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2021 Styrian Grand Prix championship points

2021 Styrian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 18 points from Lewis Hamilton after this weekend’s race.

F1 drivers championship after the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix

1Red Bull252
6Aston Martin44
8Alfa Romeo2

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2021 Styrian Grand Prix

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    20 comments on “2021 Styrian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. The lead in the WDC keeps on increasing.

    2. Cristiano Ferreira
      27th June 2021, 15:36

      Another masterclass drive by Ricciardo today. So useless and its not even funny.

      McLaren needs to fire this guy ASAP and try to bring in Russell at least for the remainder of the 2021 season.

      1. RandomMallard (@)
        27th June 2021, 15:38

        I mean he started very well before losing power (and 4 or 5 positions) and getting put on a poor strategy…

      2. I’m gonna bet that you’ll copy and paste that comment on another 3 articles before the end of the day…

        1. Surely he did!

      3. Why does it sound like you’re saying that Norris, Ricciardo, Vettel, Stroll, Russell and Latifi are all eligible for the Mercedes, McLaren and Aston Martin substitution seat?

    3. Wow Mercedes got smoked. RBR have more speed, either from aero efficiency or power or both, and much better tire deg. MB need to find a pile of pace somewhere.

      I do think Hamilton should have tried the two stop earlier. He had nothing to lose. Max would cover but why not make him do the work and just see if you can make him hustle a bit.

      1. I think Mercedes is still the faster car as Lewis got fastest lap on the hards when max also had hards. And there is no way Bottas is faster than Perez.

        1. Hamilton fell behind by 15 seconds on two equal stints and Mercedes is faster? Perez ran a slower strategy no one would have contemplated at the start and had a slower stop. RBR was much faster today.

        2. Rodric Ewulf
          27th June 2021, 16:13

          I’ve noted that rely on who sets the fastest lap of race to determine which car is faster on raw pace is not accurate at all, as there is different fuel loads involved as well as tyre deg deltas that are hard to facor out. The most important indicator is the gap between drivers as long as they are on free air. And it was the first time this season that Verstappen/Red Bull opened a sizeable gap to their rivals in the race, and it was quite big. So Mercedes probably HAD the fastest car on raw pace with a slim edge on Red Bull but they are being left behind now, plain and simple.

          1. Rodric Ewulf
            27th June 2021, 16:14

            *factor out

    4. I can’t see Verstappen losing this championship. In fact, I can’t see him finishing any lower than 2nd in the remaining races (without accidents or bad reliability).

      1. Rodric Ewulf
        27th June 2021, 16:20

        Will Mercedes do a Ferrari 2013 this season? Start strongly (although Mercedes this year was closer to domination than Ferrari was on that year) and go ladder down in the development race? Red Bull has a really good recent history in getting stronger as the season progresses, so it cannot be ruled out. Just hope the championship fight go down to the wire, though. It would be nice to see the end of Mercs reign but not so nice if Red Bull pull ahead unchallenged.

        1. Or Red Bull keeps developing the car, wrap up the championships early (e.g. 6-7 races to spare), and focus fully on next year. Should repeat the mistake of 2013

          1. *shouldn’t

        2. I don’t think Ferrari in 2013 is a good comparison here, as at the start of 2013 there were maybe 4 cars that were in with a shot of winning.
          Also in 2013 Red Bull the biggest factor that led to them running away with it was the change in tyres. Ferrari might not have developed things great, but they were arguably not the fastest car at the beginning of 2013 anyways, they didn’t score any poles for example.
          Here there are two teams in close contest, so I’d say the best comparison the way things are is 2017/8, but Mercedes is in the Ferrari role – start off strong but slowly drop off the pace.

          1. Rodric Ewulf
            28th June 2021, 4:34

            That’s right about 2013, that season began with Lotus and Mercedes as well somewhat close to Red Bull but the comparatively small edge the Austrian team had soon became gigantic along the season, and Ferrari never really stood out as a second force not even in the beginning (as for instance Alonso’s last F1 win in Spain he started far off pole position in 5th).
            The problem with 2017/8 comparision is that it seems accurate at first glance but it hides the fact that Ferrari actually never looked like it would be a dominant team in those seasons (despite Hamilton/ Mercedes hype), as in the first part of the season they were nearly a perfect match for Mercedes in raw pace in a constant basis. There wasn’t a strong swing in momentum like it’s happening now in 2021, when Red Bull is already in the fourth consecutive win what is really impressive, with Max Verstappen winning 3 out of 4 – for comparision in 2018 Vettel/Ferrari achieved only two in a row, and most of their wins on that season were considerably narrow – but despite that current Red Bull form Mercedes was the team which had the fastest car with a significant margin before that: in Portimao and Barcelona Max could not keep up with the leading Merc. At Imola Lewis could have ultimately won if not for his blunder and in Bahrain they were pretty evenly matched as their encounter on different strategies happened in the last few laps of the race. Those type of nuances you only get looking carefully race after race and not only an entire half-season as a whole.

    5. This was Russell’s best opportunity to usurp both Alfa Romeos with a solid 8th/9th (probably 9th given the pace of Leclerc)… Such a shame that the car had to give up the ghost on him :(

      1. These pneumatic valve system failures are so rare it’s just really galling for them to have this crop up. Also the cars rev so low now hard to believe this system is stressed as in the last.

      2. I’m starting to think Russell has a bit of a bad-luck aura on him… every time he is close to those elusive points, something awful happens … Be it a reliability issue like tiday, or a driver error like in Imola last year when he crashed under SC from 9th or even the strategy ABC tires problem in Bahrain when he was leading the race for Merc.

        Such a shame for him and Williams, I really think he would have finished near Alonso in the top 10 given his pace until thd issues.

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