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New track limits definition for turn 14 after another rules update at Algarve

2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

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FIA Formula 1 race director Michael Masi has informed teams that the exit of turn 14 – the penultimate corner on the Autodromo do Algarve – will now be monitored for track limits for the rest of the Portuguese Grand Prix weekend.

In an update to the race director’s event notes published on Saturday morning, Masi confirmed that track limits on the exit of the right-hander will now be defined as “when no part of the car remains in contact with the red and white kerb”.

The latest addition to the track limits guidance for this weekend means five corners on the 15-turn Autodromo do Algarve are now being actively monitored to ensure drivers stay within the bounds of the track. The exits of turn one, turn four, turn five and the final corner of turn 15 will also be monitored with drivers at risk of having lap times invalidated for failing to remain within the defined confines.

The outside of turn 14 features an asphalt surface which served as the location for Moto GP’s long lap penalty during last weekend’s round of the motorcycling world championship at the Portuguese track.

The opening day of practice for the Portuguese Grand Prix saw a total of 65 lap times deleted for drivers exceeding track limits – 36 due to the exit of turn one and 29 due to drivers running too wide at turn four.

Algarve International Circuit, Portugal, 2020
Algarve International Circuit, Portugal, 2020

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2021 Portuguese Grand Prix

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8 comments on “New track limits definition for turn 14 after another rules update at Algarve”

  1. Why can’t we use a simple and uniform solution at every turn like MotoGP uses. You put a wheel past a kerb on a hot lap, it gets taken away. You do it 3 times during a race, you get a small penalty (I’d be glad with a long lap penalty like MotoGP uses, but a 5sec penalty is fine as well). You overtake there, you have to give the place back.

  2. If the sensors are at the track, why would they not install them to begin with? I get it’s time consuming and probably expensive doing the whole circuit, considering there is no advantage to most corners on the calendar, but I’d have put turn 14 as one of the more obvious ones (and for reason, drivers are using it).

  3. @eurobrun was on to something with his previous bets!

    1. @huhhii haha! I’m tense now… any more changes and I’ve lost!

  4. But like the hairpin, not for setting a lap time. Only a general note, which is different.

    1. What do you mean?
      If they exceed track limits in practice or qualifying at any of these (only) 5 corners, their time will be deleted.
      What other reason is there?

      Overtaking outside of the track limit anywhere is (thankfully) still illegal.
      Although on current form, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start allowing that at certain corners too.

  5. Why is this all of a sudden such an issue. Is this just Masi? I don’t get why they keep chopping and changing. We’ve had set rules for years, what’s the problem?

  6. Why is it so xxxxing hard to just use the white lines.

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