Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Silverstone, 2021

2021 British Grand Prix race result

2021 British Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton won the 2021 British Grand Prix for Mercedes ahead of Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas.

144Lewis HamiltonMercedes
216Charles LeclercFerrari
377Valtteri BottasMercedes
44Lando NorrisMcLaren-Mercedes
53Daniel RicciardoMcLaren-Mercedes
655Carlos Sainz JnrFerrari
714Fernando AlonsoAlpine-Renault
818Lance StrollAston Martin-Mercedes
931Esteban OconAlpine-Renault
1022Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri-Honda
1110Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri-Honda
1263George RussellWilliams-Mercedes
1399Antonio GiovinazziAlfa Romeo-Ferrari
146Nicholas LatifiWilliams-Mercedes
157Kimi RaikkonenAlfa Romeo-Ferrari
1611Sergio PerezRed Bull-Honda
179Nikita MazepinHaas-Ferrari
1847Mick SchumacherHaas-Ferrari
195Sebastian VettelAston Martin-Mercedes

Fastest lap: Sergio Perez

Not classified: Max Verstappen

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2021 British Grand Prix

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72 comments on “2021 British Grand Prix race result”

  1. What a drive by HAM, although LEC too. The 10-sec penalty was unjustified, though.

    1. @jerejj unjustified, you mean insufficient

      1. @hahostolze @paul-a
        No, 50-50 incident.

        1. @jerejj well, it wasn’t. And that doesn’t justify one going out and one winning the race. A 50/50 with a broken leg in football is still a red card.

        2. @jerejj
          It wasn’t 50-50 when Verstappen gave Hamilton enough room, whilst Hamilton took the corner at too an acute angle and was always going to hit Verstappen.
          Entirely Hamilton to blame for the collision and ruining the great scrap between them.

          1. it is never a space issue with max, his attitude towards everyone around him, he feels entitled almost feeling to have a free pass card on everyone. he expect everyone to yield to him front or back!

            in bahrain 18, ham have given him 10 cars length in the inside, yet max managed to hit ham!
            in spa, he kamikazed into first corner with all the cars turning with zero space!
            in spa also he did block kimi at over 300kmh in an extremely unprofessional and dangerous way
            in china, he kamikazed into vettel
            in japan i think, he closed the door on overtaking vettel on the inside and caused the collision.
            in mexico, he was told by team, by race director to give the position back, not even a gentleman’s agreement it is a rule! we know the rest
            in brazil ocon hit apex, max tries to block a backmarker trying to unlap himself for no reason at all other than his ego, and blames ocon
            in f3, austria, ocon hits apex, max cuts him and collision
            in hungary i think he moves left he moves right, causes kimi to crash him,
            in baku, he waves, causes ric to crash him
            in british gp again i think, same move causes vettel to crash him

            would like more of this guy’s driving style and attitude toward everyone else? and why he is 99.9% at fault?
            people like ocon and ham making their response to his attitude in the same tone, and suddenly he is a victim zero and not a hero :) funny some fans are

    2. Put a left front tyre into a right rear tyre of your nearest competitor, send him to hospital, and have commercial FIA/TV give you twenty-five points. Mr Hamilton, a brilliant driver with a superb record, has demonstrated the worst in F1 that I have ever seen. I am ashamed of British sportsmanship.

    3. Class act Hamilton celebrating like he just won the championship while the driver you put out is in the hospital checking for severe head injuries. Really Blessed this Hamilton guy. FIA should be ashamee of themselves for giving a 10 second penalty.

      1. Stop the Bs. Horner himself said that the heavily injured driver walked himself to the hospital, cracked scull and all.

    4. Quite frankly this comment is rubbish. Lewis was quite fortunate for it to be so lenient.

    5. HOW about we all go back to playing scalextric, cos that’s what you deserve, real race fans will appreciate the battle
      this boo hoo about max is rubbish, if it was the other way around, horner would be saying great racing
      and what the public wants, it was a pure racing incident no malicious intent, max came second in the manoeuvre and that’s the way it is, do you want to see ben hur or teletubbies racing,

  2. I don’t think Vettel is classified, he retired on lap 41 I think.

    1. @hunocsi Indeed. Not enough for 90% distance.

  3. Not a hamilton fan but you have to love how he shut up Horner’s crying about his line though copse.

    1. Not just Horner by Marko as well.

    2. @mrboerns what did he say?

      1. He’s always crying about something. This time he’s been banging the drum about “sticking a wheel up the inside” despite the fact he was level before Max decided to brake way too late.

      2. He did the exact same maneuver on LeClerc without their being a shunt proving Horner’s claims that he shouldn’t be overtaking there wrong.

