F1 Clash rebranding hints at title for forthcoming Formula 1 management sim

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In the round-up: Formula 1’s official mobile game has changed its name ahead of the arrival of a licensed management simulator next year.

In brief

F1 Manager becomes F1 Clash

F1 Clash is the new name for the officially-licensed mobile title previously known as ‘F1 Manager’. The new season of the game launched yesterday featuring the drivers, teams and car liveries from the 2021 season.

According to publishers Hutch, “the relaunch and new name comes as a result of extensive player research by Hutch’s team, which demonstrated fans’ hunger for an enhanced competitive experience.”

The name change follows last year’s announcement Formula 1 has appointed Frontier to publish a series of management games for multiple platforms from 2022. Perhaps ‘F1 Manager’ was thought a more suitable title for that.

F1 Clash is available for Android and iOS.

Turkish GP decision expected

Start, Istanbul Park, 2020
F1 may not go back to Istanbul this year after all
Just weeks after the Turkish Grand Prix was added to the 2021 F1 calendar, the championship’s return to Istanbul Park is in serious doubt following changes to travel restrictions in the UK, where most teams are based.

Various alternatives have been rumoured, including an additional race at Paul Ricard, scene of the following round. However a more realistic possibility may be that no replacement is found if the race does not go ahead.

Istanbul chosen as the replacement venue for the cancelled Canadian Grand Prix as the promoter was willing to pay, RaceFans understands. With most rounds on the 23-race F1 schedule expects to go ahead this year, the sport doesn’t need to put on races free of charge to ensure a healthy calendar. In which case, if Turkey does not go ahead, a three-week break between Baku and Paul Ricard seems the likeliest outcome.

Russell on his absence from Drive to Survive

The story of George Russell’s one-off appearance at Mercedes during last year’s Sakhir Grand Prix seemed ideal fodder for season three of Netflix’s Drive to Survive, yet he largely didn’t feature. Speaking to the In the Fast Lane podcast, he revealed a crew from the programme has followed him recently in preparation four next year’s fourth instalment of the popular series, and understood why he’d been overlooked last year.

“Obviously, the main storyline from George Russell came very late into the season and it was a little bit difficult to [do], so I’m told.”

“That’s their excuse!” he joked. “So I let them have that one. But I think the season four there might be a little bit more in there.”

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Comment of the day

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Circuit de Catalunya, 2021
Analysis: ‘We’ll discuss what went wrong’ – Hamilton and Verstappen team radio transcript
Christian Horner should be more concerned about Red Bull’s strategy for Verstappen than the fact his team mate wasn’t close enough to be a rear-gunner, says Becken:

Someone should ask Horner: why Red Bull at least didn’t anticipated an extra set of mediums to cover a Hungary scenario like Mercedes did?

Verstappen did everything he could to protect his lead, but when you see he taking a gamble in his early pit stop, it shows a lack of confidence in Red Bull strategy.

Exceptional effort from Verstappen, not so from Red Bull.

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On this day in F1

Senna won the Monaco Grand Prix for the fourth time today in 1991
  • 30 years ago today Ayrton Senna won the Monaco Grand Prix ahead of Nigel Mansell, who passed Alain Prost on his way to second place.

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21 comments on “F1 Clash rebranding hints at title for forthcoming Formula 1 management sim”

  1. cotd. RB needed to have saved a set, I just don’t think they had the pace to save a set through qualifying.

    1. That strategy wasn’t open to Verstappen anyway because of Bottas. That’s what Horner means. They need Perez to close the strategy off for Hamilton, as Bottas does for Verstappen.

      1. That’s not what people want to hear @aesto

  2. COTD: Red Bull were already in trouble even before the race start. Perez was starting on 8th, and they did not have an extra set of Mediums available. We could already see it when Verstappen threw a move at Hamilton in turn 1 that almost lead into a possible collision with damage. 100% if Hamilton was in the lead at turn 1, Red Bull would have no chance to win or keep him close.
    As much as I believe Perez will come alive sooner this season, he needs to qualify within the top 4. However, what would do great for Verstappen, in the future, is another teammate like Rosberg was to Hamilton in terms of pace, one who can beat and be close to him in qualifying and in the races. Hamilton’s defeat in 2016 was the best event that could happen to him because he learned to never take anything for granted ever since.

