Robert Kubica, Alfa Romeo, Circuit de Catalunya, 2021

Practice outing and 18-inch tyre test for Kubica in Spain

2021 Spanish Grand Prix

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Robert Kubica will return to the cockpit of the Alfa Romeo in first practice for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

He will also drive for the team at the Circuit de Catalunya on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the race. This will be Alfa Romeo’s first opportunity to test the 18-inch tyres Pirelli are developing for the 2022 F1 season.

Kubica, who previously drove the team’s C41 in a filming day before the season began, will take over Kimi Raikkonen’s car for Friday’s first practice session.

“Having last driven the C41 in Barcelona in February, I am looking forward to seeing how much the car has progressed since, both in terms of upgrades and in the team’s understanding of the package,” said Kubica.

One other team has also confirmed it will run a test driver in practice this weekend. Roy Nissany, who made his first of three practice appearances for Williams at the same track last year, will drive the team’s car this weekend. Nissany also drove the FW43B during pre-season testing, and will take over George Russell’s car on Friday.

“I’m very keen to get back in the car,” said Nissany. “Barcelona was my first FP1 session last year and we have made a lot of progress since then, so I’m looking forward to demonstrating that on track. It feels great to experience the steps of development each time I jump in the car.”

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12 comments on “Practice outing and 18-inch tyre test for Kubica in Spain”

  1. I’m watching Alonsos comeback and comparing to Kubicas. These 2 are equal high level drivers (mutually agreed as by each driver over the years), and I am hoping Alonso does well in a better car than Kubica got. There is still a still a chance if Kimi retires (5 years older than Kubica) Kubica will drive in f1s new era next year.

    1. Delusional. Kubica had his comeback chance against a rookie and was annihilated. He was great in his prime, but protracted time out of F1 and his injury have undoubtedly blunted his talent.

      And no, his point won in Germany didn’t prove anything.

    2. @kpcart Nah, more likely Shwartzman or Ilott, or if neither of them., even someone like Kvyat or Albon.

    3. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      4th May 2021, 20:55

      I think the only highlight that kubika showed was possibly his starts – or Russell was bad at them. 11 out of the 19 race starts that they had on the grid in 2019 (the other 2 of them one or other were in the pit late), Kubica outlaunched Russell and was generally ahead by the end of lap one.

    4. Can’t really happen.

      1. With his sponsor pumping enough money into the team, it can be made to happen.

        1. So it’s a good possibility!

  2. Are the rims in the photo 18″???

    1. No @vaiosp, they are the normal ones used currently.

      1. @bascb Yes, as the image is from pre-testing shakedown.

  3. This years Alfa is a beautiful machine!

    1. If they go full dark red or go for a throwback livery, that would be awesome.

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