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British Grand Prix will be open to fans despite lockdown extension

2021 British Grand Prix

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Fans will be able to attend next month’s British Grand Prix despite the delay in the easing of lockdown restrictions which was announced today.

With Covid-19 infection rates rising rapidly in Britain, the government has abandoned its goal of lifting the final lockdown restrictions on June 21st. Prime minister Boris Johnson announced today this will not take place until July 19th, the day after F1 visits Silverstone for round 10 of this year’s championship.

A significant number of fans are expected to be allowed into the grand prix as it will form part of the government’s Event Research Programme, which aims to study the effect of lifting social distancing restrictions at major events. The programme began in April including a number of pilot events such as an FA Cup semi-final football match at Wembley stadium.

Silverstone held two races behind closed door during the pandemic last year. Around 141,000 fans attended race day in 2019.

The circuit advised ticketholders in an email today that “we remain confident that fans will be back at Silverstone for the 2021 Formula 1 British Grand Prix”.

“Our ongoing discussions with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, as well as Public Health England, are positive. We will communicate the full details [to] you once we have them.”

Thousands of tickets for next month’s race and other major events at Silverstone have already been allocated for National Health Service employees and other key workers is recognition of their contribution during the pandemic.

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6 comments on “British Grand Prix will be open to fans despite lockdown extension”

  1. RandomMallard (@)
    14th June 2021, 21:50

    Clever move from both the Gov. and Silverstone (and *potentially* a financially viable move) to make it an Event Research Programme event. I don’t think something quite of this nature (lots of people, but spread over a much larger area than a football match for example) has been hosted as part of the ERP so far. IIRC racing circuits were one of the first sporting venues to open last summer because due to the very large outdoor areas they occupy, they were seen as relatively risk free.

  2. Speaking as a ticketholder, this is encouraging news.

    1. RandomMallard (@)
      14th June 2021, 22:47

      @paulguitar If you do manage to go, enjoy yourself immensely. I went in 2018 and 2019 and loved every moment. Good luck!

      1. Thanks @randommallard

        I’ve been many times over the years, my first ever live F1 race was Silverstone 1987, which was a real classic and a great way to start my live F1 career.

        I think if all goes ahead as normal this year, it will be a joyful place to be.

  3. So football and tennis both enclosed stadium events can go ahead,formula one can,but no motorbikes at donnington in a huge outside area can’t,it’s ridiculous all down to money and tv rights nothing else

  4. you guys are seriously still on lockdown? 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

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