Pourchaire broke wrist in first-lap collision with Ticktum and Armstrong

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Théo Pourchaire has confirmed he has a broken wrist, following a collision in the Formula 2 feature race this morning

He revealed his injury on social media with a simple statement saying “broken wrist” in English and French.

Formula 2 issued an update saying “The FIA advises that, following an incident during today’s feature race at Baku, Théo Pourchaire has been taken to The Central Hospital of Oil Workers for treatment of a fractured arm.”

Pourchaire was sandwiched between Dan Ticktum and Marcus Armstrong in a collision at turn three on the first lap of the race. Pourchaire initially made contact with Ticktum on his inside, which sent his ART car into Armstrong’s. Both Pourchaire and Armstrong’s races ended there, while Ticktum was handed a 10-second time penalty for the incident.

Following the collision Pourchaire’s car appeared largely undamaged, having gone into a run-off area without hitting the barriers, but he subsequently retired from the race. Pourchaire was later seen holding his left wrist while speaking to medical staff in the pit lane.

There are six weeks until the next F2 race weekend, at Silverstone in July. Pourchaire’s retirement from the race saw him fall from second place in the championship to sixth.

Pourchaire is the youngest driver on the F2 grid, at 17 years old, and became the series’ youngest-ever winner with his victory in Monaco two weeks ago.

DAMS confirmed Armstrong was unhurt following the accident, which sent his car into the TecPro barriers.

“We got a good start in the feature race, picking up a place into turn one, but we were hit into turn three and forced to retire,” he said. “It’s very frustrating, but we have to take the positives and come back stronger.”

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6 comments on “Pourchaire broke wrist in first-lap collision with Ticktum and Armstrong”

  1. RandomMallard (@)
    6th June 2021, 13:33

    Just goes to show how dangerous the steering wheels can be when they’re moving around after a crash. There is a reason the commentators always talk about taking your hands off the wheel.

  2. Theo is a great talent, hopefully he had healed enough to not miss any races! I don’t know why they give Ticktum so much radio time, he’s obnoxious and really doesn’t do anything good to promote the sport. Make it more dramatic maybe, but not in a good way. Especially when he’s physically injuring others.

    1. @antznz bit harsh that, was rather an unfortunate incident, no malice not intent in what Ticktum did, not even a big mistake.

      I had more issues with Lawson’s defense on Pourchaire. That was nonsense and ultimately got Pourchaire in the position he was in.

      1. @mattds i thought the lawson penalty was questionable, the pit lane is part of the track, they race on it all the time. They never showed an angles that were incriminating so hard to call that from coverage. Didn’t Piastri do the same to lawson and not get a penalty? There seems to be inconsistencies but we dont get to see the views they use to make their decisions so its hard to know. That’s probably my biggest criticism of F2, not showing good clear video of the driving causing penalties.

        1. @antznz the point is more that Pourchaire got his wing aside so he was entitled to space. Lawson got it a bit wrong and defended over agressive imo.
          On the Piastri incident, might have to rewatch, I don’t know if Lawson already got his wing inthere or not.

  3. Dan Ticktum never, ever changed his behavior.

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