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Silverstone will be sunny and dry for F1’s first sprint qualifying weekend

2021 British Grand Prix weather

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Following a largely cool and damp summer so far, Silverstone is set for a warm and sunny British Grand Prix.

Friday will have clear skies in the morning, with some clouds coming in over the afternoon, but the weather will remain sunny overall. Predictions currently show that first practice, which is being held later than usual in the mid-afternoon, should be roughly 24C with a relatively mild northerly wind of around 15kph.

Qualifying, which will be held at the unusual time of 6pm on Friday evening, will still be warm at around 25C and with very similar wind conditions, except for a slight directional change to be north-easterly.

Saturday will see similar conditions. A warm and sunny day is expected with no chance of rain. Second practice will be around 24C air temperature, with clear skies and a calmer north-easterly breeze at 10 kilometres per hour.

Formula One’s first Sprint Qualifying race, at 4:30pm local time, will be the warmest session yet at 27C and with similar wind conditions.

The wind will drop further for Sunday’s race, down to less than 10 kilometres per hour. That’s promising news for teams with wind-sensitive cars, like home racers Williams.

Sunday’s grand prix should see air temperatures of around 27C, with again no chance of rain predicted during the race duration.

The combination of sunny skies and consistently warm conditions should see fairly high track temperatures. This will add to the strain on tyres at one of the most punishing tracks on the calendar for the rubber.

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2 comments on “Silverstone will be sunny and dry for F1’s first sprint qualifying weekend”

  1. It’s probably better in this instance that we have a dry weekend. That will give a fairer reflection on what the sprint qualifying format would look like in normal racing conditions.

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