…

  4. These cars have no soul and sound like extreme sewing machines. In addition, a report commissioned by Honda, Aston Matin, Bosch and McLaren found that “manufacturing electric vehicles generated 63 per cent more carbon dioxide than making petrol or diesel models” meaning that “zero-emission vehicles have to be driven for almost 50,000 miles before they are as ‘green’ as cars powered by fossil fuels” and are ‘no silver bullet’ in helping the UK achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Although, once everyone ‘jumps on the band wagon’, regardless of the facts these so-called sustainable vehicle take a life of their own and everyone can feel like they are accomplishing something. Facts those nasty facts.

    Only advantage to e racing is the lower noise allows then to race in populated areas.

    1. The report you are referencing there was funded by lobbyists and Aston Martin, in particular, have distanced them from it since the research was exposed.

      1. Doesn’t explain the other participants such as Honda, Bosch, McLaren. Since batteries have a finite life, thereby requiring consumers to buy more e vehicles – I would like to see a comparison of the emissions from producing more e vehicles vs internal combustion engines that can last decades. It would stand to reason that less new vehicles produced would minimize the more frequent initial production emission associated with e cars. We all talk about sustainability but cars, fridges, dishwasher etc that need to be replaced more often in today’s world than in the past have an environmental cost from their more frequent production.

    2. Why the hell did you feel the need to post this copy/pasted opinion piece about F-E when the article is about the tracks?
      It’s not really relevant to the topic at hand, is it?

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