    1. I really don’t think Perez will be Verstappen’s Rosberg. RB won’t allow. The car is built around Verstappen. And, even in equal conditions I hardly believe he would outperform the Dutchman. But he’s strong enough to be close to the leaders and keep Hammilton from pitting like Spain. Anyway he should beat Bottas quite a few times and even maybe win once or twice…

  3. If Max had pitted there was a risk of him ending up in 3rd place. Imagine him pitting and Lewis was released and not pitted, he would’ve came out behind Bottas, which may not be easy to pass (remember Mercs were faster than Red Bulls) and after passing Bottas, he still had to catch Lewis who is now in free air. I don’t think it was a bad call to leave him out in the lead.

  4. ColdFly (@)
    12th May 2021, 6:44

    Irrelevant if you call it F1 Clash or F1 Manager. If you think that you can win with an extra set of Mediums instead of a faster teammate, the you won’t perform well.

    1. What if they called it: F1 Cash? Would that make it more appealing, @coldfly?

      1. F1 Cash would be an interesting game, @jimmi-cynic.
        Imagine you can play Maffei, or the moustache guy, and decide where to race. Much more difficult as many might think as you have to balance your morale values, financial targets, and sporting challenges.
        Negotiate pay TV deals when popular journos recommend you to go FTA.
        And how do you give the teams as little as possible, yet enough for them to sign future Concorde agreements.

        1. You may have already won the game, @coldfly…. LOL!

  5. I’d prefer no replacement for Turkish gp than 2 at Paul Ricard. I remember my sadness when there was no French gp or French drivers but frankly that circuit is an assault on the eyes and makes for rubbish races.

    1. @broke1984 A good thing about two Paul Ricard race weekends would be flexibility for a track layout experiment since it has several options, but I’d also be okay with two consecutive race-less weekends post-Baku.

      1. The thing about Paul Ricard, just as Barcelona, is that it is glorious, wonderful, magnificent TEST track. Also lower categories can have fun in safe environment.

      2. If they replaced the hideous stripey blue run off with some nice gravel I’d maybe like it but as it is now I find it an assault to the senses.

        1. Just painting the ‘not track’ areas green would be a start!

  6. I wouldn’t mind Paul Ricard two times, as doing so would give flexibility for experimenting with track configurations, even more than Bahrain. Alternatively, Magny-Cours, but perhaps better to have nothing between Baku and scheduled Paul Ricard weekend should Turkey lose out. Otherwise, F1 would get another triple-header for this season, albeit Brazil seems likely a loser, but still. F1 isn’t at risk of ending up below 15, so losing a race or two wouldn’t hurt.

    Why did Russell refer to himself in third-person instead of saying the main storyline from me came very late, LOL.

    COTD: I partly agree, albeit how could Max have had an additional fresh medium set for the race? He only had one set in the first place. Use one less in practice, I suppose.

    1. > Why did Russell refer to himself in third-person instead of saying the main storyline from me came very late, LOL.

      In order to make it clear that he is talking from Netflix’s perspective. He obviously wanted to convey the idea that it is Netflix’s business to choose what they include in the series and what they don’t.

  7. I like how that MP4/6 blends in with the barrier and the curb.

  8. Re Turkish GP: Considering how many races we have this year, I’d rather have a “football calendar” with 23 races so that they fit.
    Re F3: Still not a fan of the new format and I don’t think it will ever fit had F2 not been split from them.

  9. we all know Russell did not feature in the Netflix series because he kept faking excuses not to be filmed, as he jeep faking excuses when crash or clash with another driver.

    1. you think he’s a traitor?

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