        1. @img343
          But that’s not what Horner said though. Horner said something along the lines of ‘Copse isn’t the corner to stick your nose in/dive down the inside’, I can’t remember exactly.
          He certainly didn’t say ‘there shouldn’t be any overtaking at Copse’.

          1. But watch the footage again. Hamilton was further ahead on Verstappen than he was on leclerc. Max just doesn’t know when he’s beaten and that’s his biggest issue.

  4. Sainz got a bad stop and then it was Ricciardo and his dirty weaving.

  5. Congrats to Hamilton to a flawless second stint, but it’s the third time he applied his Albon special fish tail manouver…

    1. I love how people still bring up Albon, the one incident where the driver who went off has taken the blame, “I thought I was past him and was focused on Bottas up the road”.

      1. @Will Jones: Which of the two Albon incidents are you referring to? Brazil or Austria? And in neither of the incidents Albon was the guy to blame, hence the penalties for Hamilton.

  6. I have said it before. Once Lewis is behind, he gets dirty. Underserved win this.

  7. F1 is rigged, british mafia at its best.

    1. I know, Jackie Stewart and Derek Warwick are the worst, how many times have they been unfairly biased when it comes to Hamilton!!! You are so right.

      1. P944@OUTLOOK.COM
        18th July 2021, 21:01

        Hamilton will never be a great.
        He only knows how to drive the quickest car for 7 years at the front
        unlike the rest of the grid who drive slower cars faster and race.
        He just can not cut it and its evident today driving the championship
        leader off on the 1st lap.
        Desperate desperate avenue.

  8. Sam (@undercut677)
    18th July 2021, 17:07

    Disgusting celebrations over the radio by Mercedes considering the circumstances and classy fans at Silverstone cheering for their driver celebrating a win by putting another driver in the hospital. He actually took the apex line with Leclerc that he should have with Max so it was entirely possible. What a disgrace.

    1. Want some pepper with that salt?

      1. British I presume?

      2. Sam (@undercut677)
        18th July 2021, 17:26

        How sad must your life be to have to celebrate this considering the circumstamces. Hope things get better for you. Cheers mate.

    2. LOL… stop your crying and whining. After all the shenanigans and dangerous blocking Verstappen has done over the years he has no leg to stand on concerning the moves any other driver makes. Time for Max to take his medicine.

  9. You sent the championship and race leader in the wall and you get 10s.
    F1 at his best.

    1. I’m not certain what Max is doing going flat out, when he knew basically Hamilton has no room and particularly when would probably have run wide like Le Clerc did.

      He’s 30-odd points ahead and it’s Lap 1. Why be so combative? It’s the same error Vettel made in Singapore in 2017 and we all know how that ended

      I’m glad Max is OK, but he’s had an incident like this written all over face, following his many aggressive starts

      Live by the sword etc

      1. @banbrorace
        If you watch the replays from Hamilton’s car you’ll see he has quite a lot of room. Hamilton didn’t trouble the apex.

        1. The fact remains that Max has a reputation of not ceding even when the odds are against him.

          It’s great to see, but it landed him in a lot of trouble earlier in his career

          Interesting, that no-one in the pit lane has any sympathy with the outcome (other than caring about Max’s health) because they know he’s had this coming.

          And Max has no need. 33 points ahead and it’s Lap 1 – just yield slightly and probably get him later

          1. Sam (@undercut677)
            18th July 2021, 18:01

            What a nonsense statement. What does anyone’s reputation have to do with this specific incident? Judge it for what it is.

      2. @banbrorace

        Leclerc took the exact same line later on and then Lewis managed to stay way closer to the apex. So it’s just nonsense that he had no room.

        Your criticism of Max being too combative applies to Lewis even more. Why ram into Max?

        So many fans are exposing themselves are huge hypocrites today…

      3. P944@OUTLOOK.COM
        18th July 2021, 21:02

        oh yeah silly me if someone drives me off from behind its my fault.

    2. Hamilton doing “a Schumi”, curious how dirty this championship will get!

      1. More like his idol Senna I’d say…

      2. P944@OUTLOOK.COM
        18th July 2021, 21:03

        exactly what i thought and schum lost all
        respect on that one day

    3. What’s wrong with the fans is that they judge racing incidents based on the fact if the race leader or championship leader was involved. It’s BS, not judging.

      The correct sentence should be “You send a racer in the wall and get 10s penalty. F1 at its best”.

      But then I think Verstappen was asking for it, pushing Lewis through the lap, touching wheels. So I think that was a racing incident. And I wanted Leclerc to win, and I am really angry that Hamilton recovered from the penalty and won the race.

