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2021 Austrian Grand Prix championship points

2021 Austrian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen leads the drivers championship by 32 points from Lewis Hamilton after this weekend’s race.

F1 drivers championship after the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2021 Austrian Grand Prix

1Red Bull286
6Aston Martin44
8Alfa Romeo2

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2021 Austrian Grand Prix

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29 comments on “2021 Austrian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. More than a maximum per race already.

  2. According to the graph, Perez got 1 point, but shouldn’t he get 8 for 6th?

  3. Lando back in front of Checo.
    And I think fair enough, since I consider the incident a 50/50 that dropped Perez down the order.

    1. No he is not, Keith got the sum wrong. Perez is still third with 104 points.

      1. Fair enough.

        Gosh, still only a 3 point gap, though

  4. Norris you beauty!!

  5. Utter domination by Max today. A grand Chelem if I’m not mistaken.

    1. Pole, victory and FLAP, so yes.

      1. I think he led every lap too since he pitted after Hamilton for his first stop. First one in Max’s career too if I’m not wrong!

        1. Didn’t he do that last week as well?

          1. He didnt get fastest lap last week.

          2. @Chaitanya I was replying to @Neutralino about leading every lap of the race.

        2. @baleux
          Oh sorry I was meaning that the Grand Slam is the first in his career, not about the leading every lap, I could’ve been clearer.

    2. No doubt unlike Mercedes RBR gives Max the best equipment compared to teammate.

      1. How do you know for sure?

        1. When you are salty enough, you just know…

      2. That salt will go well with the nice juicy steak that is Max’s domination

  6. F for Russel. :D the curse continues. Very weak race from Perez, very clumsy.

    1. Perez did his job today fighting very hard. Unfortunately sometimes you lose out. 👏👏. Well done Checo the Ferrari’s did not get past you.

      I am starting to believe Lando is a generational talent. Perhaps more then Max.

    2. It’s like seeing Alonso scoring the winning goal to send Williams down to the Championship.

      1. Max’s car looks to be 10x faster then that of Sergio Perez. SP cannot not overtake Lando or McLaren’s easily for that matter. If they want Perez at the front they need to turn up the wick on his car.

        1. You replied to someone else regarding Perez but you replied to me by accident?

    3. The curse gets worse he is under investigation..

  7. Max has this (barring any reliability issues).

    In the last 26 races (since start of 2020), everytime he finished he was on the podium except for 1 single race (Turkey 2020). Mad(x)ness!

  8. This Red Bull domination is killing the sport. Put Max in the other Merc and he’d have no chance. Clearly, Max only winning because of such a massive car advantage. It’s all so predictable i don’t think I can watch F1 anymore.

    1. Bye
      Won’t be missed though, seriously never seen this username before

    2. Lmao we’re seeing a possible 2005 here

    3. Anon A. Mouse
      5th July 2021, 0:15

      I predict a lack of self-aware responses to this comment.

  9. The F1.5 (F1 minus RBR & Merc) WDC: Lando with 6 wins in 9 races (plus 1 second and 2 fourths) seems unreachable. Behind him the Ferrari drivers, with Sainz pulling ahead of Leclerc (which seems about to happen in F1 also). People were predicting thar LEC would wipe out SAI but there seems to be very little to choose between them:
    193 Norris
    123 Sainz
    122 Leclerc
    96 Ricciardo
    81 Gasly
    60 Vettel
    58 Alonso
    55 Stroll
    43 Ocon
    34 Tsunoda
    23 Raikonnen
    16 Giovinazzi
    12 Russell
    0 Latifi
    0 Schumacher
    0 Mazepin

    The WCC classification. McL well ahead of Ferrari, with little help from RIC
    289 McLaren
    218 Ferrari
    139 AlphaTauri
    115 AstonMartin
    101 Alpine
    39 AlfaRomeo
    0 Haas
    0 Williams

    And last, the medal classification:
    Norris 6 wins
    Leclerc 1 win 3 second
    Sainz 1 win 2 second
    Vettel 1 win 1 third
    Ricciardo 2 second
    Gasly 1 second
    Ocon 1 third
    Alonso 2 fourth
    Stroll 1 fourth
    Tsunoda 1 fifth
    Raikonnen 2 seventh
    Giovinazzi 1 seventh 2 eighth
    Russell 1 seventh 1 eighth
    Latifi 1 eleventh 2 twelfth
    Schumacher 1 eleventh 1 twelfth
    Mazepin 1 twelfth

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