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Chadwick dominates W Series’ second Red Bull Ring race

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Williams junior Jamie Chadwick dominated the second round of the W Series season at the Red Bull Ring.

The Briton started from pole and charged away at the start, as Beitske Visser stalled, with Irina Sidorkova and Emma Kimilainen following. In fourth was Bruna Tomaselli, and her lack of race pace led to a train of nine cars forming up behind her.

There was little action at the front as Chadwick opened up a gap to take her third series win, while Russian teenager Sidorkova claimed his first podium in second place after coming under occasional pressure from Kimilainen.

Tomaselli did a fine defensive job, lining her car up perfectly at turns three and five – the two main overtaking spots on the track – for lap after lap. Only on the penultimate lap were her defences finally broken.

Sarah Moore had been in her mirrors most of the time, and she claimed the position on the entry to turn five. After that, she immediately pulled away from a battle that was now for fifth.

However Tomaselli didn’t let the floodgates open and finished in fifth, while Abbie Eaton passed Nerea Marti for sixth after also spending much of the race in a frustrated position of not being able to pass.

Round one winner Alice Powell, who has suffered a distinct lack of pace since switching chassis, came eighth. Belen Garcia and Fabienne Wohlwend rounded out the points positions.

Visser recovered to 11th ahead of Marta Garcia, who clashed with Gosia Rdest. Miki Koyama ran with them early in the race but was classified last after pitting with a vibration.

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7 comments on “Chadwick dominates W Series’ second Red Bull Ring race”

  1. Not quite as action packed as last week. Chadwick pretty much in a league of her own this weekend. However you could definitely see more consistency from most drivers since last week, which again makes me cry for a 2nd race each weekend. Its just so little track time.
    Sidorkova impressed me, as I was a bit unsure of her last week (thought she was a bit unfair in defence when going wide and rejoining ahead a number of times). But fair play, solid drive.
    3 stallers off the grid was the only concerning part. Glad no contact from that. Very much looking forward to Silverstone.

  2. Chadwick needs to go to f3 at least, she’s good enough.

    1. She already was at that level https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Formula_Regional_European_Championship#Drivers'_standings Absolutely demolished by her team mates and even by drivers who participated only in few rounds. Scoring 80 to leaders’ 350 points – she’s awful driver.

      1. So? I didn’t say she was gonna dominate F3 or even get a win, still would be better for her to be a backmarker in a superior division than getting stuck in W series.

      2. Whilst i agree she didnt have a great campaign in Formula Regional it shouldnt be forgotten that it was a last minute deal with no testing and very much the fourth car in a team that only ever runs 3 cars in that series. I think she deserves another chance to show her talents at that level before we write her off as an awful driver.

  3. pastaman (@)
    3rd July 2021, 18:02

    while Russian teenager Sidorkova claimed his first podium

  4. Russian teenager Sidorkova claimed his first podium

    She is definitely a girl

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