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Red Bull pitted Verstappen again due to concern over Baku repeat – Horner

2021 Austrian Grand Prix

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Red Bull brought Max Verstappen in for an extra pit stop during the Austrian Grand Prix as they wanted to minimise the risk of an unexpected tyre failure.

Verstappen lost a likely win in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix last month when he suffered a left-rear tyre failure while leading with five laps to go. Team principal Christian Horner admitted the team pitted him from a comfortable lead due to concerns over his tyres.

“I think that one stops, after Azerbaijan, and when you’ve go a 25 second lead with a free pit stop, why take the risk?” he said.

Verstappen was told on his radio the team had found a cut on one of his tyres after his second pit stop.

“We could see there was a small cut,” said Horner. “It wasn’t significant, but it was enough to catch your attention.”

The Red Bull driver had enough of a lead over second-placed Valtteri Bottas that he was able to make his pit stop without coming under threat of losing his lead.

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“The only risk was the stop itself, which the guys did phenomenally,” said Horner. “I had it at just under two seconds, they turned the car around quickly.

“Max did a great job, then bettered his own fastest lap and it just gave us a lower-risk run to the finish. So it was just a prudent thing to do, I think.”

Verstappen said he had no idea one of his tyres had a cut, but was glad the fresh rubber gave him the chance to set the fastest lap and score a bonus point.

“I was not sure they were going to box me for that fastest lap so I was actually quite happy when they called me in,” he said. “And of course they found out the cut but honestly while driving I didn’t feel anything. But better be safe and then I could go for fastest lap so it was perfect.”

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2021 Austrian Grand Prix

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8 comments on “Red Bull pitted Verstappen again due to concern over Baku repeat – Horner”

  1. It was a sensible idea, given his position and gap. Also gave him the rubber to set a new fastest lap if required.

    1. And an opportunity to make a political statement. Horner never misses out on an opportunity.

  2. A wise move.

    1. WAY smart … +25 (+1)

    2. A good night’s sleep.

  3. But was it necessary to do such a fast stop? A bit risky, but maybe doing it different to what they’re used to can also be risky.

    1. I actually think that deliberately doing a slower stop when they are in the habit of these fast ones might mean introducing another risk there @balue, since it is a change from their usual beat.

  4. A moment of relief.

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