Red Bull success not causing Ricciardo to regret leaving

2021 British Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo says he isn’t having second thoughts about his decision to leave Red Bull following the team’s successful start to the 2021 season.

Red Bull brought Ricciardo into Formula 1 through HRT and Toro Rosso, and he drove for their team between 2014 and 2018. He then left to join Renault before moving to McLaren this year.

After Ricciardo’s departure Red Bull switched from Renault to Honda power, and made a significant step forward this year. They have won six of the first nine races so far this year and are leading both world championships.

However, Ricciardo stands by his decision to leave the team three years ago. “I don’t have regrets,” he said. “I think I made every decision for a reason and every decision you make is a time or a moment in your life that is right or best at that time. I certainly don’t look back with regret or I don’t question anything.”

He said he is pleased to see the progress his former team has made this year.

“I look at their results this year – I guess that’s probably where the question comes from, ‘do I think that could have been me?’ But I look at that and I’m honestly happy for them.

“Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be doing the winning, but I’m happy for them that they’re challenging Mercedes and they look like they’re in a real hunt for the title this year. I briefly caught up with Christian [Horner, Red Bull team principal] in Austria and a few of the Red Bull guys and I was actually stoked that they’re doing what they’re doing. Certainly no regrets.”

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2021 British Grand Prix

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8 comments on “Red Bull success not causing Ricciardo to regret leaving”

  1. What else can he say…

    1. And I have no doubt he is being honest and genuine.

    2. He probably is being sincere.

      It was obvious Red Bull was 100% committed to Verstappen. They had no interest in allowing a Hamilton/Rosberg style feud. Baku showed that As the car got better he was always going to get forced into a supporting role.

      But he was way to good to be a wingman. Back then most driver rankings had him in the top 3.

      He did what anyone else would have done. No reason for regrets.

      Except maybe the inability to drive the McLaren. That is the biggest surprise of the season.

      1. Disagree verstappen was better than ricciardo cause they favoured him, he was simply more talented\younger, ricciardo was still good and would’ve been a good number 2, more competitive than bottas, I’m sure he left cause he knew in case red bull produced a title contender he wouldn’t beat verstappen.

  2. Though I don’t doubt he would rather be winning, and he is happy for them. His bank balance is a lot better for having left.

    1. No, red bull offered him 20 mil, he left cause he knew he wouldn’t beat verstappen in the remote case red bull made the best car, remember he left in 2018 and they only managed to make a real contender in 2021.

      1. GtisBetter (@)
        15th July 2021, 22:56

        How do you know he left because he knew he couldn’t beat Verstappen? Did he say that or are you just guessing?

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