Russell went “back to basics” to go from last in practice to Q3

2021 British Grand Prix

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George Russell admitted he was “lost” with his set-up in practice before a change which helped him reach Q3 for the second weekend in a row.

The Williams driver was slowest in the only practice session before today’s qualifying session at Silverstone. Following a set-up change, Russell reached Q3 and took eighth on the grid for tomorrow’s sprint qualifying race.

Russell admitted he wasn’t sure why he lacked pace in practice. “The track was a bit green and we were a bit lost with the set-up.” he explained.

“We said right, let’s just go back to basics, don’t over-think it and just let the track come to us. And I went out, first lap in Q1 I knew we were in a good spot.

“So I’m buzzing to be honest and just pleased to do it. And also my family are here. My family haven’t been to a racing since Abu Dhabi 2019 so that’s great for me as well and just so nice to do it in front of them.”

Having secured a fourth-row start for tomorrow’s sprint qualifying race, Russell says he won’t be tempted to drive a conservative race to hold onto that starting position.

“A lot of guys will be trying to play it easy because they just want to get a good starting position for Sunday. But we’re going for it. It’s another race for me and I want to move forward.

“I want to fight with these guys around me and I want to have the best starting position possible for Sunday. So I’m treating it like any of a normal Sunday – obviously Saturday this time – and just going for it.”

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2021 British Grand Prix

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8 comments on “Russell went “back to basics” to go from last in practice to Q3”

  1. someone or something
    16th July 2021, 22:34

    He’d better not treat this “like any of a normal Sunday” by losing places at the start …

    (Although, to be fair to him, this appears to be more of a Williams thing than his fault – he did have a rather good start that one time he drove a Mercedes)

  2. Just amazing. This guy would give Hamilton a decent challenge.

  3. This young man constantly grabs my attention as an honest hard working driver.
    Unlike some of the the other overpriveliged brats who expect worship because they have wealth.

    1. Unlike some of the the other overpriveliged brats who expect worship because they have wealth.

      Who are you referring to?

  4. That was a pretty special lap. Not just because a Williams qualified 8th but because the crowd cheering him on so loudly you could hear it for most of the lap. English sports fans have had a bad week but this was a good moment for all.

  5. Extremely good lap. The onboard camera was interesting. He really seemed to use the whole width of the track.

    Nice to some joy at Williams again.

  6. George is some talent.

    If he’s not in a Mercedes next year then McLaren need to do a deal with Ricciardo that allows Russell to join them as Lando’s teammate.


  7. There are two ladders: one ladder that is a long ladder straight up to the top, and one ladder that has 2 checkpoints and then the top.

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