      1. Exactly. And why was Max so bothered. It’s not worth the risk when you had a 33 point lead

        Earlier in the season Hamilton has a chance of fastest lap and was sensible to turn it down, because it increased the risk

        Be interesting to see if we get a rabid revenge laden Max, for a few races. That will play right into Lewis’s hands

        1. Lewis left front hits Maxs right rear. So Max is ahead. Max had the right to keep the racing line which he did. Lewis knows exactly what he’s doing when understeering into Max. He could have killed him with that move, but doesn’t care as is shown by his shameful celebrations after the race. You seem to enjoy the way Max has been shoved off and even want to see him suffer to win his lost points back. An utter disgrace and a total misunderstanding what sport is about.

          1. P944@OUTLOOK.COM
            18th July 2021, 21:04

            well said

  10. Incredible from Hamilton. What a race. What a driver. Verstappen needs to watch this back and see how Leclerc and Norris deal with a car on the inside of copse. Leclerc ran wide and Verstappen went in with much more speed than Lecler so it’s clear he was going to be well off track too. He knew it and tried to crop Hamilton’s line.

    1. Verstappen gave Hamilton enough space. Plenty of space. Hamilton recklessly clipped him through the corner. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that, that is obvious.
      Can we stop with this completely biased nonsense of defending our sworn drivers whenever they’re involved in a crash? We need to be impartial otherwise farcical penalty decisions, like ones we’ve seen plenty of times in the past few years, will continue to happen.

      It was Hamilton’s fault 100%. Get real.

      1. I mean, many people said it was a racing incident in the paddock and they collided before the apex. I believe it was a racing incident where no driver backed out and it will happen from time to time.

      2. Yes. You are right. That’s why he got the penalty. No discussion needed any more. Lulu’s fault

    2. No driver intentionally wanted to have a collision. They both went for it, neither backed out. To me it was a racing incident, Ver paid bigger price. Another day is could be Ham that pays more

    3. Pls dude stop embarassing yourself.It’s pretty painfull to watch

      1. P944@OUTLOOK.COM
        18th July 2021, 21:06

        thats excatly how it felt when he was celebrating victory with his flag

  11. Karma for Max Lando showed how it was done. Lewis made a mistake and got rightly punished. Max’s driving on lap one on wellington straight was a disgrace he actually hit Hamilton

  12. A little less celebration would’ve been a much more sporting way if you put your competitor in the wall.

    But that’s F1 for you, as long as it’s a Brit doing it everything is fine

    1. P944@OUTLOOK.COM
      18th July 2021, 21:07

      Thats the actions of a desperado on the back foot
      who else would celebrate such a hollow victory
      a loser.

  13. Max shown in Catalunya he did not care about Lewis. Payback today, Lewis backed out in Catalunya. I am delighted, Max use to ruin drivers races every week when he first came to F1. Karma

  14. Disgusting victory. But the radio celebrations are even worse.

    Hope Max will recover in time for the next race. Go Max!

  15. I’m all for letting drivers race. Russell shouldnt have had a penalty yesterday, and Norris and Perez shouldnt in Austria. But when you’re putting guys in the hospital with stupid moves at 200 mph you shouldnt be able to go and win the race. A great weekend ends on a very sour note for me.

    1. Drivers should take a knee before the start of the next race to remember crivers who got hurt/killed by irresponsible moves from other drivers.
      other drivers lives matter.

      1. Sam (@undercut677)
        18th July 2021, 17:27

        Best post of the day. You are the true champion.

    2. P944@OUTLOOK.COM
      18th July 2021, 21:08

      well said
      its shameful.

  16. Disgusting.

  17. It’s been a long time, since I have felt so disgusted after a race.

  18. So Verstappen might be the first driver in history to score points without making it past lap 1 of the GP?

    1. @nmgn that’s a brilliant stat

  19. So gutted for Charles, losing the win just 2.5 laps from finish! If only the Ferrari had 0.2 or 0.3 more pace on the Hards ;(
    But a fantastic comeback from Lewis to seal the win!

    But did Mercedes really need to celebrate the win in such a manner over the radio, with Verstappen still being checked at the hospital?!

    I fear Max might have suffered some bone fractures, which would end the championship fight.

  20. Completely disgusting the way he celebrate in front of the world

    1. I thought Leclerc was quite restrained for a first podium in a year, for Ferrari

  21. Lewhine Cheatlton doing what he does best,
    A hattrick of punting a Redbull off the track
    Real classy
    I absolutely respect him as a driver now
    He is truly one of the greatest in my opinion, narry he is the greatest

    1. Would have got him nowhere with thout the red flag. But we all know it’s there ready whenever the knighted egesta needs urgent repairs

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