Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Baku City Circuit, 2021

Verstappen admits Red Bull looks “pretty strong” after practice one-two

2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen was encouraged by the pace Red Bull showed in practice for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix today.

The world championship leader was second-fastest at the end of Friday’s running, a tenth of a second behind team mate Sergio Perez.

“So far I think we look pretty strong, so I’m very happy with that,” Verstappen told Sky. “Let’s see what we can do tomorrow.”

However, he admitted the team may have taken a wrong direction in set-up between the two sessions.

“Performance-wise, I think we we had a great start to the weekend so far. The car in FP1 felt really, really decent. I was quite comfortable.

“Then for FP2 we made a few changes to see if it would be better but I think we went a bit backwards. So we’ll look overnight, of course, what direction we’ll go in but nevertheless, I think for the team, still a very good day.”

Unusually, Verstappen began the weekend using a pair of Perez’s racing boots due to a problem with his own footwear. “It didn’t affect things,” he said. “Of course, the size is not entirely correct, but it was fine.”

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said Verstappen had been “playing around with set-up and tuning” it in. “I think he was more comfortable with the car in the morning session in the afternoon. So there’s plenty to look at this evening data wise and improve it all for tomorrow.”

“It was a good start,” he added. “Both drivers, I think, reasonably happy. It was difficult circuit conditions today, obviously being a street and still quite green. But on the whole I think certainly a positive day, it has to be a good when your car’s at the top of the times.”

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2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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9 comments on “Verstappen admits Red Bull looks “pretty strong” after practice one-two”

  1. yeah verstappen – ‘Redbull gives you flexi wings’.

  2. RB have the best car

    1. At least the best drivers :)

      1. Nah–RB drivers are no better than Merc drivers

        1. Yes, can’t make a case for red bull having the best drivers, so far bottas is performing better than perez, and on average I think hamilton and verstappen should be equal, and I’m not even certain about red bull having the best car, BUT if they heavily outperform mercedes this weekend, on balance I’m pretty sure they’ll be the best car of 2021 till now.

  3. Max needs to do what Vettel didn’t in 2017/18 and maximize results in the 1st half season as Hamilton will bounce back in 2nd half & just in case reliability plays a part (like Vettel in Sepang & Suzuka 2017).

  4. Long runs showing not much difference between the Mercs and RB. Tyre wear story it will become on Raceday.

  5. Max will win like 7 to 8 races out of the next 10 races and will still say “Mercedes are the fastest, they are the favourite”
    Redbull have got a rocketship this year which is and will be fast and competitive on every kind of circuit.
    Redbull are THE FAVOURITES

    1. You’re confusing Max for Lewhine Hamilton
      If roles were reversed he’d be saying that he expects RedBull to “catch up in Quali” or “they’re sandbagging/hiding their true pace” or “Ferrari and McLaren will be strong here too”
      This article you’re commenting on, the headline is Max literally admitting his team is strong, and that’s only after Practice 1
      Lewhine wouldn’t admit the same even if it was Qualy in 2020 after dominating with a 1-2

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